Cedarville Resources


Surprise Valley – Where Forest Meets Desert Playas

If you’re coming from the north to Black Rock City, you probably are coming through Cedarville. The very hospitable people and businesses here have been very supportive of us on our journey to and from the playa and are working hard to meet our needs and wishes. It’s very last stop to get many of the major supplies you may need, with BRC another 95 miles away to the south.  It will also be your first stop upon leaving the playa to take your trash and recycling. So best to stock up on whatever you may still need.

This cozy small-town community of approximately 600 people sits on the eastern edge of the Warner Mountains and Modoc National Forest. But it also sits cozily on the western edge of the high desert. In the center of Cedarville you can look due west and see the high mountains and thick woods of tall trees. Turn 180° around to the west and you see sagebrush hills dotted with pinion pines above flat alkali playas. Both north and south continue the divide here in Surprise Valley. A seemingly odd juxtaposition. But it all makes sense as you’re actually driving through this part of California into Nevada, an ideal and beautiful lesson in how apparent dualities, such as “rich nature” and “empty desert,” lose their meaningfulness in the blending of geology, biology, as well as culture across a mash of real and artificial boundaries.  A nice prelude to your journey to Burning Man.

Likely you will be entering Cedarville from the west on State Route 299. The town center sits at the crossroads of 299 and County Road 1 (which becomes State Route 447 at the Nevada border). You will want to turn right on County Road 1 to get to to Black Rock City. But most of the resources are to be found right here at or near this junction. Parking can be found along the streets in abundance, but the town asks that you please park diagonally so as to make entry/departure from spaces easier for everyone.

Of special note, all Burners and their art are warmly welcome to participate in the Modoc County Fair in Cedarville, as well as in the Parade. An invaluable opportunity to get to know our neighbors and show off your Burner selves and arts at this family-friendly event. See below in the Modoc County Fair and Parade listing for further info!

Also of importance to be found here is Trash and Recycling Disposal for Burners during Exodus, thanks to the Cedarville Rancheria Paiute Tribe.  See below in the Rabbit Traxx Store listing for all the info.

You can also find MEDICAL CARE here at the Surprise Valley Hospital. See below for info.

For some eclectic music and local news while you’re passing through, check out the local radio station KDUP at 88.1 on the FM dial.  And, thanks to KDUP and other businesses, you can check your email or get on the internet in central Cedarville thanks to their free wifi systems!

Finally: The town also requests of us to please be respectful of the town’s residents and properties.  Although you may not see sidewalks or parking lines or fences along some parts of the roads, this does not mean you are welcome to park or set up camp on people’s or businesses’ properties. And just because everyone is really friendly, this does not mean you can dump your trash in a business dumpster or home’s trash can, walk around in nakedness, blast your stereo, or party at-will. You’re also requested to PLEASE obey the speed limits and other traffic laws, and be respectful of residents crossing the road or entering businesses.  In short:  Please be civil, respectful and considerate, and Leave No Trace.

Further information about Cedarville and Surprise Valley here and on the many camping possibilities in the area here:

Grocery Stores and Water

Page’s Market 
488 Main Street – 530-279-2626 – map
Open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sunday 8:30am-5:30pm, and Aug. 25 from 8:30-9pm. Extended hours before, during, and after Burning man – call ahead for further info, as well as for special orders. Full line of produce, groceries, liquor, canned beer, Cool Neon el-wire kits and glow toys, bulk water, ice, some vegetarian foods, camping supplies, headlamps, goggles, hats, and even some costumery, provided with very hospitable service. Free water fill-ups with purchase of groceries.  Also has free Wifi.

Corner Store
596 Main Street – 530-279-2466 – map
Open daily 8am-8pm. Open Aug. 22-24 7am-10pm, Aug. 25-26 7am-midnight, and 24 hours during Exodus. Call ahead for possible after-hours appointment and further info. Located at the heart of town where 299 and County Road 1 meet. Water, ice, liquor, canned beer, Cool Neon el-wire kits and glow toys, goggles, sandwiches, soda, energy drinks, snacks, groceries, beer, maps, directions, and local information provided with very hospitable service. Also has free Wifi. Following Burning Man and during most of Exodus, The Corner Store will also be providing a BBQ in front of the store with a variety of food options, including for vegetarians, and a nice shady spot in the back of the store to hang out and relax.

Rabbit Traxx Store
580 Patterson Street – 530-279-2022 – map
Open 24/7 during Aug 22 – Sept 3.  Fuel always available 24 hours. Owned and operated by the Cedarville Rancheria Paiute Tribe, Rabbit Traxx provides gas and will be carrying a wide variety of last minute items for Burners on their way to and from the playa, including bulk water, el-wire kits, produce, beer and alcohol, camping supplies, propane, tarps, hats, goggles, toiletries, vinegar, and tobacco. Free overnight parking also available, but please keep it quiet and leave no trace.

Additionally, Rabbit Traxx is again participating in the Exodus Trash & RecyclingRecycling is free and trash disposal is available at $5 per 35-gallon trash bag. Bicycles, plastics, glass, all metals, paper, cardboard, household batteries, and non-perishable food and water are all welcome. Clean, sort, and de-bag recyclables before depositing in the appropriate containers. Human and other hazardous waste is absolutely prohibited!  All proceeds raised from recyclables will be donated to support community causes, and food and water will be donated to local food banks.

John = O Ranch Water
420 County Road 27 – 530-279-2372 – map
Open 6am-8pm. Just 3 miles south of Cedarville, turn right on County Road 27, and on your right is a large ranch where you can fill up any size container or your RV for pure ice cold spring water. Be sure to call ahead to make an appointment, and look out for the signs!

Random Curiosities

Good Things
650 Main Street – 530-640-0765 – map
Open Fri-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-3pm. Open 10am-7pm on Aug 24/25.  Call ahead for possible extended hours.  A really cozy thrift store and community market-place that will notably have bikes, vintage wear, tutus, handbags, hats, and jewelry for during Burning Man.

Warner Mountain Weavers
499 Main Street – 530-279-2164 – map
Open Tues-Sat 10am-5pm. A delightful place with locally handmade hats, scarves, sweaters, shawls, blankets, and rugs, using natural materials, as well as jewelry, ceramics, and knitting supplies.  Also has an art gallery with paintings, rugs, and photographs.

Floating Island Books
540 Main Street, Suite D – 530-279-2790 – map
Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm. A delightful, cozy, and fabulous bookstore owned by a fellow burner, carrying a wide range of literature, maps, and local information.

Modoc County Fair and Parade – Burners Welcome!
1 Center Street – 530-279-2315 – map
Modoc County (which Cedarville resides in) invites fire and other performance artists, craftsman, and other Burning Man participants to take part in their Annual Fair! This would be an invaluable opportunity to show off your creativity and the influence of Burning Man upon you with our neighbors, and get to know and enjoy them and their hospitality more. If you are interested in participating in this family-friendly event, please call by August 1. Meanwhile, all Burners are welcome to enjoy the fair!

Also, all Burners are welcome to participate in the community’s Annual Parade on Sunday, August 25! Lineup of the parade begins at 9:30am at the fairgrounds. The parade will start at 11am at the fairgrounds and wind its way up through town along Main Street/County Road 1. There is nothing quite like being able to take part in a town’s parade, while it is also an invaluable opportunity to show our neighbors a little bit more of what we as Burners are all about. You, your art, and mutant vehicles are all welcome to participate! If interested in participating in the parade, please call the above number if at all possible by August 23, and check out the website for further info.

Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference (Sept 12-15)
We thought it worthwhile to also share this with you, in case you’re a writer or aspiring writer who has some free time to chill following Burning Man, and are looking to perhaps document or otherwise translate your Burning Man experience into words.  The Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference, which takes place Sept 13 – 16, draws writers throughout the west.  You can work with award winning authors, and attend workshops in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and translation. Lectures, open mic, a field trip, and congenial community dinners are also on the agenda. Ask about matching fund scholarships. Camping, showers, and reasonable accommodations available in a land that lies smack between mountainous forest and desert playas.  Check the website or call for all further information.

Restaurants and Saloon

Surprise Cafe! and The Station and The Shack
501 Main Street, Suite B – 530-279-6677 – map
Open Wed-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 3-7pm. Extended hours during Burning Man. Call ahead for hours certainty. Three different wonderful restaurants under the same roof. A wonderful oasis on the way to and from the playa with a really delightful menu for all tastes. Espresso and various other hot and cold drinks, Tapas, sandwiches, burritos, salads, baked goods, ice cream and vegan sorbets, fine wines, and craft beers. Breakfast-hours items additionally, such as waffles! Vegetarian and vegan options too. Free Wifi and also home to the local radio station KDUP on at 88.1 on the fm dial for local eclectic music and news.

Cafe .22 / Woody’s Saloon
415 Main Street – 530-279-2112 – map
Open Tue-Sat 6am-8pm, Sun 7am-8pm. Extended hours during Exodus. Providing hearty portions of great breakfast, lunch, and dinner food and hospitality for omnivores and vegetarians. Next door is the Woody’s Saloon, the place in town to get firewater service.

Country Hearth
531 Main Street – 530-279-2280 – map
Open Mon-Sat 6am-9pm, Sun 7am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Offering hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and fresh bakery items.

Hotels, RV Park and Dump, and Camping

JnR Hotel
581 Main Street – 530-279-2423 – map
If you’re looking for a room for the night in Cedarville, this is going to be the spot. Providing a variety of fine rooms and very hospitable service, Jim and Ramona really know how to take care of people. Free Wifi also available. Call or visit the website to make reservations, sooner the better while rooms last.

Modoc District Fairgrounds
1 Center Street – 530-279-2315 – map
RV Park $20/night and tent camping $15/night. Also has showers available from 8am-10pm at $10 in case you just want to wash off before continuing the journey home. Finally, the Fairgrounds has an RV dump station at $5. Campground however is not available until August 25 due to the Modoc County Fair. If you arrive after hours, be sure to pay as you enter the main gate using the envelopes and dropbox provided!

Surprise Valley Hot Springs
Located 5 miles east of Cedarville on Highway 299 – 877-927-6426 – map
Open Daily 8am-5pm. Ring bell for after-hours, but best to call ahead for reservations. Lodging with hot tubs and catered dining. RV Park next door with full-hookups. Hot tubs and massages if available and/or by appointment. Very scenic area in the middle of the playa with exceptional service.

Cockrell’s High Desert Lodging
811 County Road 31 – 888-279-2209 – map
(8 miles south of Cedarville).  Call for reservations.  Cattle ranch also offering very nice rooms, hospitality, and wilderness scenery.


Surprise Valley Hospital
741 North Main Street – 530-279-6111 – map
Open 24/7. Located just a few blocks south of the town center.

Trash and Recycling Disposal

Rabbit Traxx Store
580 Patterson Street – 530-279-2022 – map
See listing above for the details.

Gas Stations and Auto Repair

Rabbit Traxx Store
580 Patterson Street – 530-279-2022 – map
See above for further details.

Chevron Valley Service Station
601 Main Street – 530-279-6241 – map
Gas available 24/7. The service station is regularly open Tue-Fri noon-6pm. Extended hours during Burning Man. The only and last place to get mechanical service until Gerlach.

Send feedback to renopages@burningman.org.