The people listed here, while not currently holding official roles in the organization, form an essential part of our culture. Their contributions as senior staff members and organizational pioneers have been vital to our efforts. Many are still active members of the community, and their leadership will always be deeply appreciated.

Caleb Anderson
AKA C-load
Gate Co-manager
Senior Staff: 2007-2009

Brian Forsyth
Tech Initiatives Manager

Jess Bobier
Office Efficiency Nurse
Senior Staff: 2003-2005

Ada Lee Chester
AKA Dago Bay
Operations Manager, DPW
Senior Staff: 2000-2004

Spider Davila
Gate Co-manager
Senior Staff: 2007-2008

Rachael Devlin
AKA Miss Roach
Office Host

Frank Diaz
AKA Frolic
Staff Accountant

Kristy Evans
Gate Manager

Joseph F. Fenton
AKA Boggmann
Ranger Operations Manager
Senior Staff: 2000-2002

Brian Garmire
AKA Shiloh
Gate Manager 2003

Frog Gilmore
Ticketing Support

Andie Grace
AKA ActionGrl
Communications Manager
Regional Network Manager
Senior Staff: 2002-2012

Dana Harrison
AKA Biz Babe
Business Services Director
Senior Staff: 1998-2005

J. Duane Hoover
AKA Big Bear
Ranger Director, LEAL Team Manager
Senior Staff: 1998-2014

Holly Kreuter
Theme Camp Coordinatrix
Senior Staff: 1999-2003

Peter Kranz
AKA Moebius
Perimeter Manager

Christine Kristen
AKA LadyBee
Art Curator
Senior Staff: 2003-2008

Paul Langraver
AKA Pearl
Gate Co-manager

Chris Lewis
Gate Manager
Senior Staff: 1998-2000

Lee Anna Mariglia
Media Operations Supervisor

Flynn Mauthe
Director of Operations, DPW
Senior Staff: 1995-2003

Shelley McTamaney
AKA Demanda Fortune
Accounting Manager
2010 – 2015

Greg Miller
AKA SeaDog
Black Rock Ranger Department Head
Senior Staff: 2003-2009

Rob Miller
Tech Department Lead
Senior Staff: 2001-2003

Zabed Monika
Administrative Manager
Senior staff: 2008-2011

Mark “Bucky” Evan Oliver II
AKA Spiderman
Gate Co-manager (with Pearl)
Senior Staff: 2004-2006

Joy Orabella
Office Manager

Jeff Oshani
AKA Mr. Freeze
Gate Co-manager

Teri Oshani
AKA Virgin Mary
Gate Co-manager

Dave Pedroli
AKA SuperDave
Nevada Properties, DPW Operations Manager
Senior Staff: 2004-2007

Marshall Perry
AKA Wilde Childe
Gate Operations Manager

Joseph Pred
Emergency Services Operations Chief
Senior Staff: 1996-2013
Executive Committee: 2012-2013

Seth Schrenzel
AKA Bluecross
Exodus Manager
2009 – 2013

Kat Steinmetz
AKA Lambchop
Head of Human Resources
2005 – 2015

Dave Thornton
AKA Thorny
Finance Manager
Senior Staff: 2000-2009

Molly Tirpak
AKA Safetygirl
Volunteer Department Manager
Senior Staff: 2001-2003

Jeph Ward
AKA Entropy
Gate Co-manager
Senior Staff: 2007-2008

Bex Workman
Regional Network Coordinator
Senior Staff: 2005-2008