The Silver Seed Tour of America was a new exploration. It was the first time that an ambassador of Black Rock City has traveled the country with the express purpose of making a personal connection with members of our community.

For a period of two months, Danger Ranger piloted a 30-year-old RV across 15 states, stopping at numerous cities, towns and places along the way. Some stops were pre-arranged and others more spontaneous, determined by fate or circumstance. Gifts were created by individuals along the route and then redistributed down the road. This ambitious excursion was documented with stories and photos regularly uploaded to the Internet. Website visitors were able to follow progress of the trip, communicate via email, and make personal contact in their area.

The implications of this journey will expand into the future. The perception of our world is being altered by the technology of communications… computers, location aware devices and the Internet… Burning Man is creating a new social landscape that will inhabit that future.

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