SF Office

During 2004, our second year in our new office, we truly settled in and made the place our home. For a start, we began regular rotation of the art adorning our walls. To keep the visual environment interesting and to display the plenitude of art we have received, our art curator coordinated routine re-decoration and shuffling of artworks. These periodic renewals created a fresh new feel and look for the office environment.

In only our second year here, we have completely maxed out the 10,000 square feet of available space – especially in the months leading up to departure for the playa. As the event date approached, the office bubbled with activity, hosting volunteer meetings, staff meetings, parties, DPW Sign Shop operations, bulk mailing of Survival Guides, Ranger trainings, and many more events. With so much going on, it was sometimes challenging to navigate through the Zocalo (the large common area in the middle of the office). We keep things organized with a useful meeting calendar that matches up meetings and rooms and times to help coordinate the use of the space.

With so much growth in the need for space over the last year, we were delighted when the opportunity to rent the offices and workshop located downstairs in our building presented itself. Construction has begun to make that space as useful and comfortable as the upstairs offices. Some open spaces are being built out to create new offices so people and projects can move downstairs, and everyone will have the space they need for smooth operations. Included in the downstairs area is a warehouse/ workshop that we hope will be used for art and construction projects over the course of the next year. Our first use of the warehouse space was for a successful garage sale hosted in December 2004, by many members of the Burning Man office staff and community.

As we maximize the use of our indoor space, we also continue to take advantage of the area surrounding our building. The Fire Conclave practices in the parking lot. The new Box Office buildings were constructed there, and the lot helped with staging of items to go to the desert.

After each year’s event, we find ourselves reconsidering the space around us and trying to find ways to improve and change it. This is our one chance each year to get organized and make significant changes in our operations before we once again face the crunch to make the event happen.

All in all, 2004 was a great year for BMHQ, and we anticipate many exciting new changes for 2005.

Submitted by,
Bex Workman
Administrative Kung Fu Master