Financial Chart

2004 Cash Expenditures

Amount Note: This is a companion table to the Financial Summary document.
Cost of Goods for the Ice and Café sales (not including buildings and staff)

132,284 Costumes / Uniforms 17,478

Donations (from ice sales revenue) 35,936

Education and Training 11,605

Fees: BLM 707,808

Fees (Credit card and Bank service charges) 153,812

Fire Safety Services and Supplies 143,257

Fuel (heavy equipment, vehicles, generators) 94,270

Gifts, Promotions, Royalties 7,527

Honoraria / Grants, (theme art) 255,028

Insurance (property, liability, workman’s comp, vehicle) 234,367

Interest 3,179

Internet (hosting fees, POP accounts, Starband in Gerlach) 33,996

Local Agencies (County law enforcement, Highway Patrol, Paiute Nation) 93,803

Materials and Supplies (shade structures, signage, firewood, lighting, décor and props, photography, archiving, cleaning supplies) 206,476

Meals and Food (meetings, commissary, non-travel) 178,850

Medical Services and Supplies 188,692

Office and Computer Supplies 53,305

Outside Services (accounting, bookkeeping, legal) 185,956

Outside Services: Independent contractors) 588,267

Payroll 1,493,476

Postage (newsletters, tickets, survival guide, postcards, etc) 55,913

Printing (newsletter, what where when, survival guide, gate materials, postcards, stickers, Black Rock Gazette) 109,799

Rent (San Francisco offices, and Nevada property) 218,367

Rental (heavy machinery, small equipment and tools, portable buildings, staff radio equipment, cars and trucks, office trailers and RV’s) 606,957

Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning 58,003

Shipping/ Freight 3,451

Small Equipment and Tools 27,852

Tax and Licenses (state and federal income, payroll, misc.) 314,439

Telephone (San Francisco and Nevada offices, reimbursements, conference calls) 49,406

The Man and platform (materials, pyrotechnics, technicians, labor) 109,414

Toilets (and related costs) 418,482

Travel (airfare, mileage reimbursements, food accommodations for meetings: BLM, public relations, training, etc.) 140,060

Utilities (San Francisco and Nevada offices) 76,933

Vehicle (registration, repairs and maintenance) 48,769

Watering for dust abatement (equipment rental, contractor services) 342,430

Sub Total 7,400,530

Asset Acquisition
Computers and Electronics (including radio equipment) 72,280

Furniture and Fixtures 10,302

Land and Building Improvements 656,142

Leasehold Improvements 2,215

Machinery and Equipment 67,766

Real Estate purchase 247,103

Trailers and Portable Buildings 35,429

Vehicles 16,743

Mortgage pay-off 48,798

Sub Total 1,156,778
Total $8,557,308