A large number of individuals contribute time and resources to Burning Man. It is impossible to produce a complete list and many have assisted for years. Below is a partial list of those who worked on active projects in 2004. If you feel your name may be missing, please let us know – or harass your team lead to get their roster submitted! People are listed by functional area.


Art Exhibitions
Larry Harvey
Christine Kristen (Lady Bee), Curator

Art Theme: Vault of Heaven
Larry Harvey, Project Director
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Curator

Artery (On-Site Art Placement Team)
Crimson Rose
Scott McKeown
Mandy Tiles
Mary Lou Galgani
Vince D’Onofrio
Roger Ripps
Jacques Teisen
Chris Michell
Damian Peters
Zack Darling
Steve Boswell
Jeremy Crandell
Steve Boverie
Ari Levenfeld
Chris Ripps
Michael Flores
Diane Mulligan
Leif Bansner
Kelly Durken
Jim Cook
Will Chase
Kevin Wiley

Black Rock City Gas Works (propane)

Construction of the Man

Performance Safety Team for Open Fire, Flame Effect & Pyrotechnics


Black Rock Gazette Newspaper

Black Rock Rangers
Robert E. Smith (Bob), Officer of the Day (OOD)
Wally Bomgards (Odwally), OOD
Shirley Brown (Twistedcat), Echelon Team
Jen Bacon (Tarmac), Mentor Team
Justin Bryant (Bustin), OOD
Stephen Creaser (Gondaff), R&R Team
Chuck Hannahan
Maryellen Burdwood (Dirt Witch) Shift Leader
Dan Brazelton (Bunny), Shift Leader
Mark Harder Splinter), Mentoring Team
Lanny Shay (Longshot), Mentoring Team
Jason Ducommum (Haggis), Echelon Team Tow Truck
Russ Raymond (Badger), Shift Leader
Chaz Perry (JinY), Shift Leader
David Gerrignianii (Beavis), Dirt Ranger
AleYandria Volk (Blackswan), CIT Ranger
Kenny Uyeda (Cool 68), Shift Leader
Zac Bolan (Disco), Dangerous Art Liaison
Cynthia Rusczyk (Feline), HQ Supervisor
Michael Theblack (Crow), Intercept Shift Leader
John Ahuna (Longpig), Mentoring Team
Joe Grant (Molten Joe), Shift Leader
Jan Moon (Microdot), Dirt Ranger
Eric Apple (Sasquatch), Dirt Ranger
Aron Addison (Friday), Echelon Team
Curtis Hutchinson (Stargazer), Shift Leader
Daniel Harklein (Tipdan), Dirt Ranger
E. C. Reed (Zeitgeist), Shift Leader
Brian Yaras (Uaberguber), Dirt Ranger
Ames Conway (Toecutter), Dirt Ranger
Marcus Cleary (Digger), Shift Leader
Dinair Wolf (SilentWolf), R&R Team
Tricia Smith (Aspen), Dirt Ranger
Fred von Graf (Ranger Fred), Dirt Ranger
Geoff Morris (Riffraff), Dirt Ranger
Tyler Sterkel (Scamper), Dirt Ranger
Vincent Rice (Agent), Dirt Ranger
Kristen Berg (Answergirl), Dirt Ranger
Steve Fisher (Billy Raked), R&R Ranger
Gina Roccanova (Binky), Dirt Ranger
J. Mia Land (Myarani), Echelon Team
Michael Sattler (Mickey), Dirt Ranger
Brian Palmiter (Boiler), Echelon Playa Supervisor
Greg Miller, (SeaDog), OOD
Andy Pactor, (HandyAndy), Echelon Team
Mike (Junkyard), Echelon Team

Burning Man Information Radio: BMIR

Bus Depot

Camp Arctica/Ice Sales
Dana Harrison (BizBabe), Sr. Staff Figurehead
Xandra Green (Ice Queen), Operations Manager, Volunteer Coordinator
Barbara McLean (Bare), Shift Manager
Brian Boyne (Tempus Thales), Shift Manager
Colby Bradley (Homeboy), Shift Manager
Jamie Oastler (RealDoll Jamie), Shift Manager

Center Camp Cafe

…and many, many, many dedicated Coffee Shop volunteers too numerous to name, but enormously appreciated by all!

Commissary – Onsite Staff Food Services
Dana Harrison (Bizbabe), Project Manager
Becky Workman (Bex), Queen of Paper and Pogs, Admin Coordinator
Patrick Skiffington(Junior), DPW Operations Liaison, Lead Hippy Bather, and Head Redneck in Command
Robert Ashby (RoyBob), Best Boy, 2nd Redneck in Command
Ezra Croft (Zig Zag), Best Boy, 3rd Redneck in Command
Kristin Hale (Hale), Queen of Paper and Pogs, Crusty Bitch
Alicia York (Parisbaby), To Go Lady, Resident Canadian
Molly Starkovich (Braisin), Best Gal, General Busy Body
Ross Beswick, Da Mayor and back up Redneck
Aristotle, Lifesaver
Glow, Lifesaver
Andy Tannehill (Andyman), Chef
Michelle Wise (Dallas), Chef & Lifesaver

Community Services
Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Becky Workman, Assistant Manager
Ian Starr

Department of Public Works (DPW)
There are more than 100 names in addition to these listed that worked just as hard. While it’s too many to list, they don’t go unappreciated.

Marian Goodell (Bad Kitty), DPW Cat Herder
Erin MacCool (Playground), DPW Council Member, DPW Project Manager and Labor Coordinator
Tony Perez (Coyote), DPW Council Member, Black Rock City Superintendent
Ada Chester (Dago Bay), DPW Council Member, Logistics Supervisor
Matt Morgan (HazMatt), DPW Council Member, Bookkeeping/Purchasing Mgr./Porta-Pottie Liaison
Rod Garrett (Ram Rod), City Designer
Peter Mars, Black Rock City Construction Superintendent
Mayfield Jukes, Volunteer Coordinator, Asst. Labor Coordinator
Bill Carson (BC), Groundskeeper & Ranch Tech Support
Bob Stahl (BillyBob), Special Projects
Michael Burdiss (Bubble Gique), Safety Coordinator
Scott Beers (Bruka), Services Coordinator
Carrie Carden (K-Rail), Purchasing Manager
Dove Dingman (Mad Bonnie), Receiving Manager
Robert Barnes (Easy Bob), Lead Runner
Rivka Gross (Phoenix), DPW Depot Foreman
Palmer Parker (Gameshow), Dispatch Foreman
Shevaun Gallant (Shebatt), Co-Foreman Man Construction
Simon, Café Construction Manager
Thomas Mingle (Monkeyboy), Café Secondary Construction
Andrew Sano (Rageboy Walter), Man Base Construction Foreman
Pete Brenneman (Slim Bi Curious), Arctica Construction Foreman
Eric Foreman (Headhunter), First Camp Construction Foreman
Dave Lasky (Quiet Earp), Shade Foreman
Carl Brucker (Cowboy Carl), Fence Foreman
Marty Walker, Spires Construction Foreman
Nathan Vigil (Trailer Park Romeo), Installation Foreman
Christina Cortez (Bean), Tent Master, Installation Manager
Dominic Tinio (DA), Installation Manager, Special Projects – Clean Up
Deanna Westberg (Degenerate), Sign Shop Foreman
Melissa Waters (Hormel), Sign Installation Foreman
Melissa Striker (DeMilitia), Metal Shop Foreman
Jason King (Skitch), Metal Shop Asst. Manager
Lissa Shoun (Tiger-Tiger), Airport Manager
Dave X, Fuel Master
Lance Hughston, Chief Electrician
Ralph Guerra (PlumbLoco), Chief Plumber
Michael Schaefer (RailRoad Mike), Transportation Foreman
Paul Schreer (Blue), SF Transportation Coordinator
Doctor Holderdown, Chief Golf Cart Mechanic
Patrick Skiffington (Junior), Playa Commissary Logistics Foreman
Miles Hunsberger, Clean Up Foreman
Michael Corson (Jirish Mike), Asst. Clean Up Foreman
Michael Peters (Gringo), Shop Steward
Michelle Ochoa (Jalapena), DPW Manual Editor, Shop Steward, Go To Girl
Ben Stoelting, Man Construction Co-Foreman
Evren Cakir (Edub), eXtranet Super Extra, DPW Tech Ops. Arctica Construction Crew
Beany Callaway (Beany), Wrench Witch & Golf Cart Mechanic
Andhi Pettersen (Scruffy), Fleet & Golf Cart Mechanic
Elijah Smith (Eli), Old School Man Base Crew
Jason Swecker (Reflex), Hard Core A team crew
Fran Rollins (All That), Sign Shop Crew
Logan Bristarr (LoDog), Shade Assistant Manager
Jewels Willing (Jewels), Sign Shop Crew, DPW Calendar Girl
Mandi McDaniel (Squeak), DPW Executive Assistant
Joe Snider (Spider), First Camp Assistant Manager
John Chapler (JD), BRC Heavy Equipment Operator
Margaret Farrow (Marrrg), Old School Man Base Crew
Mark Tomkiewicz (Buphalo), Shade Crew
Michael Ross (Lummox), Dispatch
Michael Taylor (Ali Pato), Old School Dispatch
Nathan Bailey (Teach), Old School City Survey and Installation
Neil Honomichl (Horse), Arctica Construction Crew
Norris Colt, Truck Driver, Transportation
Rachel Clein (Wensday), Cafe Construction Crew, Lift Operator
Robert Barnes (Easy Bob), Lead Runner
Susan Barron (Quiet Girl), Cafe Construction Crew, Lift Operator
Scott Beers (Bruka), Logistics Wizard
Shannon Kimble, Shade Crew
Tim Anderson (Big Daddy), Man Base Assistant Manager
Logan Mirto (Dr. Bax), Arctica Construction Crew

To our fallen comrades, Rest In Peace:
Stevie Vitouladitis (Miss Stevious), Cafe Construction
Michael Carpenter (Tex), Special Projects Carpenter

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)

Earth Guardians

Emergency Services Department
Joseph Pred, Emergency Services Operations Chief
Russ Kane, Deputy Chief, Operations
David Barr, Deputy Chief, Planning
Seth Schrenzel, Deputy Chief, Administration

Rhea Grel, Logistics Assistant
Dave Spencer, Scheduling Coordinator
Tom Price, Press Information Officer

Greg Stramback, Dispatch Personnel Chief
Damon LaRose, Dispatch Operations chief
Dave Spencer, Dispatch Deputy chief, Operations & IT
Rudy Gonzalez, Dispatch Deputy chief, Operations & Training
Liam Pervisky, Dispatch Captain
Nevin Cheung, Dispatch Captain & CAD Manager
Marcos Della, Alternate Dispatch Captain

Charles Armstrong, Communications Technical & Logistical chief
Dave Banez, Communications Technician
Bill Waltschko, Communications Technician
Bill Harvey, Communications Technician
Greg Stramback, Communications Technician
Damon LaRose, Communications Technician
Joseph Pred, Communications Technician
Liam Pervisky, Communications Technician
Dave Spencer, Communications Technician

Russ Kane, Fire Branch chief
David Barr, Deputy chief, Planning, PST Liason
Hugh Kane, Deputy chief, Technical Operations, Training & Logistics
Ben Thompson, Deputy chief, Operations & Volunteer Coordinator
Ted Simpson, Assistant chief, Operations (emeritus)
Michael Sutcliffe, Assistant chief, Operations and Spec Ops (Hazmat)
Travis Roberts, Assistant chief, Operations and Spec Ops (Rescue)
Ron Martinez, Assistant chief, Fire Branch EMS
Anthony Misner, Captain, EMS
Ken Wagner, Captain, Planning
Warren Paris, Captain, Operations
Mike McNiel, Captain, Operations
John Dudas, Captain, Operations and Special Operations

Tracy McDowell, RN, Administrative chief
Kate Gonnella, RN, Clinical chief
Seth Schrenzel, LVN, Logistics chief
Andy Buehrle, Logistic Supervisor
Mike Sullivan, Medical Supervisor
Marc Nelson, MD, Medical Supervisor
Diane Matthews, RN, Medical Supervisor
Adam Duhan, MD, Alternate Medical Supervisor
Nelson Carpenter, Alternate Medical Supervisor
Janda Carlson, RN, Alternate Medical Supervisor
Lee Lanahan, MD, Alternate Medical Supervisor
Scott Lofgren, Squad Coordinator

Anna Duffy, Mental Health chief
Luna Provorse, CISM Coordinator

Wally Bomgaars (odwally), Exodus Director
Andrew Birklid (Tumbleweed), Operations Supervisor
Chelsea Teller (Evacado), Volunteer Coordinator

Tom V.
Robby Dobbs
Saucy Girl


Neal Gran, web site guru


Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Terry Schoop (Retro), Project Manager

Bigfoot Goforth (Foot) Setup Manager
Craig Matthews (Know Matter What), Volunteer Coordinator
Sandra Rado (Dayzee), Volunteer Coordinator
Terry Schoop (Retro), Volunteer Coordinator
Termeh Yeghiazarian, Logistics, MOOP Nazi, Volunteer Resources

Bigfoot Goforth (Foot), Manager
Brent Heyning (Bent), Co-manager
John Allbee III (DJ Monkeyboy)
All That
Tony Day(-Glo)
Nicole Deluz
Liz Croft (English)
Aimee Forcier (Gypsy)
Mandy Gordon
Nick Grainger (Disco)
Kristen Hale (Hale)
Ian George (Rocket)
Joseph Avinoam Zachary Lambert (Avi)
Greg Layton (Master Blaster)
Eleanor Lovinsky (Smudge)
Sandra Rado (Dayzee)
Mike Regan (Balu)
James Riedy (Hunter)
Jonathan Rothman (Toque)
Rachel (Ratchet)
Galen Schuck (Storm)
Sebastian (Nemo)

Brent Heyning (Bent), Designer/Manager/Financier
John Albee III (DJ Monkey Boy)
Brien Burroughs
Rockit Cargo, Inc
Marta Collier
Chris Colquhoun (Balance)
Johnny Coy
Ursula Cuajao
Craig Curry
Ed D’Andrea
Transpo Dave
Larry Deunger
Digital Domain
Cristina Dornaus
Brad Elliot
Alan Faucher
Josh Flemming
Aimee Forcier (Gypsy)
Bigfoot Goforth (Foot)
James Hodges (Mingo Mango)
Industrial Light & Magic
Industrial Metal Supply
Danetta Jackson
Mark Kirby
Suman Kirby
Nick Lolis
Chelsea Mae
Caius Man
Steve Maples
Karen McCarthy
Bruce McRae
Mikiko & Teo
Steve Murphy
Roslyn Oz
Paramount Pictures
Mark Quin
Rachel (Ratchet)
Mike Regan (Balu)
Ken Russell
Scott Salsa
Lia Sargent
James Schexneider
Terry Schoop
Rik Shiva
South Park, Inc.
Brent Spears
Chris Towle
Pony Vigil
Waterscape Designs
Kim Williams
Lou Zutavern

Buddy Boothby (Cosmo)
Steven Bruce (Trancer)
Bigfoot Goforth (Foot)
Soren Goodman
(Reno Dave) Miller
Raquel Sochaczewski
Natalie Wren (Hot Sauce)

Victor Coffin (Diesel) Bloody Mary Brunch
Melissa Miyara (Mo) Sangria Soiree
Phyllis Wong (DJ Chai) Sangria Soiree
Natalie Wren (Hot Sauce) Bloody Mary Brunch

Tony Day(-Glo), Procession Leader, Incantation Bellower
Termeh Yeghiazarian, Parade Bell Percussionist
Puppet & Mask Creators/Performers:
Sandra Rado (Dayzee)
Susie Harper
Linda Zaharoff(Spanky)

Sandra Rado(Dayzee) Lead
Lauren Christos
Kesten Davis (Kitti)
Anna Esquibel (Water Dragon)
Sue Giffin (Hoochie Mama)
Susie Harper
Linda Zaharoff (Spanky)

David Barrett (Charon), Generous Benefactor
Buddy Boothby (Cosmo), Generous Benefactor
Mark Hanson, (Noah Count) Scavenger, Pillow Master
Bill Harper, Luci(fer) Truck Mechanic
Ken Hartley, Shade Wrangler, Playa-Go-Rounder
Bill Hayes (Ogg), Shade Wrangler
Frank & Kim(ba) Jorgenson, Shade Wranglers
Will Frank (Fancy Pants)
Jonah Horowitz (Moonbeam)
Sam Wedderburn, Luci(fer) Truck Welder
Terry Schoop (Retro), LL Charm designer
Branduin Stroud (Sailor)
Jason Weinstein (Redfoot)
Steve White (Mr. Mist’r)
Termeh Yeghiazarian, LL Charm Project Manager

…and all the LL villagers, and all the LL volunteers from all over BRC!


Media Relations/Media Mecca
Marian Goodell (Maid Marian), Mistress of Communications
Andie Grace (ActionGrl), Staff Liaison, Team Captain
Jim Graham (ronjon), Media Team Operations Manager
Dennis Hinkamp (Flackmaster-D), Team Captain
Stephanie Bradley, BoPeep
Summer Burkes (Summer), DPW Stephanie
Chris Gullett, Media Wrangler
Jenny Slafkofsky, Media Wrangler
John Cornwell, Team Captain
Loren Miles
Rae Richman, Stingray
Roxanne Graham (Fauna), Media Ho, Team)
Kim Nowacki
Suzie Robertson (Virtual Suzie), Media Ho
Aaron Anderson, A-Tigger
Laura Casey, Team Captain
Ben Carlson, Brother Blue, Media Wrangler
Jody Franklin, Media Wrangler
Polly Harrold, Media Wrangler
Jess Bobier (The Nurse), Team Captain
Lee Gilmore (Double Agent Lee), Academic Liason
Dan O’Day (Agent Two), Media Ho
Molly Ditmore (Mollygolightly), Team Captain
Tom Price (Thumper), Ranger Liaison, Media Ho
Steven Raspa (Seven), Ambassador to the Media, Idea Man Extraordinaire
Karie Henderson (Liberator), Documentation Team, Art Liaison
Yomi Ayeni (Yoms), European Media Liaison, Team Captain
John Rosenstein, Johnny Munny
Wendy Scott
Jodie Kahn (Tigger), Team Captain
Jeff Schwartz, Media Wrangler
Meadow Wilde
Sophia Green
Breanna Alexander, Media Ho
Tyson Phipps
Karen Stuart
Todd Stewart
Tom Laporte
Gabe Lloyd

Placement (Theme Camps & Villages)

Playa Info

Harley K. Dubois, Manager
Paul Schreer (Blue), King of Recycling, Project Manager, Spatial Adviser
Jillian Jaffe (Suddenly), Queen of Recycling, Volunteer Coordinator
Kevin Roberts (Desert Duck), Senior Designer/Engineer – Crushing Machines
Rebecca Lippert (Sugarbunni), Mistress of Rejuvenation Feast
Sarah Schumm (Angry Butterfly), Chief Welder

Video Documentation Team


Dave Thornton (Thorny)
Robin Ryan
Tim Foster
Kim Vaccaro

Archive – Art, Images, Videos
Marian Goodell, Manager
Christine Kristen (Lady Bee)
Faunee Echnovides
Amy Vanery
Andy Grace, Media Relations

Box Office
David Thornton (Thorny)
Joe Stillwater
Rachel Errington
Sara Sims
Scott Nelson
Tim Turner
Tony Day
Will Davies

The Burning Man Journal Newsletter
Larry Harvey, Editor
David Talley, Proofreader
Arin Fishkin, Art Director
the Nurse, Production Slave Driver
Ladybee, Photo Editor
Swordfish, Photo Editor
Marian Goodell, Department manager
Tom Kapanka, Copy Editor
Andy Grace, Copy Editor

Contributing Writers: Jessica Bobier, Larry Harvey, David Peterman, John Shamberg, Victor Solano,Jackie Carpenter, Hugh D’Andrade

General Administration
Crimson Rose, Administration Manager & Fire Pyrotectress
Marian Goodell, Business Manager
Harley Dubois, Community Services Management, Playa Safety Council
Robert Brownstein, Tax Accountant and Business Consultant
David Thornton, Bean Counter
Tim Foster, Assistant Bookeeper
Robin Ryan, Assistant Bookeeper
Becky Workman (Bex), Goto Girl, Office Busy Body
Andie Grace (ActionGrl), Communications Dept. Rock Star, Girl of Action
Joy Orabella, Reception and Office Goddess, Hotline Questions
Frog Gilmore, Participant Services, Ticket Minion, Scholarship Team
Ludwig Klopfer, Desktop Support & Tech Equipment Purchasing

Dave Rankine, Reno-based legal counsel
Marian Goodell, Mistress of Communication
Andie Grace, Staff Liaison
Terry Gross (Lightning)
Kent Klaudt
Phil Stripling
Ray Allen
David Cutler (Thunder)
Others under cover

Nevada Properties
Dave Pedroli (Super Dave) Nevada Properties Manager
Eric Close (Mr. E), Nevada Compliance Manager
Sherry Carter (Trixie), Gerlach Office Manager
Mathew Ebert (Metric), Work Ranch Manager
Mayfield Jukes, Gerlach Estates Manager
Chris Petrell (Taz), Gerlach Systems Administrator
Michael Burdiss (Bubble Gique), Ranch Hand, Safety Coordinator
Jordan Boyd, Ranch Hand & Heavy Equipment Operator
Dominic Tinio (DA), Ranch Hand
Dan Lutz (Neva Dan), Ranch Hand
Poppa Squat, Lead Carpenter

Planning Department

Print Production
Jess Bobier, Print Production Manager
Hugh D’Andrade
Betsy Lyon
Arin Fishkin
Heather Gallegher (CameraGirl), Calendar Production
Lisa Stuart

Regional Committee
Larry Harvey
Marian Goodell
David Cutler
Andie Grace
$teven Ra$pa
Dana Harrison

Special Events
Crimson Rose, Special Events Director
$teven Ra$pa, Special Events Producer & Media Relations
Joegh Bullock, Special Events Producer
Frog, Flambe Lounge Volunteer Wrangler
Mark Petrakis, Audio-Visual Management
Shevaun Gallant, Production and Volunteer Coordination
Justin Katz, Production Assistance & Stage Managment
Bernal, Production Assistance
Syd Halbleib, Stage Managment
Steve 23, Stage Managment
Tanya Hurd, Stage Managment
Taran, Sound
David Holcolm, Lighting
D6, Sound
Ron Halbert, Lighting & A/V

Technical Team (network, database, web)
Andie Grace
Bill Keller
Brian Behlendorf
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch)
Chris Brick
Curtis Kline
Dan Kalafus
Dave Bayer
Dave Laplante
Dori Mondon
Glen Mehn
Glenn Meader
Greg Sutter
Haunani Pao
Heather Gallegher (Camera Girl)
James Marshall
Marian Goodell
Matt Peterson
Michael Michael
Nicole Maron
Paul Gutoski
Raines Cohen
Rob Miller (Ra)
Ron Meiners
Tom Kapanka
Will Chase (PlayaQuest)

David Brenneman
Heather Gallegher (Camera Girl)
Matisse Enzer
Michael Michael
Raines Cohen
Rob Miller (Ra)

Ian Starr (Bliss)
Nicole Maron (Technopatra)
Rob Miller (Ra)
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)
Whit Morris

Andy Volk
Bill Keller
Brian Behlendorf
Chris Brick
Craig Steinberger
Dave Bayer
Glen Mehn
Greg Sutter
Heather Gallegher (CameraGirl)
Jenni Snyder (JC Superstar)
Ludwig Klopfer
Matisse Enzer
Matt Peterson
Rob Miller (Ra)
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)

Aaron Gritzka
Andie Grace
Andrew Nelson (Red Tux)
Beth Klem
Britton Holland
Caitlin Hazen (Safetybitch)
Caroline Miller
Cat Rayburn
Catherine Hicks (Star)
Dan Kalafus (Monkeyboy)
Dana Wantanabe
Dave Laplante (Hovering)
Dusty Hawthorn
Duy Thai
Emily Hierstein (Sparkle)
Evren Cakir (Edub)
Francis Wenderlich
Glenn Bookont
Haunani Pao
Heather Gallagher (Camera Girl)
Henry Lyne
Ian (Bliss) Starr
Jamison Wieser
Jane Gribben
Jason Chinn
John Mosbaugh
Kristen Ritschel
Michael Turner
Paul Gutoski
Paul Madoff
Paul Sundling (WebDaddy)
Peter Durand
Philip Campbell
Nicole Maron (Technopatra)
Rob Miller (Ra)
Ron Meiners
Sally Vedros
Scott Platsky (Scotto)
Shu Yamaguchi
Tom Kapanka (Spanky)
Tony Thompson
Will Budreau (SwingKid)
Will Chase (Playaquest)