A lot of changes swept through the management of the ticket team in 2005. By realigning some duties and streamlining processes, this veteran team still quickly and efficiently served the Burning Man community. The team operated smoothly to take on all the challenges and work involved with ticketing with as much ease and grace as we could muster.

Working very closely with the online ticketing vendor made the ticket buying process a smooth and easy one. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances always arise. This year’s improvements addressed the issues that slowed down the 2004 launch of the new ticketing system, only to have new things arise in 2005. The system handled the initial load to the InTicketing servers, but planning did not anticipate the load that would hit PayPal’s servers and their ability to cope with it. Yet again, experience taught valuable lessons, and more planning will prevent those problems in 2006. Please rest assured that the team always works to make the ticketing buying process as painless as possible.

The low income ticket and scholarship programs were again a success. A simple application process is all that is required to request a reduced-price ticket, and many needy participants received those tickets. While it’s labor intensive to review each application personally, the rewards of diversity that result are well worth it. Folks from far away places, all walks of life, and all ages participated on the playa because of these programs. The responses to the low income ticket and scholarship programs have always been very positive, and Burning Man happily offers these programs to help keep our community diverse.

A great group of Burning Man friendly establishments continue to act as ticket outlets, providing tickets in hand for participants in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Reno. The wonderful outlet liaison team made sure that tickets were stocked at the outlets, along with copies of the newsletter and Survival Guide, as soon as they became available and that the outlets had everything they needed to provide the best service to participants. For an added bonus in 2005, the outlet team sold tickets in person at the busiest San Francisco outlet for the last 2 weeks that tickets were available. This service seriously reduced the stress of normal operations at that outlet. Participants can help alleviate the stress on our outlets by planning ahead and purchasing tickets early in the year.

For the second year in 2005, the will call and box office system was completely paperless and the simplest it has ever been. All will call tickets are listed in the computerized system, so box office staff could easily locate participants’ entries and get them on their way into Black Rock City.

The ticket team would like to thank all the volunteers who have taken time to help when needed. It seems that as soon as the request goes out, regular volunteers appear ready to sort, file, enter data, or help get mail ordered tickets out the door. Help is available even after the event, when we would expect everyone to be burned out. We love having participants involved in what we do here in ticket world. Love and kudos to you, you know who you are!

Submitted by,
Frog Gilmore and Bex Workman