The Community Services Department experienced another productive year in 2005 with a few major developments.

Community Services absorbed two other departments. Due to the dissolution of the Business Services department, the business management of the Café and Camp Arctica joined CSD. It was a natural place for them to land, because they serve the community and operate similarly to most other Community Services groups. This change happened without much of a hitch, and CSD welcomes the additions. Please see the individual reports for more detailed information.

The stability of Community Services allowed for easy, effective implementation of a new tier of management. Direct Board guidance was replaced by the new Senior Staff position of Community Services Manager. This part-time position involves managing communication with and logistics for 11 teams within the department. A full year of mentoring, ending with the EMBER and AfterBurn reports, will complete the concentrated training process. In the future, the Community Services Manager will take on more duties involving guidance of this department.

Many teams welcomed new key players in the roles of managers, council members, and volunteer coordinators. The general trend brought additional managerial roles within teams, deepening the organizational structure and reducing workloads on individuals. Most significantly, three teams faced the task of replacing their project managers: Greeters, Lamplighters and the Volunteer Resource Team. The addition of a new layer of management in the CS department did require rethinking of both internal and interdepartmental processes, complicating some tasks and creating the occasional muddle. The challenge of reorganizing and creating new leadership taught many important lessons. The future presents new opportunities to learn from past mistakes.

Submitted by:
Harley K. DuBois