The 2005 event was a landmark year for Exodus. The operation went as smoothly as ever, and the crew seemed to hit a stride. While the wait time has leveled off over time, an increased percentage of people leaving seemed to listen to advice and avoid leaving Monday afternoon. The flow of vehicles exiting the event site was spread out more evenly than in the past, which created a smoother process for everyone. Exodus did shut down for a few minutes on Monday to deal with an unrelated emergency, but the problem was resolved quickly and access opened again within 10 minutes.

The Exodus management team and volunteer coordinator made a push to recruit additional flaggers for 2005, and the result was a bigger and more effective team. This expansion helped the Exodus team a lot, keeping everyone from being overworked and from being overstressed about keeping shifts filled. As a whole, the team was happier and more effective than ever. Hurrah!

Problems continue with trash on the highways from cars leaving the event. Despite efforts with community education, the problem does not seem to be improving. The situation needs further review, perhaps to attack it with new vigor and from a different angle. The community can play a part in educating and helping each other to address the problem. The goal for 2006 is to cut down the trash on the highway in a major way. Remember, leave no trace does not stop once you leave the playa. Secure your load, and dump your trash only in an approved dump site.

Submitted by,
Odwally, Exodus Manager