Will Chase

Composed by various staff members

Composed by various staff members

Financial Summary:
Introduction: Larry Harvey
Financial Chart: Dave Thornton

Q and A:
Ray Allen

Introduction: Larry Harvey
LLC and Staff Overview: Composed by respective staff members
Staff Recognition: Submitted by staff members
Consensus Document: Larry Harvey
LLC Agreement: David Rankin
Financial Structure: Larry Harvey

Introduction: Ray Allen
Accounting: Timothy Foster
First Camp: Will Roger
Government Relations: Ray Allen
Legal: Ray Allen
SF Office: John Prochnow
Safety Committee: Joseph Pred
Ticket Process: Bex Workman, Frog Gilmore and Rebecca Throne
Box Office: Bex Workman

Introduction: Will Chase
Art Process: Kevin K Wiley and Beth Scarborough
Art Support Services: Roger Ripps
Fire Conclave: Crimson Rose
Performance Safety Team: Dave X
Special Events: $tephen Ra$pa
The Man: Ben Stoelting, Will Roger, Crimson Rose, Bettie June
Playa Art: Christine Kristen and Beth Scarborough

Introduction: Andie Grace
PR/Media: Polly Harrold and John Cornwell
Print Production: Bex Workman
Regionals: Bex Workman
Web Team: Will Chase

Community Services:
Introduction: Harley K. DuBois
Airport: Lissa Shoun
BMIR/Information Radio: Eric Myers
Bikes: Ray Allen
Bus Depot: Fred Whitman
Earth Guardians: Karina O’Connor
Greeters: Deb Stiers
Lamplighters: Tony Lewis
Placement: Terry Schoop
Recycle: Paul Schreer
CampArctica (Ice Sales): Xandra Green
Center Camp Cafe: Marcia Crosby, Bonnie Clark, Marie Gerrard, Tom Kapanka, Sean McCormick
Volunteers: Termeh Yeghiazarian

Introduction: Matt Morgan
Labor Coordination: Logan Mirto, Mayfield Jukes
Logistics: Matt Morgan, Palmer Parker and Dave Pedroli
Nevada Prop/Ranch: Dave Pedroli, Sherry Carter
Planning Department: Rod Garrett
Porta Potties: Matt Morgan
Set Up/Clean Up: Tony Perez and Dominic Tinio
Commissary: Erin MacCool

Playa Safety:
Introduction: Harley K. DuBois
DMV: Wally Bomgaars
Emergency Services: Joseph Pred
Exodus: Wally Bomgaars
Gate: C Load, Spider, and Entropy
Law Enforcement: Seadog
Ranger Operations: Zac Bolan

Introduction: Heather Gallagher
Database: David Brenneman
Technical Support: Ludwig Klopfer, Chris Petrell
Engineering: the engineering team
Sys Admin: Catherine Fougere, Chris Petrell

Future Vision:
Will Chase

Will Chase, John Mosbaugh

AfterBurn Production Team: Marian Goodell, Will Chase

AfterBurn Content Project Manager:
Will Chase

Content Editors:
Senior Editor: David Talley
Content Editors: Marian Goodell, Will Chase

AfterBurn Web Team:
AfterBurn Section Manager: Henry Lyne
Web Team Project Manager: Will Chase
Content Project Manager: Will Chase
Photo Editor: Heather Gallagher
Image Productioneers: Heather Gallagher, Caroline Miller, Mycho James, Hovering
HTML Markup: Will Grant, Craig Steinberger, John Mosbaugh, Davis Yokana, Calliope Gazetas, Noise E Piranha, Will Chase
QA: Beth Klem, Christine Shepherd, Glenn Bookout, Caroline Miller, Scott Platsky, Bob Salpas
Content Review: Will Chase