The Burning Man staff Commissary provides vital vittles during the building of Black Rock City, and during the event.  Hundreds of people from all Burning Man departments work hard in the hot desert sun for many hours a day pounding t-stakes, building shade structures, and operating heavy equipment to name a few activities.  These crews appreciate the opportunity that the Commissary provides for staff to sit in the shade, sip cold beverages, and eat prepared meals, as well as the chance to chat with fellow workers.

In 2006 the Commissary crew seemed to perform effortlessly the gargantuan task of feeding several hundred people, three times a day, while meeting Nevada Health Department strict standards (the same standards as apply to any other food establishment in the state of Nevada). Control of meal usage improved, and a high level of detail was documented in 2006. The commissary dished up 22,354 total meals, serving 150—400 per meal/daily over 4 weeks, peaking out the weekend before the gates open.

The Commissary expects another successful year in 2007, as good as the last two years, as Commissary staff looks forward to maintaining the high standards set by their predecessors. It is likely the management structure will again change to further improve Commissary services.