Box Office

Burning Man’s box office is Black Rock City’s 24/7 on-playa ticket sales center, located in an ingeniously modified semi container just outside BRC’s Gate. It’s where participants head for on-playa ticket sales and Will Call

In 2007, the Box Office saw an unanticipated spike in activity. People who showed up on Sunday or Monday to pick up their ticket at will call or to buy a ticket likely waited in line … for a long time. In large part, this was a result of the growth in the overall population, coupled with large numbers of participants deciding to arrive earlier in the week.

To all of you that waited so patiently in those lines, the Box Office wishes to say thank you for being so understanding and gracious. It makes the job of the Box Office crew that much more pleasant.

Throughout the event, operations chugged along and dealt quite well with each challenge. The whole staff stepped up and took on longer hours when the lines just seemed to never end and the typical problems that arise were met with impeccable professionalism.

Submitted by,
Timothy Foste