Playa Safety

2008 was another successful year for the Playa Safety Department, including a significant amount of restructuring and reorganization within the individual teams. Operations have been streamlined so successfully that we didn’t need to gather as a united team as often as we had in previous years.

Gate management expanded, and Exodus joined forces with the Gate and Perimeter teams. This new team certainly benefited from our monthly Playa Safety Council meetings.

The Rangers went through a major reorganization and also benefited from the cross-departmental sharing that the Playa Safety Council forum provided.

The Department of Mutant Vehicles had a stellar year with solid technology, great processes, and a new location on the Esplanade.

And as usual, the Emergency Services Department performed its role beautifully in what was, we are happy to report, a relatively uneventful year.

Submitted by,
Harley K. DuBois