BEST YEAR EVER – AGAIN!!!! 2009 was yet another amazing year for the Department of Public Works. It seems like the DPW could put up Black Rock City in their sleep.

2009 saw a smaller city than 2008, back to the 2007 size with a slightly larger Center Camp, thanks to the efforts of the Planning Department.

With the smaller city, the DPW labor force dropped in size, a size we hope to maintain until the next big change.

The size change of Black Rock City wasn’t the only change this past year for the DPW – they also got more time! Four days were added onto the front end of the work schedule which allowed the pace to slow to one of safety rather than the traditional break-neck pace. This helped morale immensely and also helped prevent burn-out, during both setup and clean-up. It also helped other departments get on-site in a more timely fashion.

The logistics teams continued to improve their processes, making overall coordination efforts more seamless than ever, and the sanitation and bikes crews had stellar showings in 2009.

We continue to enjoy the generous hospitality of the citizens of Gerlach, NV while we live there during setup and cleanup, and while we conduct our year-round operations on the many properties owned by Burning Man.