Gerlach BRS

As always Burning Man’s Nevada Properties continue to serve as necessary infrastructure for pre- and post-event crew operations and yearround storage for the massive infrastructure of Black Rock City itself.

Since the spring of 2004, most of Burning Man’s seven properties in Gerlach have been under a constant state of expansion and improvement in one form or another, and the winter of 2008 saw the conclusion of the bulk of this ongoing effort. As a result, Nevada Operations during the 2009 season were the smoothest to date. At this point, most all of these properties stand in an efficient and functional state of operation and now only require the basic maintenance required for any physical property.

As with each year, the summer months at Black Rock Station were all abuzz with pre-event Work Weekends by the Man Crew, DPW, Lamplighters, Greeters, Media Mecca, the Airport and the Gate Crews; each working to minimize their department’s pre-construction and organizational needs before gaining access to the playa.

By late July, things swing into full gear as more and more staff start to flow into town making more permanent seasonal use of the Gerlach Office, The Work Ranch, the Black Rock Saloon and the Showers Property out on the edge of town. This year’s pre- and post-occupation, and use of the various properties, was a mirror of the efficiency of the crews themselves. With each year, operations just continue to get smoother and smoother.

Submitted by,
Quinn Yarbrough
BRS Ranch Manager, Nevada Properties Caretaker