Bus Depot

Rather than continuing with a smaller vehicle in 2010, our shuttle vendor returned to running a single full-size coach every two hours: an excellent compromise from the days of alternating two large buses to maintain an hourly schedule, or in recent years, running a small passenger van every two hours. The happy result was no passenger turned away for lack of seats.

The Green Tortoise management and drivers are simply the best at what they do, providing excellent service to their customers, at a more-than-reasonable price of just ten dollars.  Friendly and courteous seems to be their motto, and we received numerous compliments on their ability to make that two-hour roundtrip a pleasant one.

DPW created the surprise of the year constructing a new ticket office, much to the delight of the crew who worked the sugar shack.  It was much larger, cleaner and also provided a great windbreak for our Bus Depot camp, which was adjacent to the depot itself.  Ample shade was provided for our passengers, and bike racks too.

The Placement Team decided that being on the corner would provide us maximum visibility, and make us easier to find.  Therefore our cherished depot was placed on the corner of 6 o’clock and the Ring Road, a very busy intersection.  While passengers waited for the bus, they were usually entertained by musicians playing a piano placed directly across the street.

The shuttle service started on Wednesday at 10am, deploying every 2 hours, with the last bus at 4pm.  On Saturday the last bus departed at 2pm, so as to give time to Burners preparing for the biggest event on the Playa.  Ridership increased this year, but unfortunately the number of people who volunteered to work was down.  Those who camped with us were more than willing to work as much as needed, a credit to their devotion!

Once again special thanks to a valued member of our camp, who gifted  t-shirts to all who worked at the Bus Depot.  We look forward to the Burn in 2011, and serving the Burning Man community.

Submitted by,
Jim Wierzba