The Placement team had a very successful 2010. Early in the year, we updated the questionnaires that are used by all camps requesting placement, we added new members to the team, and we continued to find ways to simplify the adventure of becoming a placed theme camp in Black Rock City.

Finally, we worked closely with the Gate and the Tech Departments to improve the Early Arrival pass system.

We are responsible for reviewing every Theme Camp questionnaire, choosing the Camps that will be placed and actually mapping these Camps. We are responsible for flagging the camps on playa and then placing the camps when they arrive. During the event we are the liaisons for Theme Camps with respect to any problems or needs that may arise.  Many thanks go to Playa Info as they provide a conduit for contact with the Placers on the radio.

In 2010, we placed about 700 camps altogether.

Of these, 626 were theme camps, 39 were villages, and 35 were other camps (art support camps, for example). We declined placement for about 30 theme camps.

Again in 2010 we stuck with the honored tradition of meeting the first camper for each theme camp who arrives on playa and “placing” them. There are many reasons for this: first and foremost is enjoying the social contact after months of electronic exchanges. Even after we have “finalized” our city placement plan, inevitably we have to change things, including the size and/or the location of camps. Additionally, the real city layout may not match the perfect electronic version that we have mapped on.

Therefore there are on-playa adjustments that are made when we are flagging out the camp sites. On a final note, we do our best to flag perfectly, but sometimes we have to redo it. Walking the perimeter with our camps is our final check that the flagging is correct. Our message will be the same in 2011. Please contact the Placement team if you are the first camper to arrive on Playa. We are looking forward to meeting you!

We also look forward to the challenges, changes, interactions and new city landscape in 2011 and again, we extend our thanks to all of the Theme Camps and Villages that bring SO much to our city each year.

Submitted by,
Susan Bernosky