In 2011, the Accounting Department found an excellent groove working in concert with other BRC departments. Workloads were anticipated and were well distributed and our IT systems are meeting the department’s needs.  This year brought about many improvements including better budgeting, due to an improved budgeting process, the technology to support it, and having more engaged managers in the process.  Financial reporting is now more widely available and utilized as a tool for department managers to assess financial performance.  Cash Flow forecasting for the organization has never been more accurate and timely.

On Playa

Thanks to our adopting the use of electronic hiring paperwork, the Accounting department enjoyed better hiring and pay processing than we have experienced in three years.  We maintained a process flow spreadsheet to know the status of all new hires, which allowed ample time to get payroll requests in and processed in time. In 2012 we will be improving our Accounting department setup time on playa.

Other Areas for improvement

In 2012, we intend to explore establishing credit with 30-day payment terms with some of our materials and supplies vendors.  We will also begin exploring the implementation of a better Purchase Order process.  At times, we seem to be experiencing system instability with our payroll vendor, and we are in the process of diagnosing the problems.

Larger project and/or systems analysis are needed for the following areas:

  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Inventories for small tools and equipment

As well, in 2012 we will focus on refining our financial controls.

This year overall has been a great year of interdepartmental evaluation and improvement. The accounting staff will continue to work diligently behind the scenes supporting Burning Man’s year-round efforts and its mission in the larger world.


Submitted by,
Doug Robertson