Technology Team

The Technology Committee continues to bring together representatives from across the organization to discuss and prioritize significant projects. As part of the twice-yearly series, an overview meeting is held which is open to anyone on staff from any department who wishes to learn more about ongoing and emerging tech work. A second meeting is held with only the members of the Committee in order to discuss and prioritize new initiatives. Following this example, other organization-wide committees are now starting to include open meetings as part of their yearly cycle.

Our System Administration, Network Administration and Technical Support teams now report to our lead System Administrator who was promoted to the role of Operations Manager for the department. This delegated leadership has resulted in closer oversight and increased team collaboration and initiative in these incredibly important functions. These teams were very successful in supporting our office move in May and the event production later that summer. Network and technical support was the best we’ve seen so far, often ahead of schedule and serving our users with a smile.

As we enter 2012, we will be focusing on furthering leadership for the web, infrastructure systems and software development projects. The continued development of new leaders is allowing for more specialized team collaboration and enables Technology Department leadership to focus on long-term strategies and new initiatives.

Submitted by,
Heather Gallagher