In 2012 we increased the number of potties along Gate Road from 28 to 52 in an effort to make the journey from BRC to the highway a bit more comfortable, especially during long wait times.  Also new this year – Potty Lights on all banks!  Last year we placed beacons on the banks in the open playa as a proof-of-concept and they worked very well.  So this year we decided to install them on all banks and feedback has been good.  In addition to the potty lights, this year we were pleased that participants took the initiative to create fabulous illuminated Bathrooms signs and Toilette Bowl by the open-playa banks.  This kind of functional art is wonderful and greatly appreciated by dark-time potty goers.

Overall, the potties this year were fairly trash-free, especially when compared to previous years.  That said, as a community we should always remain vigilant about keeping refuse out of the porta-loo.  Thank you to everyone who remembered (and practiced) that “if it doesn’t come out of your body, don’t put it in the potty” (Yeah, yeah, single-ply toilet paper is ok too but that is IT!! Seriously). Special thanks also to the dedicated team of volunteers who make it their mission to spread the word on proper potty etiquette and to all the camps that adopted their local bank! It really does make a huge difference!

Submitted by,
Matt Morgan