/ ?d•min?’straSH?n/
noun: administration; noun: admin.; plural noun: administrations
1. the process or activity of running a business, organization, etc.

The administration of a wide-ranging outfit like Burning Man is, of necessity, a wide-ranging effort in itself! The A-Team takes care of the administrative needs of Burning Man Headquarters, and is composed of support staff from Art, Legal, Technology, Operations, Facilities, Human Resources, and the Burning Man Project, as well as the Office Manager and dedicated Administration and Hospitality staff. Phew.

It takes a well-rounded support staff to take care of the all office needs, allowing the rest of our staff to focus on the task of building Black Rock City, running the Burning Man Project, and planning and providing all the fantastic workshops and parties the Special Events team puts on.

So what does this look like, day-to-day? The A-Team does a lot of scheduling of meetings, note-taking, supply ordering, facilities upgrade and maintenance, food and beverage ordering, errand-running, and the like. Major projects include setting up the All-Staff Meetings, the Thank You card project, producing in-house manuals and documents, Ultranet maintenance, and so on and on.

If you’ve ever called Headquarters, attended a meeting or event here, applied for a job, or volunteered in San Francisco, you’ve likely met a member of our fantastic team. We may work behind the scenes a lot, but our support of the more visible parts of the organization makes it all look seamless.