San Francisco Office

The big news from the Administration Team is the moving of the Burning Man Headquarters. We’ve relocated from Market Street in San Francisco to the Mission Creek neighborhood; we’re now on Alabama Street. This move represents a return to our roots: we’ve gone back to a configuration that allows much more collaboration and cross-pollination among the various groups working together to create Black Rock City and run the Burning Man Project. The new space is open and airy and has lots of nooks and spots for conversation and drop-in meetings. We can actually find each other again, now that we’re on two and a half floors instead of five, and with no offices at all!

We’re not abandoning our involvement with the Market Street Arts corridor. Our time on Market Street was informative and wonderful for making connections with other arts groups in San Francisco. We’ve learned a lot about the challenges facing our local arts communities, and will certainly continue to be a player and a force for the arts in San Francisco. Not to mention the work done in our locale by the Black Rock Arts Foundation! We may have changed spaces, but not our mission.

The new office space has been outfitted for our use, and looks lovely. Views from the roof are panoramic; the neighborhood is great for walking and still easily accessible from both the freeway and by public transit. We’ve been fortunate to have LadyBee curating the art for our walls, telling the story of Burning Man, Black Rock City, and the Ten Principles through visuals. All in all, we’re settling in, and plan to be here for a good long time.

Our staff has increased in number over the past year in all departments. The Burning Man Project has begun a series of workshops and informational evenings in support of artists and the arts, and exploring and understanding the Ten Principles. Our transition to one integrated organization has been made easier by having all the staff mixed together in our open floor plan, and for those attending the workshops here, it’s clear that we’re one organization just by looking around the building.

We’re fortunate to continue experiencing so much growth as an organization during the economic issues facing our country over the past several years. This serves to remind us that our goals are humane, and our principles sound. We look forward to continued growth as we move in to the future in our new home!

Submitted by,

Paul Schreer & Molly Vikart