Performance Safety Team

Well, 2013 was ablaze!

With over 151 burning projects in total, the Fire Art Safety Team was kept busy keeping Black Rock City safely alight. Of those burning projects we saw 24 CORE projects burn on Thursday night and 25 other significant art burns throughout the week. Flame effects and pyrotechnics displays filled the nights with warmth and spectacle like no other place on Earth.

Here is a sampling of some of the great works we saw in 2013:

Cradle of Mir by Alexander Mironov, Sema Payain, Denis Harley and the “Empty Hills” crew
Russia sent its space station Mir into orbit in 1986 and in 2013 Burning Man participants were treated to a tribute to this great achievement and as it was burned Friday night it blazed so brightly it could be seen from space!

Big Bully by Charlie Smith
Continuing his history of creating amazing works of fire, Charlie Smith brought man and bull together with his work “Big Bully”. A fire burned each night in its belly warming all who stumbled across its path. For the lucky few there was even BBQ!

VLAM I STOF by the AfrikaBurn Collective
AfrikaBurn has become one of the larger Regional events in the Burning Man Regional Network so it was no surprise when they decided to bring a huge collection of burning art from their community to the event this year. From burning bunnies to a massive fire pendulum this international crew really brought their best work and it showed.

by Christopher Guard & Site 3 coLaboratory and many more…
Charcade brought the fun of a mid-summer night carnival of fire to the playa with a collection of fire-based games. Riskee ball, Dance Dance Immolation, Touch Me, Flame Thrower Shooting Gallery and Rock Inferno all joined forces on this ambitious project.

by Charles Gadeken
Helix brought spinning balls of fire to the playa that grew out of an organic structure like blazing fruit. Charlie continues to bring works of fire to the event and we look forward to many more incendiary works in the years to come.

Burning Man is and always will be a world leader in the presentation of fire-based artwork, and the Fire Art Safety Team is proud of its work helping artists create dangerous works of art safely. For 2014 we look to expand our team to keep up with the growing number of projects and help the artists in any way we can.

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Dave X