1994 Art Installations

Church of the Pyramid Camera Obscura

by: Chris de Monterey
year: 1994

This temple takes the form of that mysteriously powerful pyramid which stares back at us from dollar bills. Within its darkened sanctum is a camera obscura. A rotating lens mounted on the pyramid focuses a revolving panorama of the world outside upon a concave screen. Rituals include a ceremonial Camera Burning.

Fire Lingam

by: Pepe Ozan
year: 1994

This 30′ chimney is made of playa mud over a rebar and metal mesh structure.

Four Directions

by: Ric Louchard; altars by Lynn Marsh
year: 1994

Four powerful speakers around the Man project four different sound environments created for the playa. The 19-minute quadrophonic composition is timed to end at sunrise each day.


by: David Lundquist
year: 1994

A 16-foot long bronze dragon breathes fire.

Spontaneous Combustion Theater

by: the LA Cacophony Society
year: 1994

Fire breathing poets and incendiary clowns trace the origin of spontaneous human combustion through this anarcho-burlesque, audience participatory theater intoxication ritual. It’s aesthetic anarchy with a smile!