1998 Radio Stations

88.3 RadioFree Wrybread & Radiofree Cyberbuss
RadioFree Wrybread and RadioFree CyberBuss: Handling all your social dissonance needs, as well as broadcasting the happenings of the infamous CyberCube and any other strangeness that happens into our midst. And please bring your personal music by to have it sent into the ether.

Radio for those crazy enough to listen. 24 hours a day. Hear what happens when you let a bear and his loony friends loose in a radio station with thousands of records, lights and buttons. We will play ANYTHING! “God help us all”. We do accept bribes for air time.

90.5 Wonderful WINO / KIGS, Irrational Geographic Society
Voice of the Irrational Geographic Society. Live remote broadcasts from far corners of the known world. Pictures of naked natives. Chill music from Cloud Factory nightly.

91.5 Frequency Publica (Radio by the people, for the people)
Attempt to perform mind control by beaming your thoughts into the heads of the BM masses using the latest advancements in RF technology, but beware of self immolation. All interested Poets/DJs/Spoken Word Artists/whatever are invited to come by or contact us to sign up for airtime and a chance to unveil your own personal psychosis.

92.3 Radio KTOA, “The Voice Of The Temple”

94.1 The “Salt the Eunuch” Poetry Beacon
The “Salt the Eunuch” Poetry Beacon is a sculpture comprised of a low power FM radio transmitter, a text to speech converter, and a small computer which continuously feeds poetry to the robot orator. The beacon’s signal may be received at 94.1 on your FM dial. Besides the irony inherent in poetry being read by an “objective” computer voice the sculpture is, in a sense, huge as it extends electromagnetically into space and is my solution to the problem of trying to transport an installation of sufficient grandeur on a plane from Philadelphia.

95.3 Radio Loose Whirrlygig, Gigsville

97.5 DIOX

99.1 KMO

99.5 RFBM, Radio Free Burning Man

101.3 b†rNIng MAuS Radio
Official Voice of the Ministry of Proper Knowledge from: ThE B†RNING MAUS CoLlektIve. tHe NebUloUs eNtItiTy iS EviL, BuT dO NoT FeAr, We WilL ProTeCt yoU, FriEnd. Do NoT tHinK.

102.3 Assault Radio
Radio that Assualts your Senses. Special programming incluides “The soundtrack for your trip” nightly from Midnight to 8am.

103.1 SPURT Radio
Tune in to SPURT radio on 102.5 FM. The solar powered mobile radio station with the word on the playa!

107.7 KFRK (K-Freak!), Disturbia Radio
KFRK 107.7 K-Freak will be broadcasting 24/7 from Monday to Monday. Tune in for music that will stimulate your cortex in places you didn’t even know you HAD places…