1999 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

Anti Time — Dali Homage

by: Kevin Jorgensen
year: 1999

A place to view some of Dali’s paintings and ideas on time and space.

The Black Hole

by: the Black Hole Stalkers
year: 1999

You will see, be drawn toward, and then enter the mouth of The Black Hole (a 30′ black windsock, secured to the playa floor). Experience your mental projections, crunch your own time/space continuum, become One, and extrude out the very narrow far end.

The Buddha Garden

by: Jimbo Blakley
year: 1999

In some still region of the Playa, somewhere out past the Man, you stumble upon eight meditating souls, eight fractured/reflected visions of earth & sky; you stumble upon nothing; you stumble upon yourself.

Burning Man of Speakers

by: Scott Amidzich
year: 1999

This 20′ tall man in made entirely of speakers.

Burning Manta

by: Mike Maung
year: 1999

The manta is a twenty foot plywood sculpture of a manta ray in the style of a childs wooden puzzle.

Crashed Spaceship

by: the Free Martian Xenologists
year: 1999

A 10′ tall wooden spaceship has embedded itself in the playa.


by: Michael Curry
year: 1999

This life-sized orange fabric elephant was supported by a bicycle.

Fish Plates

by: Joseph Rut
year: 1999

I dreamed of a field of silver platters supported by rusty iron pipes and heaped with rice and vegetables, crowned with mummified fish carcasses.

FlaMe WoMan

by: Zoomie
year: 1999

Made of 2000 candles and gifted with a great mane of amber hair, FlaMe WoMan looks out of one blue eye with an iris in the shape of a spiral, and sheds a tear from the other. She wears a long blue & green flickering skirt. The core of FlaMe WoMan is a fire pit which receives messages from visitors. Around the core, altars are built by participants, creating a sacred space for rituals.

Golden Goddess

by: Eugene Phillips
year: 1999

The Golden Goddess is a large smiling head, shining brightly in her golden skin. Participants are invited to write a wish on a piece of sacramental paper, which can then be glued to her surface. After she is covered with wishes, we will burn her and send your wishes to the heavens.

H.M.S. Love

by: by Gucci Boy (Andy Hill) and crew
year: 1999

H.M.S. Love is the story of a submarine captain who fell in love. Stalking the dark emotionally cold Atlantic seas of dodgy relationships he met a woman and got giddy with love. It all happened so fast that he surfaced out of control and found himself in a desert. H.M.S. Love is a full size WWII submarine, 50′ in length.
URL: www.gucciboy.com


by: Spencer Tunick
year: 1999

Spencer Tunick’s second annual group nude photograph is made entirely of participants and is part of his Reaction Zone series.
URL: www.spencertunick.com

Lamp Mobile

by: Carl Heiney
year: 1999

A dozen hand-decorated table lamps hang in perfect balance from this 16′ tall spinning metal mobile.

Little House on the Playa

by: Terry Shreck and Edwin Basye
year: 1999

This simple haybale house cooled by an evaporative generator provides a quiet shelter from the sun and heat of the playa.

Museum of 10,000 Wonderful Things

by: Noah Lang
year: 1999

Everything that is marvellous carries with it much that is instructive, and, in this sense, The Museum of Ten Thousand Wonderful Things, may be made useful for the highest educational purposes. Events which happen in the regular course have no claim to a place in any museum that professes to be a register of what is uncommon; and were we to select such Wonders only as are capable of familiar demonstration, we should destroy their right to be deemed wondrous, and, at the same time, defeat the very object which we profess to have in view. A marvel once explained away ceases to be a marvel. For this reason, while rejecting everything that is obviously fictitious and untrue, we have not hesitated to insert many incidents and exhibits which appear at first sight to be wholly incredible.

The National Desk

by: the Palookaville Institute of Contemporary Art and Mark Van Proyen
year: 1999

This 16′ X 12′ desk towers over participants in this project by San Francisco Art Institute students who created it for Burning Man in a class.


by: the Mystic Krewe of Satyrs
year: 1999

A golden 12′ high Phoenix rests on this hand-pulled Mardi Gras style float. The bird breathes fire from her beak and she bleeds wine from her breast, where she has pecked herself to feed her young.

Psyche's Lantern

by: Christine Parise
year: 1999

This lantern serves as a beacon for the soul, an icon of immortality and enlightenment through love. Painted images inside the lantern, based loosely on the myth of Psyche (the woman who became a goddess by the strength of her love for the god Cupid), shine forth from the center, rotating and radiating throughout the desert. Music will emanate from within, beckoning passers-by to sit and delight with each spin of the lantern.


by: Norm Barringer
year: 1999

A stylized wooden dinosaur spreads its red-lined wings over the playa.

The Running Man

by: Dan Ng
year: 1999

The Running Man is a mechanical-kinetic sculpture which creates a semi-realistic illusion of a person running while on fire. The Running Man was built from discarded bicycles and other found metal. He is wrapped in cotton rags and/or kevlar firewick, doused with flammable liquid, set on fire, and then pulled by car, bicycle, or other vehicle. His runs are not scheduled or announced and last for only a minute or two which increases the random and surprising nature of the experience.

Sharon's Rising

by: Michael Taluc
year: 1999

Tall wooden towers support red fabric banners which are lit by red lights.

Solar Garden

by: Kevin Gauna
year: 1999

A 30′ X 30′ garden contains fifteen solar-powered copper plants which collect sun energy by day and shine forth by night.

Stan's Room / Submerging Man

by: Finley Fryer
year: 1999

He is a 20-foot high hollow figure of a diver made of multi-colored plastic records illuminated from within giving the effect of stained glass. Stan is brought to you by Finley Fryer and the same folks who brought us the Chapel of the Burning Book at Burning Man ’98.
URL: www.snowcrest.net/finleyfryer/

Tactile Portal

by: Anthony Bondi
year: 1999

This human carwash is a long corridor lined with tactile elements including boas, rubber balls, scarces, sponges, brushes, and feather dusters.

Tesselated Dodecagon

by: Aaron Ferucci
year: 1999

The Tesselated Dodecagon is a nocturnal refuge from intense sound and light. Straightedge-and-compass methods create a hypnotic pattern of diamonds and squares in the plane.


by: Russell Wilcox
year: 1999

The Tetrahedron is a geometric figure described by green laser beams in air, with pyramidal structures and towers holding mirrors to reflect the beams, thus forming the vertices. Six, 20-foot long beams form a four-sided (tetra=four, hedron=sided) pyramid sitting on its edge, which seems to delicately rest on its supports although it’s made of light. It will be possible to walk under The Tetrahedron, as its lowest edge is 10 feet off the ground.

Time Tunnel

by: Don Syrek
year: 1999

A time portal in the heart of Black Rock City is strategically placed on a sight line between the future and the past. This 80′ long and 30′ wide structure features over 800 rainbow colored lights controlled by a sixteen circuit multi – sequencing solid state control panel. The lights zip back and forth the length of the tunnel in continuously changing patterns. From the inside of the tunnel looking toward the future, one will see the Burning Man in the distance. The time tunnel is the central hub for the Black Rock Taxi Service, the Flying Saucer Space Port, and a number of other art vehicles designed to abduct innocent city dwellers and take them on adventures around the Playa.

Trout Flambe

by: Dirk B. Anderson and Thomas R. Glass
year: 1999

Trout Flambe, constructed of cast iron, cast aluminum, steel, bronze, vinyl and propane, is nourishment for thirsting consciousness, not bodies. The vinyl tube of the skeleton (visible through the partially consumed body) will fill with propane and ignite periodically, leaving a weird impression of a fish skeleton on dark-adapted eyes.


by: Marque Cornblatt
year: 1999

WaterBoy is back and this time he’s recruiting. Looking for mermaids, octopi, jellyfish… etc. Lots of water, scuba, snorkeling and more water.

Welded Metal Men

by: Byron Chell
year: 1999

In homage to the Man, two 6′ – 8′ tall welded metal interpretations of the man walk the playa.