2001 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Bad Idea Theater

Hometown: Torrance, CA

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska – a Found Art Collective – introduces Windows of Infancy: a photographic retrospective of infant Ayla Mariposa.

Hometown: Ranchos de Taos, NM

Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro

Come help us dispose of any unwanted Barbies while sipping on vintage California cabernet sauvignon at one of BM01’s favorite concentration camps.

Hometown: Newcastle, CA

Barnum & Burnum Circus

Hometown: Jamaica Plain, MA


A lush retreat to the Louisiana swamp.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


bianca Loves You!

URL: http://www.bianca.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Bicycle Soccer Camp

Bring your bike and prepare for the challenge & a great time. Game time is every day just before sunset/dusk…

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Big Barn Dance

Aunt Nellie’s 23rd Annual Big Barn Dance and BarBQ will be the choicest cut one-stop Old Country hootenanny this side of the Mississippi! This watering hole calls on all music lovers to jam, square dance, eat ribs, drink moonshine, or just plain rest their achin’ pups by the hayside.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

BIG Yellow Puffy Camp

We welcome all to come and relive the yellow and puffy side of life. Feast upon the puffy yellow foods and let your inner child become the puffy yellow.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


Burning Man does not exist.You are participating in a mass Hallucination. Please don’t allow yourself to be fooled.

URL: http://www.odeo.net/pix/2000pix/bman/index.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA


Don’t believe the hype! Take a bite of biscuit.

URL: http://www.hyperelf.com/biscuit/

Black Rock Boutique

Humans have 3 basic needs: Food, Shelter & Fashion. The Black Rock Boutique, equipped with highly skilled consultants and hundreds of fabulous fashions, will have you dressed to kill in minutes. Return the next day to trade your outfit in for a new look & don’t venture out onto the playa without us.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Black Rock City Animal Control

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Cab Co.

Poor footsies tired? Got a heavy load to haul? Broken down bicycle? Hail a cab! The Black Rock City Cab Co. is there for YOU!

Hometown: Winter Garden, FL

Black Rock City Community Theater

Black Rock City Community Theater is letting lose a bad case of Theatre on Black Rock City streets and they’re looking to give it to you! Watch Out!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Black Rock City Hardware

We are the Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe. If you are building a camp and find out you lack something or that something needs to be fixed, come to us and see if we can help. We’ll have tools, materials, and people to help you when you are in need. If we can’t fix it, we can at least drown your sorrows in whiskey and provide an ear to listen. Disclaimer: We are not a secret front for the Church of Volis [praise be his name], the god of control.

URL: http://www.invisiblecollege.net/volisHometown: Seattle, WA

Black Rock City Post Office

Do you want to simultaneously be a fundamental, paradoxical contributor to basic communications between participants of BRC AND facilitate interpersonal interactions, while effecting a global paradigm shift one spoonful at a time? Live out your postal fantasies at the BRCPO; release your deep-seeded desire to deliver Strip-O-Grams; sport a pith helmet with pride and aplumb; deliver mail while dishing out the highest quality of bureacratic inefficiency possible even under the most extreme of circumstances; and, enjoy the finest rewards the city has to offer. Join the BRCPO today!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Black Rock City Wedding Chapel

The Black Rock City Wedding Chapel is back to satisfy your Wedding needs. Get married in the chapel, or at the Drive Up Elvis head.

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Black Rock Civil Defense

Listen for the air raid siren, join us for daily safety films, get assistance and aid from a naughty nurse, or enjoy music and a SPAM sandwich in the fallout shelter.

Black Rock Expedition

Black Rock Expedition and Witness Relocation will be providing full Ranger services for Outpost Tokyo. We will continue our exploration of the wildlife in Black Rock City and to relocate people physically or otherwise to our experimental mind altering alternate universe.

Hometown: Boulder Creek, CA

Black Rock Gazette

The BRGazette staff is committed to continuing the tradition of producing a high quality, daily newspaper at Burning Man. We encourage the people of BRC to come to us and answer the question “what is news?” for our citizens.

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Black Rock Gym and Beauty Bar

The Black Rock Gym simulates the gym of your neighborhood – workout, socialize, sauna, massage, and cruise. The Black Rock Beauty Bar gives you an opportunity to ditch butchness and accessorize! style! attend workshops! Don’t be undercostumed – let our happy version of Martha Stewart help you create a great costume out of a coat hanger, duct tape, and saran wrap.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Black Rock High

Hometown: Albany, CA

Black Rock Spatial Delivery

The Black Rock Spatial Delivery uniformed bike messengers will carry your postcard or package to anyone else in the city — your missive is our mission! If we can carry it, we’ll deliver it!

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Blimp Radio Network Compound

WPBR Radio will be broadcast aboard the Good Ship ‘Freedom’ this year. We will be prowling the skys of Black Rock waiting to unleash our psychedelic vision upon you all.

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Blue House Special

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Blue Moon

The historic Seattle Blue Moon Tavern has just opened on the playa. Visit this exact replica for live conversation, free music and cold beer.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

BM Volunteer Community Theatre

In the true spirit of No Spectators, Burningman Volunteer Community Theatre (BVCT) invites you to become part of the show! Every day Tuesday through Saturday, volunteers will be recruited for two performances, at 4 pm and 8 pm. They will be given a short script, coaching and costume to play parts in timeless stories about love, loss, revenge and more. The scripts, stage, costumes and sound effects are provided. All we need is YOU to put on a fabulous show. Drop by to volunteer for a show, or we’ll be by to recruit you. Look for our traveling 60-second synopsis throughout the day around the Esplanade. All early shows are suitable for any Burningman audience. Families, please note that the late show may cause irreparable harm to your youngsters.

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, CA

Body Hair Barber Shop

The two-story tent of The Body Hair Barber Shop is back, and in order to interact with and beautify ALL the citizens of the Playa, this year we’re MOBILE on the roving, singing and dancing fool Isle of Lesbos! To be Trace-less we’ve enclosed the lovely view of the upper deck by screens this year, and the wind can’t possibly shut us down – so come on by, visit with our Captain Reverend Gadget, and while you’re waiting for that special trim, somehow convince Mr. Steve Kerver to give you a rum Tiki-tail at the downstairs Tiki bar.

URL: http://www.houseofbliss.orgHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Bone Tree Nexus

The Bone Tree Nexus will be the set up base for the Bone tree Installation, and will be the site where the installatiom will begin it’s daily procession to the Mausoleum. The tree will wheel out of our camp at an appointed time in a processional fashion (those interested in joining who are of a suitably dark and bony persuasion are welcome to join!) down the outside edge of the esplanade or (as close to it as we can get) broadcasting the darkened blossoms of sound the Bone Tree is known for exuding.

BoomBoomRoom Dance and Game House

BoomBoomRoom Dance and Game House is the place for music, dance, heavy petting and board games.Free cantaloupe as well.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Booty Checkpoint #11

Free the booty… and the rest will follow.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Borrachos Y Bicicletas

Borrachos Y Bicicletas Bike Repair… come by and get your bike fixed or just hang out, chat, and play with the art.

Hometown: Concord, CA

Bowlvolutionary Camp

Hometown: Chico, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

BRC Ethics and Elections

To avoid funny business during the mayoral elections in Black Rock city, you must register (in triplicate) with the BRC E & E. We make sure that your butterfly ballets are punched, stuffed and counted with the highest of standards.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

BRC Public Library

Our full service library allows you to chill out with your favorite novel, or check it out, and take it home with you. After all, they say you learn something new every day.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

BrokeDown Palace Wedding Service

Hometown: Reno, NV

Bubble Lounge

Dedicated to bringing you the Wonderful World of Bubbles where you can let the child you are play under the 40′ Bubble Tower (look for the Flame of Youth atop the glowing tower at night) where magical orbs of gas are generated to infiltrate the world at large with their swirling irridescent colors and random dances. Slip into the Bubble Dome, get your free bottle of bubbles so you can dip your wand into the sweet soapy nectar and blow your own, listening to an eclectic mix of music (day and night), or play with our assortment of motorized bubble toyz!

Hometown: Venice, CA

Bureau of Entertainment

The Black Rock City Bureau of Entertainment will sponser The Lost Penguin Lounge. Stop by to entertain or be entertained any time day or night. If you receive a citation for alleged spectation, this is the place to clear your ticket. Or just gape at the mysterious beauty of the Lost Penguin.

Hometown: El Sobrante, CA

Burning Pinhole Camp

Share a kodak moment with us.

Hometown: Venice, CA

Burning Primate's Gorilla Theatre

Burning Primate’s Gorilla Theater is a volunteer cast of improvisational character actors. We invite all to come up with there own character and come join the fun. Please e-mail us if you would like to help.

Hometown: Denton, TX

Burning Scouts of America

Too cool, dumb, weak, punk or gay to have hacked it as a *real* Boy or Girl Scout? Or maybe you’re a former Eagle Scout who realized too late that you gave up a huge chunk of your childhood just so you could learn to tie lanyards. The Burning Scouts of America is for you! Celebrating our second year on the playa, the Burning Scouts are dedicated to infusing the youth of Black Rock City with a love of chaos and hedonism. Earn DEMERIT BADGES in such disciplines as “Homosexuality,” “Lap Dancing” or “Unfocused Rage.” Join our deeply inebriated Scoutmasters on guided nature hikes through the wilds of Black Rock City. Or ask one of the lovely and foul-mouthed Burning Girl Scouts for a horribly charred cookie. Maybe after she’s done kicking your ass, she’ll even give you one. Scout HQ is located near the village of Gigsville — stop on by and learn how you too can BE IMPAIRED!

**HEY — think this is such a swell theme camp idea that you’re thinking of stealing it? We’re BEGGING YOU TO. Check out our website for information on how to set up a Burning Scout troop of your own at Burning Man ’01. It’s a great way to meet new friends and make them do embarassing things.**

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Calling all musicians and paraders… the BurningBand invites you to the biggest little parade event in BRC! Come to the daily 1:00p.m. meeting and join us for the Nightly parade off to new and exiting destinations at 7:00 p.m. Attention: Theme Camps/Villages. We are available for your specia events.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

BurningMime / Detroit Cacaphony

Come to the Sacred Heart Oasis for Spritual Bliss, desert culture, and BurningMime style mid-western hospitality. Join us nightly at Snowflake Village to play the Respondo game.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Byelotrashistan Beyond Trailerdome

Our pinwheel garden returns. Play bocce ball, badminton and croquet with the aristocrats of the Republic of White Trashistan in the hot sun, or chill in the trailerdome and marvel at the wonders of faux wood paneling. Put your face through one of our identity transformers and take a picture of yourself as someone else.

Hometown: Oakland, CA