2001 Theme Camps

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Eco Showers

Eco Showers is a Water Attraction. Find an Eco Shower camp member to recieve an invitation to come and cool off in our cascading waters. Come and visit if you get hot. Lots of Water here to play in.

Hometown: San Bruno, CA

Eden is Burning: Lounge and Asylum

A paradoxical emerald paradise for you to meet your neighbors, barter for some spirits, get married for a day, or have your picture taken with Satan. Groove in, chill out or just stay and chat a while in the garden of ephmeral sin.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Eggchair Camp

“If you can’t find the meaning of existence while doing something as simple as sitting in an eggchair, then where the “#$%*&!” else you gonna find it?” -Zen Master Houston

Hometown: Alameda, CA

El Fuente

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Eleusis: the cradle of a new community.Come chill at Fallopia dome, play with the Naughty Cowgirls and Rainbow Avengers, and be served sloppy grease by the Poutine Monkehs!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Elvis Yoga

Elvis Yoga will be offering yoga classes of all varieties during the daylight hours. Teachers wishing to teach should sign up on the board at Camp and students just need to check the board and show up.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Emerald City

URL: http://www.emeraldcity.tvHometown: Aptos Hills, CA

Empty Sea Project

A celebration of your death! Yippie!

Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Enchanted Forest

An interactive game camp that encourages participation in the core theme of the Seven Ages outside of the events on the Playa.

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Come to enlightentrapment and visit our Religion Changing Station to exchange your religion, or audition to be a part of one of our short plays. Or — just come visit and don’t do any of those things.

Hometown: Seattle, WA


Come try your luck at the Dare-O-Matic, relax in our playa lounge, and peruse the Traveling Costume Exchange.

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

eVille Village

The village the put the E in Energize, Entertain, and Enlighten is back! Experience the Ecstacy of being Enraptured once again by the Church of Mez, Bluehouse, and so much more!

URL: http://www.mezziah.org/evilleHometown: Seattle, WA


Evoloverse is a performance art and modern dance stage and dance collective.

Hometown: Oakland, CA


Art is a ritual burning; the fruit of awareness; the desire to hold the world mouth to mouth. Based on the premise that we are all native to this place of wild enchantment, imagine a dream enacted — a dream of evolution…

Hometown: Ashland, OR

Exostostential Boneyard

Enter The Exostostenial Boneyard. Surrounded by totems and effigies to commemorate the Dead, you are summoned within the CharnelHouse, shaped from a Giant’s Skull, to become part of the Giant’s Dream and create an offering or perform a ritual in honor of the dead or to recognize your own mortality. Seashells, bones, beads, clothing and other items are to be found here, as well as ritual mound building, body painting, hair cutting, and nightly keening and wailing beneath the eternally watchful eyes of the Bone Sculptures and the Keepers of the Boneyard. — Ave Morituri Te Salutant!

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Eye of the Playa

Those who see, shall be seen. This year we are filming eyes to inaugurate celluloid psychedelic vision. Filming Burning Man since 1996 on genuine 16 millimeter, this is a long form experimental cinematic collage still cooking and available for penetration and fermentation. Come into our camp, share footage, swap stocks, spice visions extraordinaire. You’ve seen us out there filming on a trusty Bolex bike cart. This year we’re pupiling the cibachrome circus with 16mm and 35mm motion picture stockades. With macro optics and large magnifier loupes we invite opticalists to conjoin intense and stunning ECU’s of Burning Man eyes as layered palimpsest of the imaginal Aleph we so dearly… And our EyE of the PlayA ArTcaR wants you! Loaded with hunky glass and camera trick-a-dillys, roaming visualists can pop-a-board to create retinal tableu fields. In our camp: circular templars equidistantize wide-eyes to a center noded camera station where panners can eyeball to eyeball as hands and visions be held a loft. End-to-end living eyes in time.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA