2001 Theme Camps

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On the planet Tarwater, salvage isn t just a way of life; it’s the only form of art. Tarwater Camp is where everyone who is an alien, (and who isn’t?), can get their complementary toe-tag, their ass or other body parts stamped with the official Tarwater stamp, (bearing the motto Muttum Non Habemus), or bowl in our spacious one lane bowling alley, or leave an offering at the Altar of the SubModern Computer god, or display your talents and acquire meaningful yet worthless trinkets by performing on the Voluntary Art Victim Stage, or just relax in the comfort of shade and windbreaks.

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tea Camp

Tea camp will serve hot and cold tea throughout the day to anyone who visits our giant tea pot. We will also host special events like the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”.

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Temple of Atonement

Black Rock City’s premire SM themed camp. Confess your sins and be ready for the burn. Safe, Sane and Consensual always. Repent now. Ask us how!

URL: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barracks/3969/TOA1.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Temple of Boognish

A celebration of Ween, and all things brown! Come and touch the dwarf inside, push the little daisies, and meet the Voodoo Lady! Feel free to wave your dick in the wind, squish a flan in your hand, and help us scrape the mucus off our bwains! Join us for our brown wedding ceremony Sunday after the burn, at sunset! And remember… don’t shit where you eat my friend!

Hometown: Vallejo, CA

Temple of Ishtar

We are re-creating an actual, operating Babylonian Temple of Ishtar. Priestesses in the Temple will serve and initiate worshippers of the Goddess Ishtar as was done 5000 years ago. The Temple of Ishtar is a place to raise awareness, educate, entertain, heal and enhance the experience of Sacred Love, Relationship, Sensuality & Sexuality in the world. You are welcome to join us in celebrating and sharing divine connections with other participants.

Hometown: Sausalito, CA

Temple of the Man

A spiritual quest through a huge 3 level crawl-through maze. Features religious artwork from around the world.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Temple of the Necronomiclown

Come see Real Religious artifacts mentioned in the Legend of the Necronomiclown! Witness the power of the One Eyed Jack! Lock your doors and hide the children, it’s the Flock of the Necronomiclown: the one and only True church for bastardly clowns. We will be testifying, baptising, and performing other religious rituals throughout the week. Temple and Church services are available for all who are willing to put on our traditional religious adornments.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Temple of WaterBoy 4.0

Denounce your dry ways and embrace the Moisture of WaterBoy. Join the playa’s Scuba-diving oracle of all things wet and be reborn into family of Burning Man. Please wait 30 minutes after eating…

URL: http://www.falsegods.com/burnHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tent Repair Camp

Tent Repair Camp will be there to serve all your emergency tent repair needs! Zippers, rips, tears, we do it all, even sleeping bags!

URL: http://www.biologicdesigns.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

ThecnoFartz Camp

Alternative energy is your pal or just to hard! Wimps need not apply, but for guys that do stuff, look out.

Hometown: Healdsburg, CA


Bark like a dog, squeal like a pig, pin the tail on George Bush’s ass. Visit our anti-corporate game booth and help rid our town of all corporate paraphanelia. Then, relax in the shade with some cool lemonade.

Hometown: New York, NY


The TittyMan is a modern day superhero. He came to Burning Man with a painted motorhome and a dream to better the desert with the ultimate service; cleansing the spirit. Tittyman is a natural born artist and he has mastered the art of body painting in mexico under shamen pedro chi-chi. Through years of practice he has mastered cleansing the chest, mind, and soul. Most of the year TittyMan is busy saving the world from the perils of evil but one week a year he takes a break to help his tribe and others by taking prints and autographs at Burning Man. Who is this masked man? Find out at titty city. We at titty city hope to see you at the event where you can make your Burning Man experience history with TittyMan.

URL: http://www.thetittyman.com

Torch Job

Torch Job – Live Band gives you Punk Rock, Fire and Love as you are transformed with nectar from the Breast of the Beast, in your relaxed state Special Forces NYPPPD throw down for the bust of a life time with Playland ID’s for the naughty boys & girls. Get Torched.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Tornado Alley

Walk past the tornado chamber along a yellow brick road that leads past munchkins to the wizard where you can ask for advice and receive a token. There will be a wheel of fortune of sorts that spectators can spin if they are daring!

Hometown: Reno, NV


TOTEM: Temple Of The Eternal Mysteries and Mmmelt Massage knead you! Visit our large massage tent and enjoy an extremely relaxing interlude, with fine music, mood lighting, radiant heat, and kind people dedicated to massaging your cares away. While you’re here, you can hang loose, party with us, massage your friends, and sample our many excellent services.

URL: http://eternal-mysteries.orgHometown: Westford, MA

Tramp Karaoke Fiesta

Beautiful lights and comfy couches surround a bouncy trampoline stage where karaoke is the main form of entertainment.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Tribal Thunder Camp

Screw tecno! Come make your own music on these enormous homemade playa drums. Last year we created our own weather. Embrace the desert. We love it!

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Tribe / Camp Break Stuff

Camp Break Stuff, come and destroy shit, and launch household appliances out of a catapult. The Tribe, a post modern, tribal experience of sight, sound, chill-outs, and all night dancing, dj’s, bands, a great sound system, and a whole lot of good lighting.

Hometown: Denver, CO

Tunnel Vision

Hometown: Chamisal, NM

Turning Hand

Who can really explain Turning Hand? Is it just an excuse to party? Is it a new religion? Whats the big deal about a big Hand in the middle of the desert and why do they Turn it?

Hometown: Portland, OR

Twilziewop Radio

Hometown: Tracy, CA