2001 Art Installations

All artworks in these listings will be presented by these artists on the open playa in Black Rock City. Honoraria Art H has been awarded a grant by Burning Man Project. Registered Art includes all other projects that have registered for placement on the open playa in BRC. You can learn more about the BRC Art program here.

Amazing Larry's Lucky Seven Ages

by: Aaron Muszalski and crew
year: 2001

Dubbed “Amazing Larry’s Cube Club”, two 16′ tall bright red dice house a cozy, downtempo jazz nightclub, bar and casino (with a beautiful view of our amazing city in the distance behind them).
One die contains a small stage where our house band and vocalist perform. The second die houses our bar, as well as an array of casino games. Chips will be given out as gift/barter items at the door.

Aural Gratification Ring

by: Mark Lottor
year: 2001

The Ring is a 16-channel computerized sound effects system. Listeners stand in the center of a 50′ diameter circle of speakers and enjoy an array of various sound effects lasting about an hour.
URL: www.nw.com/nw/projects


by: Christine Heath
year: 2001

Two stained glass beehives provide meditative spaces for those inclined to the hive mind.


by: Dave Loomis
year: 2001

This installation is about the beauty and wonder of birth and rebirth. It is meant to be a giant (15′) grass seedling pushing out of the ground and heading for the sky. The experience of this sculpture is meant to emulate the process of searching and rebirth in our lives.

Boggle a la Burning Man

by: Keith Hicks
year: 2001

150 multi-colored wooden alphabet cubes will rest on the playa. People will be able to express themselves by spelling out whatever is on their minds at that moment.

Burning Duchamp

by: Mark Van Proyen
year: 2001

It’s a 16 foot tall replica of Marcel Duchamp’s Roto-Relief sculpture.


by: Larry Breed
year: 2001

The 18-foot flaming tetherball returns to the playa. Through the night a ball of fire hovers, swoops and spirals over the playa. Temporal eddies actuate this haphazard pendulum as it records playa time with awesome precision.


by: Sean T. Lamont
year: 2001

An 8′ X 8′ frame contains low-wattage (5mw) lasers each emitting light in a vertical column. As each of the beams are broken, tones are generated by an electronic musical instrument system and broadcast into the space by a low-wattage sound system. As people interact with the sculpture, it changes the dynamics of the soundscape. Effectively this is like playing a light “harp” with invisible strings, but the effect is more complicated. Depending on the number of people and in which ways the interaction takes place, much more complex sounds can occur.

Crucifixion of the Soul

by: Michael Tscheu
year: 2001

A wooden cross approx 10 feet high is papered with fashion magazine covers and a female torso is crucified on the center of the cross. Next to the cross on a story board is the poem Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.

Delicate Balance

by: Siri Ardass Kaur & Svye Ethersmith
year: 2001

Delicate Balance is a solar-powered black light geodesic dome with pentagonal canvasses representing five essential truths in a cybernetic hieroglyphic form on the exterior surfaces. This dome is a totem to the embodied truths of two lovers Svye and Siri communing together in divine union. The five essential truths illuminated on the exterior are: Self, Work, Union, Play, and Moment of Transcendence.


by: Anthony Olivieri
year: 2001

On the stark open playa, remarked by the glaring sun, a patch of what appear to be easels catches the sunlight and casts long shadows. Upon closer inspection, it’s revealed that these easels have no support for paintings, but are themselves the fruit of creation. Take pictures of them, with them, through them, view your world as art framed by these colorful easels.

Ephemeral Nexus, The Labyrinth Project

by: Shona Abontu
year: 2001

The Labyrinth is an archetypal symbol which holds the experience of wholeness and unity for all who enter. Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual act of pilgrimage symbolizing one’s walk with God or journey through life.


by: Antenna Theater
year: 2001

The “EUPHOR!UM” is an audience interactive simulation of the opium-induced dream which led Samuel Taylor Coleridge to write the poem “Kubla Khan”.
URL: www.antenna-theater.org


by: Ian O'Rourke and Simon Holmes Court
year: 2001

FireTime is a six foot tall digital clock made from metal tubing, solenoids and micro-controllers. It burns propane gas to display the time in digital format. Time is kept accurately using a satellite GPS system fed into a programmed circuit board controlling propane solenoids to gas burners in the shape of four figure eights.

Flags of Pacifica

by: Amanda Wright
year: 2001

A collection of flags that creates a rain forest of color, pattern and movement, this island encourages interaction by attracting participants to immerse themselves in the motion and sounds of the flags flying in the wind.

Flaming Lotus Garden

by: the Lotus Girls
year: 2001

The garden contains 24 copper flowers which flame intermittently.
URL: burningart.com/lotus/


by: Norbert Schatz
year: 2001

Flex Fire is a frame containing linear images made of flex wire, a flammable, malleable wire. Each night visiting German fire sculptor Norbert created and burned a new image.

Funky Planet

by: Thomas R. Glass
year: 2001

An antique floor lamp reimagined for the city of the future, BRC, this plastic sculpted moonscape reflector bowl, goofy cast rubber space ship, and subtly strobed woven el-wire shade doesn’t so much cast light as gather darkness.


by: Tom Witzius
year: 2001

A gate beckons… will the beholder open it and go through?

Genetically Engineered Corn

by: the Sunbrothers
year: 2001

A field of solar powered corn stands guarded by a businessman sentinel. Bills of money and a copy of the bulletin “Hazards of Electrically Engineered Foods and Crops” peak out of the briefcase he’s holding. The cell phone in his other hand remains quiet, well outside of any service range… Solar cells in the leaves of the corn plants charge a set of batteries during the day. At night, a hidden microprocessor powers the LED lights in the glass corn ears.
URL: www.sunbrothers.com


by: Mark Zanetti
year: 2001

The shell of a 10′ diameter sphere is covered in blue paper with an outline of all the land that makes up the earth, filled in with one dollar bills. Five skeletons attached to the globe try to free the earth.


by: Tim Black
year: 2001

The redesigned HypKnowTron is a huge disk of full spectrum lights controlled by a bar code scanner, a microphone, and a joystick. A viewing area allows people to watch and interact with the device.
URL: www.quantalink.com/Info_for_Tim_Black.htm

Inside and Outside the Cosmos

by: Don Hardy
year: 2001

My project is about the dynamic interaction between shapes and structure and strength in nature. Essentially this is a three frequency icosahedric sphere.

Kayak Shmayak

by: Barry Wisdom
year: 2001

A mannequin paddles a kayak embedded in the playa.

Knitting Lessons

by: Felicia Dunham
year: 2001

The intent of the “Knitting Lessons” project is to create a giant knitted sweater-shaped work of art as an offering to the Burning Man. The piece will be knitted using long strips of cotton fabric for the yarn and 6" diameter, 10′ long cardboard tubes for the needles. Anyone from the Burning Man community is welcome to assist with the knitting (lessons provided) and/or donate clothing or other natural fiber materials to be incorporated into the piece.

La Rificolona

by: Daniel Watts
year: 2001

La Rificolona is a folding lantern which opens into a half moon on the face of the playa like two fans with their tips arcing together. It is 20.5 feet high, 20 feet wide and 41 feet long. It is built of canvas and bamboo, pivoting on steel pipes. La Rificolona can be opened to allow participants to enter.

Leather Corndog

by: Brian Tortora
year: 2001

Drum to your soul’s content on Corndog’s re-purposed junk-metal sculpture, “Sonic Rocketship 000”. Earplugs and leather gloves recommended for extended crushing.

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

by: Stuart Pawsey
year: 2001

I am making a small field of 500 – 1000 artificial sunflowers. They will be placed at a spacing of about 1 yard, resulting in an area of about 25 yards square.

Letting Go

by: Michael Tscheu
year: 2001

A single storyboard with burning man photograph and a poem invites participants to “leave everything you know behind”. Adjacent to the storyboard will be a small wooden box with cards and instructions for participants to write whatever they want to “leave behind” on a card and place it in the box. The night of the burn I will bless all the cards and burn them with the Man. The storyboard and box will be encircled by Tibetan prayer flags on four 10 foot poles to create sacred space.

Light Compass

by: Dave Collins
year: 2001

By night, Light Compass is a navigational aid which provides guidance to those exploring the outer playa. Aligned with Earth’s magnetic field, it will glow with four colors of light corresponding to North, South, South, and West. By day, Light Compass invites participants to share their wisdom with others. Pens will be provided.

Magic Wheel

by: Jim Kelly
year: 2001

The magic 8 ball meets the wheel of fortune. People will think of a yes/no question (“will I make it back to camp in time for cocktail hour?”), give the 8′ diameter wheel a spin, and get their answer based on where the pointer ends up (“all signs point to yes”).


by: Jim Kibblewhite
year: 2001

Marty is a tropical garden outpost in which to restore travelers’ vitality for their journey back across the desert.

Museum of 10,000 Wonderful Things

by: Noah Lang
year: 2001

It’s a recreation of a traditional natural history/anthropology/ethnographic museum featuring exhibits, texts, and dioramas.

Playa Bells

by: Byron Chell
year: 2001

Playa Bells is a welded metal participatory sculpture and musical instrument. Created specifically for the BM community, the bells are there to be struck and played.

Psyche's Windows

by: Stephen Chaparro
year: 2001

Psyche’s Windows is an octagonal gazebo beyond the Man, featuring 8 different kinds of windows suspended by white ropes through which citizens of Black Rock may view their city and the surrounding desert environment. They will be clairvoyant portals for the mythic lovers Psyche and Eros. Writing materials will be available and pillows and rugs will afford relaxation.

Riding Man

by: Jonathan Buckmaster
year: 2001

Riding Man, a mobile, kinetic pyro-sculpture, is a life-size man made of rebar welded onto half of a mountain bike, which is attached to a functional bicycle. He has ankle, knee and hip joints and can pedal everywhere the bike rider goes. Covered in Kevlar wicking and doused with kersosene, he appears from a distance to be a flaming bicyclist.


by: Larry Meyers
year: 2001

A 10 ft. wind-powered pendulum will scribble with a pen on paper that is secured on a table, driven by a copper vane on the top.

Searching for Carrots

by: Rafael Santiago
year: 2001

A female figure on her toes, arms spread, balances a sphere on her head, spinning in circles with the wind.

Seven Ages of Spam

by: Christopher Schardt
year: 2001

7 cans of Spam, 7 plates. Each day another of the cans will be opened and emptied onto its plate. As the Spam faces and overcomes its life challenges through the event, we will be able to witness it using all of our senses.

Sharon's Garden

by: Michael Taluc
year: 2001

This large scale (40′ high) sculptural windmill of steel and fabric contains seven individual rotors which dance with each other in slow, graceful play with the wind.

Temple of WaterBoy 4.0

by: Marque Cornblatt
year: 2001

Denounce your dry ways and embrace the moisture or WaterBoy. Join the playa’s Scuba diving oracle and be baptized into the family of Burning Man. Please wait 30 minutes after eating.
URL: www.falsegods.com/waterboy/index.html

Triangular Tensegrity Tower

by: Colin Stuart
year: 2001

Tensegrity is a concept developed by artist Kenneth Snelson and coined by Buckminster Fuller, by which a structure uses struts to provide rigidity while remaining separate, not touching one another, held in stasis only by means of tensed wires. This is a beautiful triangular tower of copper, spiraling upward in a six-pointed star, its struts not touching one another, held securely in place only by the tension of steel cables matched against their own rigidity.

Tunnel Vision

by: Kasia Wojnarski
year: 2001

One can walk through this cylindrical tunnel of flaming metal tubing.

Twinkie Henge and Assorted Snack Food Art

by: Dennis Hinkamp
year: 2001

Just like the real one only made with materials that will last longer.


by: Jo Q. Nelson
year: 2001

This is a piece about the superficial self and the dangers of allowing it to dictate action. You will be literally confronted with your own perception of your external self and asked to look beyond it.

Water Woman

by: Ray Cirino
year: 2001

This tall, stylized plywood figure of a woman returns to the playa to bring female energy to her surroundings.

Whisper Tree

by: Tom Owcazarzak
year: 2001

A fifteen-foot tree sprouts foliage made of paperback books; on the tree are twenty knotholes which play random 6-minute looping soundtracks of all sorts of things from water to bowling. A few radio headsets hang like fruit from the branches and play faint music. Participants must strain to hear the sounds, as if listening to a whisper.

Word Up Project

by: Chris Wied and friends
year: 2001

The Word Up Project is a 16 foot high by 27 foot wide 4 letter word with each letter constructed of extremely bright lights that can be seen for over 2000 feet. The controls are open and the letters can be changed by anyone walking by to create any word they want to visually broadcast to the rest of the playa. The resulting image is an enormous, .constantly morphing word that directly reflects the people who are participating, as well as the amount of participation overall. The Word Up Project is a tribute to graffiti and all bombers.

Workers Ahead

by: Ethan Zoller
year: 2001

Deep in the open playa, you find a traditional road-construction sign, “Workers Ahead.” Just beyond is a 20′ x 20′ square of traffic cones. Inside is a single worker in an orange safety vest, hitting an iron plate with a sledgehammer every 15 seconds. Participants who engage the worker may find themselves the new worker, and the pattern repeats.