2002 Theme Camps

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Da Rat's Bikes

Hometown: Sparks, NV


In each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. Rely, therefore, on radical trust even though the moment may call for you to leap empty-handed into the void.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Leave your soul at the door, to get it back be a whore! Take Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District, submerge it into the brimstone oceans of hell and you have the Damnedsterdam lounge with entertainment, drinks, crafts and our very own brothel window.

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Dancing Waves

The place where you can find costumes if you forgot to bring yours, and partake in Shamanic readings by a trained and experienced Shamanic counselor. Next door to and associated with the folks at Cafe on the Nile.

Hometown: New York City and New Hope, PA


The specifics of this year’s Dante are still in committee, but you are promised a highly interactive hell themed camp guaranteed to be the biggest rip off on the playa!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dead Sea

Happy-go-lucky and especially whacky sailors on the ship of fools cavort and croon through day/night, port to port, anchor in harbor santurary, and back again over THE DEAD SEA, enjoying the journey that melts into a dream.

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Department of Built Exceptions

The Black Rock City Department of Built Exceptions (DBE) is a public service agency that conducts random and scheduled building and vehicle inspections, and whose mission it is to promote the creative act of building; with sensitivity to the environment; participation; and ingenuity. Our inspectors give ratings on triplicate forms and are influenced by bribes through an interactive process. You Build It – We Inspect It!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Department of Mutant Vehicles

This is not your usual governmental agency. Mutant Vehicles planning on driving during Burning Man 2002 must stop by to register. (Please read the regs then fill out the pre-registration form.)

URL: http://on_the_playa/playa_vehicles/dmv.htmlHometown: Oakland, CA

Department of Public Miracles

Have you experienced a Miracle? Report it publicly, or fill out a “Miracle Request Form” at the Department of Public Miracles!

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Department of Tethered Aviation

The Department of Tethered Aviation brings the oceans to the sky this year. Come float with us at Flailing Camp.

Hometown: Inverness, CA

Dionysus Radio 97.9

We are back as Dionysus radio KXTZ 97.9 celebrating the Greek God of Joy and ecstacy. Our Camp will indulge in Music, Arts, Henna Tattoo, Decadence and Debauchery. Come and joint us a get a Henna tattoo drawn by our expert Henna painter.

URL: http://kxtz.netHometown: Mission Viejo, CA


Hometown: Santa Clara, CA


Dusty, despicable and downright decrepit, just ask the buzzards or dogcatcher… I mean Sheriff!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Disorient is a circular spaceship that uses mylar, 3D graphics, sequenced light, the sand of the playa and large scale video projections on domes and inflatable structures as means of transportation. Come to Disorient my child and relearn to navigate in our soothing liquid spaces.

Hometown: New York, NY

Dissipation Nation

Dissipation Nation hopes everyone that happens into our village that they feel like they just have attended one of the coolest family reunions. We are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Paper, Rock, Scissors tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the winner. Come play neon croquet at Squid Row or get body painted in sealife by our talented artists. Seek knowledge from the Ambassador at Happy Now? Also come belly up to Squid Row’s Headbangers Bar throughout the week. On Sat. Aug. 31 at 2pm be sure to attend our 4th Annual Vodka Party made with Dolphinsafe Vodka.

Hometown: Decatur, GA


Disturbia Village 2002 – it’s all connected!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Docks of Delirium

Your safe haven from the the solitude of the quiet playa, and here you will find your long awaited absence from everything normal. Just for you!

Hometown: Folsom, CA

Dragon Alley

What fate awaits those who venture off the edge of the map to There be dragons here? Surely adventures and new experiences are just the beginnings. Dragon Alley welcomes you with a 30 foot long suspended beast hovering above the alley. Mirrored walls on either side reflect participants as well as the bright eyes and innards of the beast. Adventures who dare the alley will be rewarded with two possibilities: a hidden tunnel to a musical chill space, or — if they choose wrong — a scary ride into the red stomach of the beast!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Draka's Lair

All neu for 2002! This lizard runs only on alcohol, so fill ‘er up & lets chase some ships. Scooters welcome.

URL: http://www.drakaarts.orgHometown: Berkeley, CA

Dreams to Reality

We create our lives through our thoughts and focused energy. Join creative forces together and watch the power multiply turning your Dreams to Reality.

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Drift Catalyst

Drift Catalyst challenges reality and opens minds – a place where you might get your soul ripped from your chest, only to become a more whole and beautiful person. A freely-evolving exploration of eclectic sound and radical experimental performance, we have fire theatre, a crafting Playshop, live music, the Absentia Abyss sanctuary, mind machines, light Beacons, unusual DJs, and Skeito bata skat.

URL: http://www.corporatecollapse.com/driftcatalyst/Hometown: Portland, OR

Dude Ranch

The Dude Ranch will pay homage to the Greatest Movie Performance of all time in the Greatest Movie of all Time… ‘The Big Lebowski’…

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Dustfish Man-oh-Teez

Dustfish Man-oh-Teez are a tight group of loose individuals who know love conquers fear. We are addicted to costuming and silly music. We love dust, we need dust, we are dust.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA