2002 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Radio Electra 103.9

Radio Electra 103.9, (formerly radio anarchy) will return to Black Rock City with an eclectic array of Music, News and Commentary. Villages and Theme Camps wishing to announce playa events are welcome to stop in.

URL: http://radio-electra.comHometown: Tucson, AZ


1. Build triangle shelters with playa glued to the plywood as camoflage. Line these structures up at 225 degrees with a view of the man looking down each structure. Rebuild the granite range on the playa by reapplying playa and water into a clay structure of the range. Floating world.

Hometown: Dixfield, ME


Quench your thirst, and cleanse your sensory palate at RECHARGE!!! Come join us for our afternoon Hai/Tea/Ku Salon: we’ll have delicious iced tea and salon delights; you compose an on-the-spot haiku for the Big Book!

URL: http://recharge.zillabit.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Recycle Camp

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Reincarnation Location

Confess your sins, serve pennance and be reborn through our 6′ vagina adjacent to our 2 24′ diameter breasts, then dance the night away or relax in our pillow room.

Hometown: Van Nuys, CA

Renaults Family

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Reno Philosophants

The playa roach thought extinct was found in Baldini’s Casino. We hope to restore it to its natural habitat of the Black Rock. Pioneers called it the buffalo of the Great Basin.

Hometown: Reno, NV


Risa is an infamously lush resort planet renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality. Come visit the music bar in the tie-dye dome. Thursday night party as usual.

Hometown: Carson City, NV

Rococo Risque

Rococo Risque will offer the national and international cabaret driven, circus twirling, street performance artist a haven to explore the riches of their artistic self with a night of puppet karaoke hosted by the Lord of the Karaoke, a cabaret style cocktail hour, and other impromptu acts of social inequity!!!

Hometown: Oakland, CA