2004 Art Theme Appendix: Alien World

We have selected these ten designs for the dioramas that surround the Observatory, and we encourage you to choose one alien world in which you’d like to create interactive theater. Please read through our Off-Planet page to understand the parameters of this undertaking, and then contact ____ with your ideas. We will select ten groups to inhabit and manage our stages; on site these groups will work with Ggreg Taylor, our resident Cosmetologist and stage manager. We will announce the ten groups on this page, and individuals who want to get involved with them will be able to contact them directly.

1. Just Beneath the Surface
by Terry Barker
Stage Manager: Rachel DeBoer

2. Trillian Moonrise
by Mark Drummond
Stage Manager: Bhak Jolicoeur

3. Centrifica (“welcome home”)
by Kevin Wagter
Stage Manager: adam paulSon

4. What’s the Frequency, Man?
by Jason Silverio
Stage Manager: Johnny and Kelli

5. Theatre of the Heavens
by Leslie Landberg
Stage Manager: Leslie Landberg

6. Zarkanon
by Charles Fleischer

7. Space Tunnelz
by Steven Fritz

8. Fiery
by Terry Barker
Stage Manager: Pamela Astarte

9. Gas Cloud
by Terry Barker John O’Shea

10. Black Hole
by Bob Marzewski
Stage Manager: J. Evonne