2004 Theme Camps

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Faerystar Artists Guild (@ Avalon)

2004 brings the septacle to the playa, harnessing the energy of the seven planetary spheres of ancient astrology as contained by the seven-pointed Faery Star. Join the Faeries at the Faeryland Artists Guild (part of the Avalon Space Station) and join in the Faery games! Workshops to be held include:

– Adopt a playa fairy and document its release on the playa
– Create some comet-with-flames practice poi and learn some neat spinning moves

Check the What, Where, When for workshop times. At any time, however, you can create your F-SIGIL and use its power to overcome your personal fears.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


The Fandango Village is back for its 14th year on the playa, featuring the Slowburn Lounge, the Orbitals, Freekutopia, Bindilicious, Deep Stupid, and all your playa-based favorites. Come by for a breakfast beer bong, and above all, don’t look at our fence!

URL: http://www.cherrygalaxy.com/reedruum/

Fast Furnishings

Find your Ultimate Sock Mate! Pay Tribute to your last chance to wear white shoes!

URL: http://www.fastfurniture.com/themecampHometown: Berkeley, CA

Fig Leaf Playhouse

Hey all you burners who need a fig leaf to cover yourself, or if you just want to look really good come and play dress up with our cool playa duds.

Did you ever wake up after eating an apple or listening to a serpent and realize you were naked? Well you need a fig leaf to cover yourself. Or maybe you don’t feel the shame of God watching and just want to look really cool. Whatever. Just come on over to our house and play dress up with our outrageous selection of playa duds. We will have something for you. If you want you could even be in our fashion show or have your picture taken.

Hometown: Napa, CA

Fire Conclave Convergence

One & only place for all Fire Conclave members, Helmsmen and Drummers to sign in. Members will have access to fire tool repair, information for reherasal and Burn Night. Other event information will also be posted.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Fire Muse Circus

Fire Muse Circus is a 24 hour preformance camp including fire, stilt, theater and circus preformers. Found art sculpture and art that is created at the camp and will be added into the sets and scenery. An original 2 act tragic play will be preformed on Thursday. Other preformers are welcome to use the stage as time is available.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Flattery Camp

Well Peeps – you asked for it, you dreamed of it, you screamed for more, you even cried when you thought it would not happen again, even the Rangers want it as badly as sex.

What you say – Why it’s the RETURN OF FLATTERY CAMP FOR 2004.

All you peeps look for us in the usual area as in the last four years. Come on by and say HI! and join the flattery as many have in the past. Enjoy the shade with fellow burners and let it out – flattery that is!

Flattery Camp – (the ultimate Offical-Unoffical/Burner Camp at the Burning Man!) Keep the Faith (Burner faith)

URL: http://flight2mars.comHometown: Seattle, WA


FluffyNation is a not-for-profit corporation that allows participants the opportunity to give gifts.

FluffyNation is committed to building the infrastructure to support and sustain the inherent generosity of individuals. That support is facilitated through purchased products that enable the giving of gifts. FluffyNation is a self-sustaining model encouraging generosity, community, and participation. Participating in FluffyNation is an opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and imagination.

Hometown: Kneeland, CA

Free Photography Zone

Free Photography Zone provides photographs of any and all participants at Burning Man. In our studio participants are photographed and given a Polaroid as their permanent rememberence of Burning Man. Participants are also sometimes provided with additional photographs in the year following each Burning Man.

URL: http://www.johnbrennanphoto.comHometown: Santa Clara, CA

Freekutopia's Science and Mystery

Freekutopia presents “Weird Science and Mystery”

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Funkee Monkey Camp

Funkee Monkey Camp returns with a vengeance to celebrate the official Chinese year of the Monkey! We’ll be spinning funky beats to delight your feet, and serving up banana pancakes & coffee at 42.0 minutes past sunrise for all to enjoy after a night of monkeying around on the playa. Drop by for some daytime fun and funk that would make even Curious George jealous–come on down and git’ down!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Furtopia is a (fake)fur-filled haven for animals of all stripes. Please visit the Petting Zoo, our luxurious dome where you simply must compete in the Furlympics, have your fabulousness immortalized in the Fuzzy Fotomat, or get accessorized by making your very own furry pasties.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Fusion Valley

Fusion Valley, home of PlayaNet will be offering an internet cafe this year, stop by enjoy some shade, and visit other geeks. We’ll have couches, mist, games, and other fun activites. Stop by and say howdy to some long time burners.

Hometown: Gerlach, NV