2004 Theme Camps

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Genital Portrait Studio

Capture your own personal “Vault of Heaven” on film in what has become a Burning Man tradition of the Genital Portrait Studio. Chochas, hoo-haas, dicks, pricks, cocks and balls, cunts, pussies, pee-pees, twigs n’ berries, schwanzes, schlongs, dongs, axe wounds, vertical tacos, johnsons, willies, peters, (oh, and boobs, tits, teats, melons, knockers, honkers, hooters); you got ’em, we’ll shoot ’em and provide you with the essential Burning Man Genital ID card which must be displayed at all times on the playa for identity verification by our omnipresent undercover staff, who WILL ENFORCE our utterly random PENIL CODE (sic) should you be caught without one.

URL: http://www.genitalportraitstudio.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

get lost

we’re all here because we’re not all there… -find lost inner space with us this year-

Hometown: Kingsbury, TX


Gigsville is the whirligig village at Burning Man, established in 1998. Designed and built by its residents, we have had theme camps, events, and have tried to create a small freaky town atmosphere to the large city that is Black Rock City.

Gigsville is an experimental village re-designed and built by its residents every year. Because a village is a smaller grouping of people, it offers the ability to get to know your neighbors, to participate in things with them, and to plan and build larger camps, events and artwork than could be done by just a few people. This year, the ‘Hood’s & Burb’s of Heaven’ (both sides of the tracks) will be burning; that is, unless the Neighborhood Watch Commanders can put an end to the urban blight. 😉

URL: http://www.Gigsville.orgHometown: Arcadia, CA

Gonzo's Inner Sanctum

Once upon a time… in a galaxy far, far, and even farther away than that… an egg was laid… and lost… until NOW. Kick back, relax, find your inner Gonzo at GONZO’S INNER SANCTUM.

Hometown: Denver, CO


Step right up, Fellow Primates, and experience circus-inflected intergalactic intercourse like only GOOFERVILLE can conjure up.

Luxuriate in the inflated, boozed elegance of our tethered spacestation lounge and enjoy the same revitalizing stardrinks our GOOFERNAUTS rely on during their interplanetary adventures. Popstars, rockstars, wankstars – we serve’m all and NASA won’t!

Then let the anti-gravity float you out to our GOOFERDROME performance space for a truly sensory-friendly dip into the kindliest nirvana this side of Paradise itself. Explore the Nine Circles of Gooferdom in the undulatings, whirlings, gyratings, contortions, and other meteoric kinetics of humanoid celestial bodies. Contribute to the GOOFERVIBE sprayed green into the night sky with our 12-foot satellite dish. Plop into our Stim Sitty captain’s chair and treat all of your senses to some chaos theory while diabolically controlling the lighting of our two Go-Go Pods. Feel your brain pulsating to the astronomical sonics of anti-matter and your booty defining it’s own orbits as the GOOFERDROME presents nightly appearances by GOOFERMAN http://www.gooferman.com, other live musicians and DJs, and karaoke in one of the Playa’s only house-less electronica/electroacoustic environs — all on the mightily illuminated GOOFERDROME mainstage.

And whatever you do, don’t miss GOOFERVILLE’s One-Ring (Around Youranus) Circus Thursday night, starring GOOFERMAN, Nir the Puppetir, firedancers, go-go dancers, burlesque dancers, bellydancers, acrobats, circus peeps, sideshow freaks, and all sorts of other space-age whatnot.

URL: http://www.gooferville.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


Gravitypoint: When two or more souls come together it creates a point of gravity. At the bonds of those two souls, how ever deep there is a point, a Gravitypoint. Souls have weight, all of us have weight, combined weight of your souls creates the gravity of your family. It reaches out to others of like mind, body and spirit. Welcome to the family.

Please join the Gravitypoint family on Thursday September 2nd @ 3:00pm – Galactic Guardians of the heavenly Vagina auctions. We will be auctioning off the men of camp gravitypoint to the highest female bidder. Men will be auctioned of for 2 hours.

Friday September 3rd @ 4:00pm – Goddess tea party for women only, facilitated by the women of camp gravitypoint. Workshop on women’s empowerment.

September 2,3 and 4 from 2-4 “psyche-et-trick advice” Come to Camp Gravitypoint with all your burningman and worldly worries. Two of the Gravitypoint family will give free advice in side the heavenly vagina.

Galactic Guardian Spaceball Game – wednesday sept. 1st @ 4:30pm. Volley ball game with the galactic guardians. Win a cool prize for you and your team.

URL: http://GRAVITYPOINT.tribe.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

Green Gorilla Lounge

Green Gorilla Lounge Burning Man Camp: Let’s get our psychaedelic space funk groove on, baby!!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


This year we are thicker, fuller, and bursting with possibilities. Pearl necklaces upon demand and as always, FREE FACIALS. Stop by, donate some DNA, and prepare for blastoff!!!

Hometown: Auburn, WA

Greeters Camp

Sweetthang here and we at Greeters have a few reserved spots left for your Theme Camp to Greet this year. We are happy to train you On Playa and in the convenience of your own camp. Our schedule is easy to access as is our new and improved training manual at greeters.burningman.com. Dragon is our Theme Camp organizer and his link is also on our web page. We will leave the spots reserved for a few more weeks, then open them up for individuals if they are not filled. If you ever thought that Greeting might be a cool place to participate, then you should try it out! We have a blast its getting better every year!

I would also like to let you know that this year at the Greeter Station the 4 outside lanes will be wider to accommodate large vehicles. AND please remember to tell your Greeter that you are with a registered theme camp. We check our list to confirm your camp has been placed, and if it has not we will get your placer on the radio. If you arrive at night, after the placers have finally gone off radio, we will keep your name and vehicle description then radio your placer in the morning. You are welcome to park at Greeters Station and get some sleep, or if you go into the city to your approximate spot, do not unload your things and your placer will find you in the morning.

see ya on the playa,
Greeter Project Manager

URL: http://greeters.burningman.comHometown: El Segundo, CA

Grey Matter GYM

The Grey Matter GYM invites you to exercise your mind.

URL: http://www.BurningMbers.comHometown: Boise, ID

Guns and Dope

The official embassy of the Guns and Dope Party at Burning Man. Visit us to learn how the gun nuts and the dopers can unite into one voting block in order to secure freedom, fight the Tsar, and elect the magnificent ostriches to our highest governmental position!

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Gypsy Nomads

Square pegs in round holes — get ready for what life unfolds — The Gypsy Nomads have been providing a safe haven for individual female participants since 1999. If you come alone you won’t be alone. Pop your tent within our safe perimeter and enjoy salsa at six, tequila at ten, and dawning dancing with sunrise yoga.

URL: http://www.std.org/hotd/Hometown: Forest Grove, OR