2004 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Heaven's Gate Celestial Lounge Hotel

Bernard Mannings Celestial Lounge will be providing fine coctails, delicately painted ladies, sophisticated gentlemen, disco treats and fried egg sandwiches. All expertly served and helped by Jake the Snake, King Rollo the Magic Goblin, Mysterious Amore, Marlowe von Pukemeister and Rt. Hon Ron. Careeeokkeee and velvet lounge crooning will feature on request and as and when the sun seems fit to let us.

Hometown: London, UK

Heaven's Ghetto

Visit the hood where Angels hang with the peeps. Come add to the graffiti, play a round of miniature golf or hang with the cool cherubs in the tripodome, our dome for tripping.

URL: http://www.heebeegeebeehealers.orgHometown: Costa Mesa, CA

Heavenly Feet

Heavenly Feet offers The Original Vinegar Foot Wash to soothe those hot and dry Playa feet. Our Heavenly Oracles will be on hand to answer your most important questions.

URL: http://hometown.aol.com/heavenlyfeet/index.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Heavenly Swing

Enter our Heavenly Swing Dome and enjoy a relaxing ride. Submit to the chair and you will be rewarded with instant gratification. Ride the swing and enjoy the music from Dr. Tune and others.

Hometown: Woodland, CA

Hello Camp

Located within the conGLOMerate village, Hello Camp is a great way to get yourself a new playa name for the day (or forever). Our ingenious wordsmiths have crafted over 400 names like; Anita Spankin, Heywood Yadoomi, Mandy Stroyer, and so on! Drop on by any time and be renamed. But we have to warn ya… you don’t get to pick the names!

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO


Hippocampus is a memory-making machine in Your Brain, and on the Playa. It is also the home of the Spiritual Accounting Office. Our records indicate that you are due a Refund!

Hometown: NYC, NY

Hokey Pokey Planet

Dance the Hokey Pokey everyday at 12 noon and shake your moon. Friends Of Bill W. meeting everyday at 5PM or just hang out.

Hometown: Calexico, CA

Holy Gong Show!

Are you a contortionist… a fire dancer… can you make milk shoot out of you eyeballs while drumming Purple Haze on your belly… just wana back your vocal stylings with the largest karaoke selection on the playa? Come show us your otherworldly talents, and see if you can endure our Celebratory Panel of Judges in the ONE, the ONLY… Holy Gong Show!

URL: http://www.digitalrites.com/bm/index.htmlHometown: San Francisco, CA

Honi Soit Croquet Club

Since the dawn of time man has pondered the existence of croquet in Heaven. The Honi Soit Croquet Club provides a little slice of alcohol-soaked Heaven on Earth with quality 24-7 croquet. Please come by and enjoy croquet, billiards, lounge fun, and general debauchery. Drink too much in the tequila-pugging contest at our all night cactus bar, come and bang your balls against admiral soit to win a prize, or just pass out in the shade.

“A drug person can learn to handle such things as seeing their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth. But no one should be asked to deal with this trip.”

URL: http://www.HoniSoitCroquet.comHometown: Grass Valley, CA


Hot Wheelz wheelchair Camp is intended to provide camping space with easy access for Burners in wheelchairs to Black Rock City’s Center Camp support and entertainment services.

A limited number of specially equipped handicapped golf Carts with hand controls will be provided for use by qualifying disabled Burners.

URL: http://groups.msn.com/HotWheelzCamp/_whatsnew

House of Lotus

The fun-lovin flower children of the House of Lotus are back, offering da beats to move yo’ feets and da bass to move yo asse. Just follow the light poles on over to the giant yellow temple of funky house and breaks at 10:00 and Esplanade and kick up yo’ heels with us.

URL: http://www.houseoflotus.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

House of Zenith

Join the Beat freaks at the house of Zenith for wacky and outrageous performances. The best in underground house techno and breakbeats. Watch out for our amazing sound system and special guest djs.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Houston Art Car Camp

Art car camp for art cars from houston and others.

Hometown: Houston, TX

How High the Moon!

Somewhere there’s music
how faint the tune
somewhere there’s heaven
how high the moon

Hometown: La Jolla, CA


The Village of Hushville is an aural oasis in an undulating sea of chaos, and is open to any camper who can abide by three simple rules: 1) no generators; 2) no amplified sound; 3) clean up after yourself. All residents must be pre-registered through the web site!

URL: http://playachicken.com/hushvilleHometown: Seattle, WA