2004 Theme Camps

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I'm Ok, You're Ok Corral!

The Ok Corral is one of the hottest destination on the playa. We not only rock the house at our camp with day parties but also throughout the playa on Bar Car. So saddle up and get ready for another memorable burn.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Infinite Oasis

The Infinie Oasis will be your esacpe from the maddness of the open playa. Come visit the spiritual center of Heaven, our medicine wheel with the Tunnel of Transformation at it’s core and surounded by the fire sculpture the Nausts. Our camps will soothe and inspire you. See you on the edge of the universe.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO


The Immigrations, Naturalizations, and Socializations Services (INSS) is a branch of the Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO) that helps connect potential short-term volunteers with theme camps, art installations, and other community services. If you are looking for help or want to help, come to the INSS at the event and find out more!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Interplanetary Dance Commandos

The Interplanetary Dance Commandos need YOU! Join us on our galactic quest to bring life to distant quarters of space time, as we head out in search of lost parties. Well be throwing open the cargo doors of our Space Lounge in the Avalon Space Station to new recruits, fuelling you with exotic drinks before dividing into musical platoons for drill practice and heading out of the barracks into the night.

By day well be out looking for you, or you can dock at Avalon and sample the goodness of the Universes best candy, the fruit of millennia of refinement. Beware the press gangs.

URL: http://www.dancecommandos.orgHometown: London, UK

Interstellar Interchange

In “The Magnetic Pull of Asterisms” Bolide et al. propose that the orbits and and other various pathways of charged particles, as determined by the pull of a globular star cluster’s magnetosphere, could be reorganized into a high order structure via a network of turnpikes and on- and off-ramps. The question of how one might construct such an interchange in the void of interstellar space was left undetermined. As a result of our extensive collaboration with Caltrans and the Department of Motor Vehicles, we release new findings regarding real methods of construction for such interchanges. The “parking cone”, a seventy-two-centimeter high conical entity composed of neon-orange polyvinyl chloride, presents science with unprecedented attributes. These “parking cones” are capable of generating non-physical fields, or rather non-physical extensions of their physical form. It is these phantom extensions — these non-physical fields — which we propose can establish the necessary limitations for erecting an INTERSTELLAR INTERCHANGE, thus providing science a new method of regulating the paths of interstellar bodies.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Irrational Geographic Society

The 2004 Irrational Geographic Society expedition to the Black Rock Desert will explore the effects of close contact with heavenly objects human beings, aliens, and other animate beings found in and around the location referred to as “Burning Man”.

URL: http://www.chillonia.org/igs/Hometown: El Cerrito, CA