2004 Theme Camps

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N-gon's Cosmik Debris Wreck Center

Cosmik Debris Wrecreation Center where the flotsam and jetsam of the universe come to play. Use our facilities to keep your athletic skills sharp. Launch yourself on the tramp, volley the globe, train for that next long space walk.

Hometown: Martinez, CA

Nat'l Alien Support Authority-NASA

An alien mothership and 9 robot rovers have landed on the playa seeking contact with BM residents. People interacting with the rovers can exchange 5 of the rovers’ names for a surprise gift at the National Alien Support Authority -NASA-theme camp.

As technologically advanced as they are, the rovers may be unable to return to their mothership; so if any rover is found to be in distress, please administer the usual BM protocol and point them to the mothership, or, if more obvious measures are needed, bring them to NASA.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Nebula: Intergalactic Commission for the Advancement of Leisure

Nebula: Intergalactic Commission for the Advancement of Leisure. We nebulacurly bring the science of requiescense and the art of repose, sporadically providing chance demonstrations of recreation action (and inaction).

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

New Day's Eve

Why is it that most people only celebrate each New Year. Shouldnt each new day be cause for celebration? Every day is a chance for a new beginnings and new opportunities. What is your resolution for tomorrow?

Visit us throughout the day and post your resolutions for all to see. Grab a noisemaker, hat and a glass of champagne and join us at Playa Times Square at 11:30 each night and help us usher in a bright new day. Tomorrow may just be the greatest day of your life.

Happy New Day!

Hometown: New York, NY

Nexus Nebula

As our name implies, Nexus Nebula consists of many cosmically charged elements conjoined by the bond of Nexus with great beauty and even greater potential for stellar novas and powerful reactions. We are from many places and will combine to generate a playful, energized, affectionate and creative camp environment complete with opportunities for participation. Orbital Mayhem (a planetary installation)could leave you dizzy with revolutionary rotational virtigo, beyond which we’ll explore the spatial dynamics of evolutionary live sound from talented artists, you or both!

URL: http://nexusnebula.iwarp.comHometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Nose Fish

Camp Nose Fish hosts and operates the Desert Nose, a gesodesic replica of Buckminster Fuller’s nose that contains the Great Un-Hot: a wind/spray cooler capable of inducing a coolgasm in some people and levitating others. We also operate the Fishmobile which contains an interactive experience in personal transformation guided by many blacklight-lit sea creatures.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Nuclear Family

Black Rock’s favorite dysfunctional, slightly radiated family is back. This year we are bringing an interactive art installation called GIFT to our corner of the playa. It is a huge sculpture devoted to the Gift economy that challenges participants on the very nature of giving and receiving. This sacred space is the Nuclear Family’s Gift to the people of BRC.

Once you have experienced GIFT, sit down a spell at PORCH CAMP! and tell us about it. The ultimate spiritual redneck porch experience is here for you again…placed right on the corner of our infamous Semi-Pro Slacker Sector. Remember that at any moment it can miraculously transform into PORCH BAR! with knarly cocktails mixed with a cordless drill.

Also in the compound you will find Electric Mayhem, Fur Galaxy (at the Nucleus), The Evil Empire of Can-Do, The Limery (complete with Fire Spinners), and the sensational drumming of the DEA (Drum Enforcement Agency) This is a family reunion you actually WANT to attend.

URL: http://www.lulievision.com/nucfamHometown: Los Angeles, CA