2004 Theme Camps

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Sacred Heart Oasis

Sacred Heart Oasis aka Rumis Playhouse I was Raw, now I am Cooked and Burnt. Come Whirl and Experience The Vaults of Heaven. Visit the Soft Lips Lounge and be a Dervich Drunk on the Cosmic Waves of Love. Pay Homage to Bills Little Pagoda of Funk. Brought to you by the Peeps that say: Good Morning. Located at your gateway to the Alternative Energy Zone.

Hometown: Taylor, MI

Safer Sex Camp

Source of Safer Sex Kits – all your Playa Safer Sex needs. Distributors needed – all orientations most welcome – drop by early am or e-mail: WalkingOak@hotmail.com. Kits are free, not for sale, not for barter.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Sakenoma, bringing new meaning to the oldest adult beverage on Earth. Serving cold sake during the hottest part of the day. Please come visit our sake-bar and enjoy this ancient beverage with us. While at Sakenoma, please take time to have your eyewear cleaned. In addition to our famous cold sake, we are also an authorized eyeglass washing station. Sakenoma: Leave refreshed and see the world more clearly.

Hometown: Sonoma, CA

salon du butt crack

SALON DU BUTT CRACK, located in The Conglomerate, is an interactive fine art theme camp and gallery which produces high quality “MOON” Prints from paintings which explore mutually creative themes through the medium of the human derriere. We are generally available for prints from noon till dusk and have painted over 400 Burning Butts so far. Bring your senses of humor, your friends, your butt, of course, and take home an original, unique print after the event.

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Salon Soleil

Salon Soleil aims to catch curious wanderers, dreamers, philosophers, prophets, activists and artists in our gravitational field. Orbit the fiery central core of the Infinite Oasis village with us and engage in Salon-style explorations of how community, creativity, and sensuality can influence our lives within and beyond Black Rock City. Contribute to evolutionary art projects, participate in musical and dramatic performances, and register to vote.

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Sanctuary Village

Sanctuary is a village of long-time burners who offer spiritual exploration and physical celebration in a hospitable and inviting enviroment. Visit us for daily yoga, meditation, full body adornment, clothing gifts, discussions on shamanism & journeys of the mind, tea service, nightly audio/visual presentations – and enjoy our sacred refuge from the outside environment. This year in addition to our usual offerings we are pleased to present two full-featured lounges, an art gallery, a bridge walkway village entrance, and some elaborate playa-centric visuals and comfort!

URL: http://www.sanctuaryvillage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Sanity Cruz

Santa Cruz, California is our home base. We are a community of peaceful, fun-loving and environmentally friendly souls. Our Burning Man theme camp is based on tranquility, harmony, love and sanctuary. In times of chaos and turmoil in the world, in our lives and sometimes in our own minds, what we need most is a peaceful place to relax. Its time to slow down, be in harmony with ourselves and with others and to be nurtured and supported by our friends and lovers. We envision that the Sanity Cruz theme camp will offer a chill space where fellow burners can participate in a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

We will have soft carpets and pillows to lie on, cool herbal teas to refresh the palate and a relaxing vibe to allow you to move a little slower internally and externally. We will provide massage tables, relaxing music in several large shade structures where our guests and the denizens of our theme camp may indulge themselves in their own portal to Heaven.

URL: http://www.kyerphotography.comHometown: Santa Cruz, CA


In addition to providing staff for Radio Electra, SCARAB (Society for Creative Arts & Radio at Burning Man) prides itself on its unique art pieces and artcars, interactive events, and dedication to the Principles of Deep Fun. Now in its 3rd year as a spin-off of the Solo Collective, this years camp theme is Alien Menagerie (tying in with the alien worlds in the Vault of Heaven). Our WaltSnipe hosts a world music community dance each year on Tuesday night… come join us this year from 8-10:45pm Tues. for “Carnaval: Night in Brazil Dance” (simulcast on Radio Electra).

Hometown: Austin, TX

Seamsters of the InfiniteMicrocosm

The Seamsters Camp exists for those in need of sewing skills and services. We will provide sewing stations for mending and creating costumes and playa-wear. Damaged garments will be repaired. Boring garments will be improved. Unskilled seamsters and seamstresses will walk away with mastery of the art.

Our camp will also be a homebase for The Holographic Mirror art installation, providing guidance to its location and a place to acquire a pair of Cosmic Spectacles of Infinity. The Spectacles are needed to truly experience The Holographic Mirror but will also provide a different perspective of other playa art and our colorful city.

URL: http://www.retroflow.com/seamstersHometown: Berkeley, CA


Sensoria – a 20 x 48 sensory depravation tank featuring our continually-changing real-time interactive video feedback screen, most closely resembles “melting crayon people getting aural photography”. 2-sided murals painted by Cornelious Starrconn. Ambient sounds by d6. Munzbot will greet you at the gates… Other surprises supplied by Shortfuse and you!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Seventh Seat

The Seventh Seat is intended as a venue for camp members and BRC residents to share with each other advice, third-party decision making, and absolute truths as small as the universe is big. With so many empty chairs around, we will also be providing, well, seats – a place to rest in the day and interact meaningfully with other citizens.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Shadow of Heaven

Shadow of Heaven is the home base of Shadow of the Plaza, Reflection and the metal bugs and L2K. Come to our camp at night and do not be afraid to walk into the light. Listen to the metal chimes.

URL: http://www.archnevada.com/shadowlandHometown: VC Highlands, NV

Shangri-la Village

Shangri-La is a Burning Man Village started in 2003 out of San Diego. “Shangri-La” has long been used as a name for heaven on earth. In Tibetan, Shangri-la means land of sacredness and peace. Shangri-la attempts to create that paradise here. Our true “Village” is the collection of people who have come together in this fine web of relationships throughout the year, bound by the commonality of attending Burning Man, and the love we share for each other.

Shangir-La will consist of at least 7 theme camps and interactive projects:
Rio’s Rodeo
Seisen’s Zendo
Sexophonic Fire Tribe
Free Beer Tomorrow
Massage Confessional & Diyafa
Medicine Wagon Depot
Boomshankar’s Retreat

URL: http://www.shangrilavillage.orgHometown: Escondido, CA


Stop by our dome before and after interacting with our outer-playa art installation to learn about constellations and their movement across the Vault of Heaven, and to share your experiences with other stargazing participants.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Sloth Camp

We slothed like kings last year. We enjoyed many quality days – and nights – under the shade in Slothdom. Are you a sinner? Come share your sins and be absolved so you can enter the Vault of Heaven (we hear that the screening process is pretty tight these days).

URL: urlHometown: Calabasas, CA

Smite Camp (with Scurvy Monkey)

In 2004, Smite Camp returns for its mumbleth year to once-again deliver playa justice on a stick. And croquet.

What is Smite Camp, you ask? Smite Camp is The Place where one brings that special someone who has pissed you off, somehow, over the course of the week. Sit down and the Smite Camp Tiki Bar, listen to the stories, and dispense some Justice to those who desperately deserve it.

Smite Camp is part of Wheee!ville village

URL: http://www.smitecamp.comHometown: Half Moon Bay, CA


The hands on place to learn creative and fun techniques for kissing!

Hometown: Matawn, NJ

Snowflake Village

Snowflake Village is a haven for long-distance travelers from the Midwest, Canada, East Coast and beyond. We bring the unique art and perspectives of our region as our gift to BRC.

URL: http://www.clevian.com/snowflake2004Hometown: Milwaukee, WI


Do you desire for a safe place to explore sensual, non-sexual play and rediscover your inner playful child? Portland Friend’s and Lovers, LoveTribe and Explorer’s Club, present Snuggletown! – a safe, comfortable place to roam free in a healthy, affectionate touch-positive environment.

As our expression of this year’s theme, we intend to act as a fulcrum point between our inner needs/desire for non sexual intimate touch, as all humans need to be touched, and our outer ‘socially acceptable’ adult behavior. Our own personal universes will be explored as a microcosm of the larger universe.

Join us as we host a variety of events and workshops, covering a range of sexuality & sensuality issues, as well as a personal meditations dome, “feed your lover” dinner, classes for all including movement, boundary acknowledgement and expression, intimacy building workshops and tantric puja.

URL: http://www.snuggletown.orgHometown: Portland, OR

Space Monkey Tickle Temple

Drop in for sacred healings by Monkeys from beyond reality as you know it. The healing power of the Space Monkeys cures all ills. Come and experience the cosmic power of a sacred space tickling. Special sacred healing requests encouraged.

Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA

Space Oasis

Camp Space Oasis will be for all globally displaced Burners and the landing pad for our Space Oasis Art Car… come by and socialize, lounge, camp, enjoy mystic beverages… most anything is possible at Space Oasis!!! Various shaded structures will be available for any weary burners.

URL: http://www.spacevirgin.orgHometown: Fremont, CA


Back again and still confusing the masses, Spaceaho! Come over and get to know us. We’ll do something fun, we promise. The friendliest little camp on the playa, or so we think… Home of Kisses, art cars, fire art, fire spinning, the Nurse, Naked, and so much more. Feel the love!

URL: http://www.spacecowboys.orgHometown: Boise, ID

Spam Can Windchime Camp

Bring over your empty Spam Cans Friday afternoon between 2 and 4, or Saturday afternoon between 1 and 3,and Our Expert Windchime maker will help you string ’em up into a beautiful windchime that will express your love of Spam and other potted meat products. We also do empty beer cans (we’ll try reviving the lost art of beer can hats made popular during the 70’s) soup cans, etc. Please make sure they’re cleaned out first though, thank you. Or just drop by and exchange your favorite Spam recipes with other Spam devotees.

Hometown: Los Banos, CA

Spazio di Cielo

Come enjoy our heavenly space, while remembering what it was like to play innocently across the universe. Have a drink, have a popsicle, play on our adult-sized playground, listen to fireside stories and songs sung by our balladeers. You could even spin a yarn or two yourself, if you like. Open the vault of your soul and discover heaven inside.

URL: http://www.spikesvampirebar.comHometown: Austin, TX


Don’t just see the art, be the art! Come to Sporosite, where our team of post neo expressionist bodypainters will transform you into a walking playa installation.

Hometown: New York, NY

STARDANCE CITY in the conGLOMorate

STARDANCE CITY in the ConGLOMorate – Home of the STARDANCERS.
Here again for your pleasure, the STARDANCERS, opening the Vaults of Heaven, into the Galaxy of Glom!!!
Our 20′ tall animated (male and female) dancers will invite all heavenly bodies into the gates of the conGLOMorate Village, and will be the welcomed landmarks, the dancing figures in the distance, to help you find your drunk, sorry asses home again, in the middle of the night.

URL: http://www.burnerplayground.comHometown: Folsom, CA


Take the Starlight Express to your heart and mind, body and soul. The only fare to pay is complete immersion into the depth and beauty of our radiance. Our luminosity increases with each nanosecond.

Ions turning into atoms turning into helium turning into lithium turning into gorgeous interplanetary importance – all in the excuse of having a funky good time!

Don’t shrug off what is predestined!

Hometown: Concord, CA

Starlite Drive-in Movie Theater

Cinema Alfresco! Watch outerspace themed movies professionally projected on a giant drive-in screen from the comfort of your own art cart or relaxing inside the ultimate film chill zone. A dusk-to-dawn program of Double-Theme Double-Features, Midnight Mayhem Movies, Short Attention Span Short Subjects, Cosmic Cartoons, Desert Darkness Documentaries, and Celestial Special-Event Screenings awaits you in our 2004 series we call ‘From the Vault of Heaven.’ Drop your bike, park your butt, and grab a bag of planetary playacorn at the Halley’s Comet Cantina. Between sunrise and sunset, you can still watch a movie at our unique Daylight Drive-in installation and explore the multiple satellite sites inside our SoLA System campsite. The Starlite Drive-in is located at 10:00 and Pluto, the final address of Black Rock City so when you find us, you can leave Burning Man satisfied you’ve seen it all.

URL: http://home.comcast.net/~drive-in/index.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

StarLust Lounge

AND IT IS SAID…ON THE 10TH YEAR, on the 3rd rock from the sun, on the GREAT PLAYA ( just down the road from Bev’s Miner’s Club), in Center Camp, an ALIEN Spaceship crashed and thus begat… the STARLUST LOUNGE, A PORTAL, THE TEMPLE, A KEEPER of the PEARLY GATES of HEAVEN ON EARTH and the GARDEN of EARTHLY DELIGHTS.

AND SO BE IT, that the ROCKET RANGERS shall allow entrance onto BLACK ROCK CITIZENS, thru the forthwith usage of Oratorios, Cantatas, Pleadings, Testimonials, Myth and Fable Tellings, Barterings, Poetry, Bearing Gifts, Nubile Sacrifices, Fertility Rites of Passage, Magic Acts, Bribery, or thru the spinning of the WHEEL OF DESTINY!!!



URL: http://starlustlounge.comHometown: San Anselmo, CA


Toys for all ages. Ride the Giant Teeter Totter, climb the Castle and Slide back down, jump on the Trampoline with Safety-Net, play 3D Naked Twister, dance on the Disco Dancefloor to live music in the Dome (musicians invited).

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


On your next trip to beautiful Black Rock City, be sure to stop by the StranjBrew Hoop~Dee~Doo and Center for Enlightenment! The one-stop playa shop for all your hoop~dee~doing pleasures and enlightenment accoutrements, the Hoop~Dee~Doo is open 24/7, with Playa Enlightenment Sessions beginning at sunset nightly. Thanks for shopping StranjBrew!

URL: http://www.stranjbrewhoopdeedoo2004.homestead.comHometown: Memphis, TN


Boston based group of conversationalists. Sit, think, talk, play games, drink Gatorade and relax.

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Sun Valley

The Sun god Ra shines bright upon Sunvalley again this year, with our annual Blinky Rose giveaways, Swing Dance Thursdays and our Sunvalley Celestial Observatory. Its as if the gods command us to burn. Command I say!

URL: http://lennyjones.net/sunvalley2004.htmlHometown: Burbank, CA

Sunset Samba Circus

Sunset Samba Circus provides a space to experience live drumming that activates your root chakra and makes you dance without thought. Music in its raw most invigorating form like fresh squeezed juice every time. Our funky percussive beats and super sassy dancers will fill you with creative inspiration to go rock the playa.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Super Lucky Camp

With Members from NYC and SF, Super Lucky camp forms the ritual dance spirit of Asylum. A number of gatherings will be held during the week.

Hometown: Astoria, NY

Surrealist Salon/Saloon

The Surrealist Salon/Saloon is the best of Salon culture and Saloon Sleazery. Come, enjoy an open atmosphere with visual, text and performance artists who love absurdist word games, buffoonery, and a good sasperilla.

URL: http://www.swingerslounge.cjb.netHometown: Portland, OR