2004 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.

Tabula Rasa

Camp Tabula Rasa will be presenting Playaterium, a 24-hour chill space devoted to the Vault of Heaven; a full moon blessing rite; Bad Hatter Tea Parties; daily jewelry making and more. Come participate with us under the stars, receive a gift, write a worry away to be burnt with the Man and leave a smile as you head for the door.

URL: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tabularasabman/My%20Webs/camp_tabula_rasa.htmHometown: Palmdale, CA

Take A Flying Leap Camp

Take a Flying Leap Camp is a technicolor playground of interactive structures and fluorescent art, including a 75-foot tower with observation platform and laser beam, a 40-foot-long mousetrap device, a two-story geodesic dome with spiral staircase, a blacklight tiger-fish swing, a blacklight Medusa-head trolley, an LED-lit surf-themed train, a solar-powered couchmobile, an electric go-kart, neon statues and spin art, and a blacklight-LED tower. This L.A.-based group of artists, musicians, photographers, engineers and masseurs are dedicated to creating a dynamic visual and aural environment, and its core members have collaborated on Burning Man art projects for the past four years.

Hometown: Burbank, CA


TaoSpace is a residential neighborhood of Hushville surrounding our camp from Taos, New Mexico. It is open to anyone in Black Rock City to camp in with the four requirements of no sound systems, no generators, leave no trace and all vehicles need to be covered or disguised. This is to provide not only the aural oasis of Hushville’s environment, but a visual oasis to the “camping in a parking lot ” syndrome that much of BRC suffers from. To camp in TaoSpace, you MUST apply to camp in Hushville at their website registration. This does not guarantee space, as that is on a first come basis.

Hometown: Taos, NM


Tazii is a camp within the Village Sanctuary. Tazii theme campe is a Moroccan tent structure that provides a stunning background for impromptu musical jam sessions during the day. At night, the tent is transformed into a romantic, candle-lit luxurious space with a “chill” atmosphere with music mixed by playa DJs.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

TechnoFartz Camp

The TechnoFartz camp, like that bad rash we’re back.
Stop by and check out the new experiments, see “Big Science gone terribly wrong” come play with us… come save energy, then waste it.

Hometown: Healdsburg, CA

Temple of Atonement

Temple of Atonement: Black Rock city’s premier BDSM camp. Take part in our sanctuary of decadence as we pursue transformation, education and personal development amidst our dark fantasies. This is an opportunity for individuals to explore the darker side of their imagination: to learn more about themselves and their fantasies without fear of negative connotations, or social repercussions… It’s an opportunity for supplicants to ask, veterans to play and the curious to learn.

For the eighth year in a row, the Temple will open its doors to the dusty playa, welcoming Black Rock Citizens.

TOA is a complete 2500 square foot sanctuary and dungeon with wall-to-wall carpet, lots of SM equipment & a chill space. It is a place where we make our (& your) dark fantasies a reality. The Temple is our home, our place to be free, and our family.

URL: http://www.templeofatonement.orgHometown: Boulder Creek, CA

Temple of Oracles of Boobfoot

Temple of the Oracles of Boobfoot and Boobfoot Boutique honors the Divine Boobfoot, an ancient relic of an alien culture that descended from the Vault of Heaven on BOOBS (Boobfoot Oracle Orbiting Bus System), plans of which were revealed to the Oracles during a Boobfoot Meditation. Black Rock City residents are invited to enter the Temple with their questions about the past or the future that will be answered by the Oracles and/or engage in a costume swap at the Boutique.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Temple of REVERIE

Costumes for “Newbe Tourists”, face paints, Greg & Anns Wedding on Thursday & recieve a visionquest at the temple of Reverie.

Have a friend or neighbor who only brought street clothes… send them our way! Mistress Ann will have her way with them and send them off in proper playa fashion. Enjoy daily random happy hours. Bring your good vibe and a friend. Stop by the Temple of REVERIE and recieve a scroll with a “quest request” (open most of the time durring the day). Follow the instructions, complete the quest and come back for playa enlightenment & a small gift. We will have our Annual THURSDAY NIGHT Happy Hours with a special twist…

Join Squeeze & Mistress Ann for their BURNING MAN WEDDING RECEPTION AT 7:30/Thursday. Music, drinks and food while it lasts. Wedding planned for 5:00 pm/Thursday at the EL CIRCO DOME (check with playa info under: El Circo or REVERIE for location & address). Colors are burnt oranges, yellows, reds and ice blue. Interactive wedding… so come and bless the wedding and participate as well!! See you there.

URL: http://www.siskiyouburners.orgHometown: Talent, OR

Temple of Stars Camp

Home to the Temple of Stars Crew, the camp will feature the Celestial Koi Pond. After sunset, fish off the Celestial Koi Pond Bridge and reel in clues to the mysteries of the Universe.

Hometown: Petaluma, CA


TempleWhores are historically recognized and defiled hellions who bliss ya out and open the doors to the vault of heaven. Templewhore camp is an outgrowth of our Seattle gang, and we will provide massage, Reiki, herbal teas, and hotsauce, all served or bartered with a Kali-smile.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

That Bloody Camp

A harbor of recovery for the morning after. Repent of your sins from last night in the deep communion with other afflicted souls that only a perfect bloody mary can inspire.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Aerodrome

Prone to Flights of Fancy? Born with Feathers? Those who walk the land with one eye to the heavens are a special lot. We know the laws of flight apply to more than a bird on the wing. Pressures, densities and bodies moving through fluids surround us. The Aerodrome has been erected to coax these laws down to earth and share the joys a low pressure downwash can bring!

URL: http://www.aerodromecamp.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Angel Fairies From Venus

Come visit The Angel Fairies From Veuns Wing Exchange! Drop off your dusty old wings for a pair of dusty new ones, and sit in the shade for a refreshing glass of la fee verte while you’re at it.

URL: http://slightlymad.sixam.net/angelfairies.htmlHometown: Baltimore, MD

The anGLOMeda Galaxy Bar

Deep within the Galaxy of GLOM lies an outpost for all thirsty voyagers of the time/space/playa continuum… The anGLOMeda Galaxy Bar …cue ominous music…

A shot of “Sandworm Spice” or a “PanGalactic GargleBlaster” or a glass of “anGLOMeda Punch” may be just what your alien body craves along your cosmic journey thru the Vault of Heaven. (or maybe you just need a beer)

The anGLOMeda bar is open daily and nightly… no reservations required… in fact, nothing is required… we are a GIFT BAR! Just remember to drink responsibly and don’t operate spacecraft after imbibing… and for God’s sake, no time warping… that just creeps us out.

And while you’re visiting the bar, see how many consellations you can find on the coolest damn bar the playa has ever seen!

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO

The Black Hole - Cosmic Oasis

Join us on your nebulae journey. As you are consumed by the relaxing, mist filled atmosphere of the Black Hole – Cosmic Oasis, you can enhance your travels with black light body painting and enjoy the sounds of the last flowing waters of Europa. Feeling “playa-worn”? Let the Black Hole renew and recycle your energies. We offer cosmic illumination on the recycle-of-self — for the life blood of humankind. Celebrate the mysteries of the universe and beyond at the Tail of the Comet Gathering, Thursday at Moonrise. Personal appearance by Jesus.

Hometown: Auburn, CA

The Black Hole Midnight Maze

This is an event to test your time and space relationships… We consider departing into another dimension through this Black Hole entrance a departure from all light.

Hometown: Concord, CA

The Bouncy Bouncy Club

We all like a good bounce and there’s not place better to do just that, than The Bouncy Bouncy Club. (AKA The BBC.)

URL: http://www.paynie.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Brane

The BRANE is based on a cutting-edge physics theory, closely tied to string theory and astrophysics (think memBRANE). We’re bringing together groups from LA, SF, BC and Arcata – all part of a larger tribal community – to be neighbors in a grand-vision Village that has many theme-related camps. Representin’ LA is Moontribe, Dream Circus Theater, The Space-Monkey Tickle Temple, The Black Hole Bar (an echo from the old Black Light District), D-Light’s amazing Temple of D-Light (that has been shown at numerous art festivals, including Coachella), Hanumanville, and the Interplanatary Disco Police. Indigo’s Awakening, Green Circus, and Team Solid are all working it from SF. Aracata folk are giving ya the Intergalactic Healing Foundation and the Temple De La Luna. BC sends Blue Ashina, who will be a meditation space and altar structure. Last minute addition of Monkey vs. Robot…

Hometown: Arcata, CA

The Burning Band

Dressed in our spiffy uniforms, we march through BRC most afternoons playing classic feel good sing-alongs such as “Yes, We Have No Bananas” and “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.” No sheet music, just improv. We add a touch of class to the ConGLOMerate’s Weird Underwear Parade, the Little Black Dress Parade, and the Marching Martians Parade. We gladly play for your weddings, parties, funerals, and just for the heck of it. We’re currently about 40-strong and are constantly seeking more volunteers of all talent levels.
Were you an awful trumpet player in high school? We need you! Play ukelele or digeridoo? C’mon along. Many of us are camped in the ConGLOMerate, but we draw our musicians from all over the playa.

URL: http://s95033306.onlinehome.us/11801/index.htmlHometown: Palo Alto, CA

The conGLOMerate Village

The Glom is back for it’s biggest, most baddddaaaasssss year yet! The centerpiece of our village this year is The anGLOMeda Galaxy Bar, which, I s**t you not, is the coolest looking bar the playa has ever seen! You will be mesmerized by the twinkling stars, supernovas, nebulea, etc. You will feel as if you are viewing a night sky from an alien world…

Also new this year (and you can view many of the Glom camps and events under thier own listings) will be the “orgASSmatron”, the “Red Light Quadrant”, “Space TV”, the “Space Race”, “Marchin’ Martians”, “Space Race Trivia” and “The Glom Power Hour” Variety Show.

And back by popular demand… The Burning Band, gASSo, (home of the “Spank-O-Matic” and new toys this year as well), “The Chairway to Heaven” (formerly the ALLAHvator), “Trolltown”, “Salon du Butt Crack”, The “StarDancers” (formerly the Dancing Minions), “R2Tattoo” (henna and body painting), the “Maps of the Stars Tour Bus”, “Hello Camp”, “The LBD”, the “Weird Underwear Brigade”, “The PlayaQ”, the “PsylliSaucer”, “Omar the fish-kabish”, the “Playa Rover”, and soooooo much more.

The anGLOMeda Galaxy is your intergalactic port-of-call. The place to refuel your starship. The place to meet new and exciting life forms. Check the “What Where When” for specifics on the Glom events.

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO

The Cult of E.R.I.C.

The Cult of E.R.I.C. is the home and hub of 4 major theme camps in Black Rock City this year.

“Cult of E.R.I.C.” was born out of the amazing connections between strangers that are born at Burningman. Come hang out at the “Ballyhoo Bistro” and have a drink, make some art, dance on the “pole” or find a soft place to land in the “snuggle palace”. Either way, you will feel at home here…

“Burning Silicon” is the home of one of the busiest Burningman communities in America. Come and find your neighbors, interact with a host of ineteractive projects, and most importantly, connect with the people who make this community a great place to burn year round!

“Radio Electra” joins us this year as they transmit to BRC music from some of the most interesting and eclectic DJ’s in BRC.

“Scarab” will be host once again to their own brand of interactivity. Check out their listing in the theme camp guide!!!

URL: http://www.burningsilicon.comHometown: Sunnyvale, CA

The Embassy

The Oregon Country Fair Embassy will be headed back towards the Black Rock Desert to represent our own unique of brand of quality festing, albeit with that Burning Man twist.

URL: http://www.eugeneweb.com/~bm/Hometown: Eugene, OR

The End of the Universe

Do you know what exists at the intersection of time and space? At the very end? Is it enlightenment that you seek? Perhaps a vision? Perhaps it is there… you just have to find it. Welcome. We have been waiting.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The F-Space

Our F-SPACE is dedicated to performing, capturing and documenting (in our “audio vault”) transcendent “heavenly” altered-state inducing Sounds, Noizes and Field Recordings. F-SPACE is also dedicated to providing a safe, currated space for extreme physical performance art and experimentation. Everyone is encouraged to participate and discuss works. The current plan is to provide a networking locus including lectures and workshops on instrument building and field recording techniques, and for alternative sound artists like F-SPACE(23Five, Savage Republic, Chrome) and Zoviet France to perform across the Playa and at the F-SPACE, and to encourage other participants to interact and explore alternative sound/noize/field recording projects.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

The Fish Observatory

The Fish Observatory is an interactive installation in which one takes a journey of self discovery through a 20′ x 40′ mazelike structure. Along the way one encounters machines and environments which inturn allow the participant to see an aspect of themselves they’ve never really seen before. In the end, the Fish Observatory provides wry commentary on the observed and the observer in todays complex society.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The G-Spot

The G-Spot is a little slice of heaven on the playa. Come enjoy our playground that includes the ‘stairway to the vault’ and the ‘heavenly chamber’. Bounce on the tramps and cool yourself in the fully shaded community cocktail lounge, where our playa punch will refresh you like the nectar of the gods!

URL: http://www.findthegspot.orgHometown: Concord, CA

The God Box

Be purified and enter the lair of the Mystic Load wherein lies the mysterious GOD BOX. All supplicants my come and open the box, experiencing the secret contents in mystical revelation.

Hometown: Buellton, CA

The Golden Cafe

The Golden Cafe offers exotic cocktails, live music, shaded sidewalk seating, and giant checkers and backgammon games, hidden away in the heart of Black Rock City. If you’re looking for a casual place to escape the sun, meet new people, or showcase your artistic or musical talents, drop on by!

URL: http://www.thegoldencafe.orgHometown: Woodland Hills, CA

The Illumination Village

The Illumination Village 2004-It’s Raining Stars!
Burning Art Today For A Better Tomorrow

URL: http://www.burningart.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Intergalactic House of TeaE

The Intergalactic House of Tea is a group of celestial ambassadors serving tea imported directly from their respective galaxies.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Lost Penguin Cafe

We love. We give. We waddle. We squawk.

The Lost Penguin makes its 4th trip to Black Rock City at Vault of Heaven. Entertainment, indulgence, involvement, irreverence, wine, & chocolate. We are currently recruiting any committed, contributing, willing burners who wish to hitch their wagons to a large, established, loved, respected, well-furnished Esplanade camp. We’ll have an open performance stage, sound system, lots of shelter and furnishings, a full kitchen w/ refrigerator and stove, a shower, a massage table, a crafts department, lots of love and laughs, most of us are really good looking, our ears are always on the ground, and we continuously reach for the stars. I have about 4,000 words left to write in this blurb, but my inner-Penguin tells me that you all are getting our Antarctic drift…

We want you to be part of us, and the benefits are manifold.
Plenty of lounging area, a performance stage open to all.

URL: http://lostpenguin0.tripod.comHometown: Lakewood, CA

The Museum of Davids and Daves

PLEASE STOP READING THIS IF YOUR NAME IS NOT DAVID, DAVE, OR DAVEY. Okay good. Hello fellow David, Dave, or Davey. As you know we are one of the most popular first names throughout history and to celebrate our Daveness we have constructed the Museum of David and Dave to premire at the forthcoming Dave Camp at Burningman 2004. The museum of our name would celebrate famous Daves and Davids throughout history with a picture and brief humorous description to their contribution to overall Davidness, would be a place where all individuals named Davey, Dave or David can camp at, kind of an open overflow of Daveness and a home away from home for all Davids, Daves, and Daveys. The Museum of Davids and Daves Dave Camp will also be a nomenclatural center for all Dav*s around Black Rock City. You don’t need to camp at Dave Camp to feel at home or be a part of Dave camp. Featured displays at the Museum of Davids and Daves will include homage to the following stellar members of Daveness.

David (from David and Golliath) – biblical ass whupper
David Hasselhoff – hairy chested german pop star
David Berkowitz – the official “crazy dave”
Dave Thomas – hamburger magnate
Dave Grohl – grungey rockstar
Dave Matthews – frat boy house band
Dave Barry – funny Miamian wordsmith
David Letterman – sarcastic rich tv dickhead
Dave Gorman – writer and global wanderer in search of other people named Dave
Dave Attell – not really too shocking comedian
Dave Brubeck – that one jazz song guy
David Copperfield – statue of liberty borrower
David Bowie – musical multicolored eye laden freakshow
David Packard – garage computer maker guy
David Lynch – someone who actually knew who killed laura palmer
David Duke – KKK fuckhead and former congressional wannabe
David Sedaris – really funny impish writer guy
David Lee Roth – 1980s rocker w/ fixation on women from Calfornia
David Brown – astronaut, a Dave in space
David Beckham – soccer/football teen idol that can bend things
David Hume – philosopher of human nature
Dave Anderson – Famous Dave BBQ icon
David Hyde Pierce – snooty frasier co-star
David Zucker – 1/2 of a funny brotherly team
David Schwimmer – annoying sensitive friend
Dave Foley – canadian cross dressing funnyman and actor
David Spade – pesky sarcastic commedian
David Attenborough – makes movies about bugs and oceans and stuff
David Duchovny – former sex symbol that enjoys freaky stuff
“Dave” – the movie character about pretending to be president
Dave Navarro – jane’s additction gee-tarist
David Cross – glasses adorned poker playing comedian
David Banner – don’t piss him off (the hulk)
David Crosby – famous singer of some sort
David Byrne – a talking head in the 80s
David Keirsey – temperment test guy
Dave Winfield – baseball scandal maker
David Wells – fat moustached yankees pitcher
David (Deacon) Jones – pro footbal player, inventor of the term, “sack”
Dave DeBusschere – player/coach of the Detroit Pistons
Dave Bing – basketball hall of famer
David Justice – powerhitter that, for some crazy reason, dumped Halle Barry


We will also have an open area where future Daves and Davids can participate by posting their name/photo and describe what they will be soon famous for.

Hometown: New York, NY

The Nomad Lounge

A chill space for creative wandering souls. Come and meet new an interesting people under our giant shade structure.

URL: http://nomadlounge.tribe.netHometown: Palo Alto, CA

The Opulent Temple

A Place for Sacred Dance under the Vault of Heaven.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Oracle at Black Rock

Mankind has ever sought to know the future and understand the past. By day, the Oracle provides services of divination; answers for those with questions via the Tarot. By night, skies and weather permitting, the Oracle reveals the starry heavens via a 114mm refractive telescope and identification of the constellations. We are “low-key” astronomy enthusiasts who enjoy knowing the names of the pretty lights up in the sky… light that has taken thousands of years to reach Black Rock City… and we want you to learn with us.

Hometown: Arbuckle, CA

The Orgasmateria

The Orgasmateria Tactile Playground & Pleasure Lab recruits daring Skinsationauts to help expand the frontiers of the Pleasurescape through sensational explorations under the guidence of our expert Orgasmateers. We demonstrate sensual teasing techniques on lucky volunteers, give away tactile toys and host workshops in everything from erotic bondage to oral pleasuring.

Hometown: New York, NY

The Orphanage

Our camp’s called “The Orphanage,” because everybody’s been kicked out of somewhere, and this is your chance to buck the trend. Half halfway house, half carnivale, it’s a friendly, welcoming place, where we’ll take you in and care for you — for as long as you can keep us amused.

The Orphanage offers its space to people from other camps who need to be somewhere else for a while. There will be a large space for unwinding, as well as many small areas of games and variety, loosely modeled on the idea of the carnival 10-in-1, united under the common theme of entertaining and being entertained. We’ll be running a 24/7 variety show filled with different activities and pastimes to keep everyone on their toes. And there will be a kissing booth. And a bar.

URL: http://www.burntheirishbar.com/paddy_mirage.htmHometown: San Francisco, CA

The Pearly Gates

While the Vault of Heaven does not necessarily involve a place called heaven, historically, it has implied a world which is outside ours. The pearly gates, the portal to another world, are certainly outside our present reality. Simply by walking through these gates you may try another world… experience something better than reality, perhaps…

Hometown: Seattle, WA

The Philadelphia Experiment III

The Philadelphia Experiment is back and better then ever for the third year running. Come and get out of the sun and rub Buddha’s belly while listening to some sweet sounds of funk, reggae and hip hop with a dash of soul for flavor. Everything from Bill Withers, Bob Marley, to James Brown and a bit of De La. All brought to you by those guys from the 215.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

The Pickle Joint

Fresh, cold, crisp, brisk pickles, served to you with a smile night and day by The Pickle Joint.

URL: http://www.gamesandtheory.com/pickle.htmlHometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Red Rocket

The Red Rocket will be a bar that serves a particular type of beverage to passers by. The beverage is named appropriately “fire water” and believe me it is HOT. If a passer by wishes to sample this fine drink they must deserve it, a kind word, song, good joke, or something in exchange will do the trick. The participant will the be sent directly to Hell, the evil side of the bar, it is like the bars back alley. Here a luge will supply the burner with a shot of this hot liquid, that should blast them to a higher plane of consciousness in the cosmos, and so they may exit hell. Burners are encouraged to hang out back at the Red Rocket bar and bringing beverages (preferably alcoholic) to share with others is always good, as one can only stand so much fire water.

Hometown: Corte Madera, CA

The Red Tent

We at the Red Tent camp are providing a sanctuary for mooning women and crones. This is an experiement in ancient technology, geared to have each woman deepening her experience of her cycles on the playa and beyond, to have everyone celebrating and discovering what becomes available with aspect of life. This will be a very powerful, moving experience for all.

URL: http://www.falsegods.com/burnHometown: Berkeley, CA

The Sex0phonic Fire Tribe

The Sex0phonic Fire Tribe from San Diego is a multi-stimulation tribal techno poetry yoga performance group that asks the question: How sexy do you wanna be? We’ll have a stage in the Shangri-La Village – c’mon by and get sexy with us!

Hometown: Valley Center, CA

The SlowBurn Lounge

Sultry nighttime bar. Soulful music. That’s the SlowBurn Lounge–the latest incarnation of the blissed-out experiment known as the Slowdance Pagoda, with the welcome addition of some stiff cocktails and comfy couches this time around. When the robot music just isn’t cuttin it, come kick back to some Otis Redding, vintage Prince, Dusty Springfield and the like while enjoying a drink in our 75-foot circular pavilion. Sometimes the bar’s got beer, other times liquor or sake, but the devastating ladies and God’s own DJs are always on hand. We’ll slow down your burn *real* good. Located in Fandango Village. Look for the sign.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Temple of Joyous Laughter

The Temple of Joyous Laughter. An interactive playground full of simple childhood joys. Ring toss, horse shoes, hop scotch, volley ball, a fishing well and whatever other games we can come up with. (Anyone for tag?) Popcorn, spin art and lots of coloring and other art supplies. Come play with us!

Hometown: San Jose, CA

The Temple of Venus

The Temple of Venus will be a full-service salon for the goddesses of the playa, serving their bodily, spiritual, psychic, emotional, and sensual needs. Temple priests and priestesses will attend to the needs and desires of each goddess individually.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

The Tittyman Camp

Leave your empression at Burningman, bring yourself and friends and have a shot of titty juice at the tittybar made of tittys.

URL: http://www.thetittyman.comHometown: Modesto, CA

The Trampaloid

Come visit Burning Mans famous anti-gravitational photo booth! Trampaloid guests vault to the heavens on our magical trampoline, and we capture your flight using instamatic Polaroid technologies. Heavenly costumes are provided (or you can wear your own), and all guests leave the Trampaloid with both a souvenir photo of their bounce-a-riffic visit, as well as a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

The Tribe

The Tribe returns with the TerraSphere art installation on the playa. Created by Jim Bowers, John Wendt and The Tribe, participants will travel through space and time in an elaborate and cutting edge el-wire sculpture. The Eyes of Gawd Resurrected will float high above the playa, all knowing, all seeing, all animated. And for the rest of you pagans we will host the Sinners Hall of Shame on the Esplanade. Testing the limits of self-expression, with four interactive theme related murals, participants can literally become part of the art by incorporating their own appendages. It’s a Kodak moment!

URL: http://www.eyesofgawd.comHometown: Colfax, CA

The Tribe of the Chattering Monks

Reaching for the vault of heaven is a noble calling, but we will never be able to reach future heights if we destroy the craft the keeps us alive in our journey across space and time — our planet, Spaceship Earth. The Tribe of the Chattering Monks invites you to escape the harsh environs of the playa for the cool climes of our dome — to enjoy live and electronic music, make tribute, play games and meditate on the fragile beauty of Spaceship Earth.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The Ultra Violet

The Ultra Violet.
Where industrial music and stainless steel meet all things violet.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock is all about the chill, the original members were quite fond producing an all day cool by an ice bath submersion to rapidly drop the heart rate, sometimes requiring a jumpstart by defib paddles. Nowadays, we concentrate on providing a misting tent and shade with chill vibes for all.

Thermal Shock has a number of Black Rock Rangers (who staff Outpost Berlin throughout the event) as members and offer safe haven to other BM volunteers and all others looking for a place to kick back, relax, and enjoy the collective ride.

Hometown: San Diego, CA


You’ve got problems? We’ve got solutions! Come to Thinktankareus to have your written or voice recorded question processed in a timely manner by our auto-brain.

Hometown: Manchester Center, VT


THUNDERCAMP- Home of the Octopus
DrumConsortium/’the Pulse’ 2004
Drum and Fire Arena

DrumConsortium rehearsals-Tuesday thru Thursday an hour after sundown/the howling
individual and drum groups welcome!

THUNDERSTORM amidst the stars of a clear night sky
Wall of Thunder and Light, fire spinners delight, designed for the Fire Artist’s experience. BE the FIRE/EYE of the storm!

URL: http://www.defever.com/thundercamp2004/Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Tight Openings

Our site is dedicated to the negotiation of tight openings and the successful negotiation thereof.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Tikidom, the people who brought you the Rolling Tiki Bar in 2002 and the Cuddlebug Camp last year, want to take you to the stars. Ride the disco bus or let the supernova dragon lead you to the celery-peanut-butter supernova dome for daily yoga, snacks, art and performances.

URL: http://www.withacapitale.com/tikidomHometown: New York, NY

Tir Na N'Og

Tir Na N’Og – The Land of Eternal Youth. A celebration of the art and stories of ancient Celtic Mythology.

URL: http://eternal-mysteries.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA

Tranquility Bay

Join us as we create a Sacred Space, a Sanctuary, where intimacy on the highest level can be celebrated in a tranquil, clean, sober, love without limits atmosphere. Just a few of the activities planned for this little intentional community include a public information radio station, tantric pujas, meditation, intentional circles, talking circles, freeform art, music, and movement, body art, massage, and open discussions regarding polyamory and tantra We’ll camp on the outskirts of BRC where it’s quiet and introspective.

URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tranquilitybay/Hometown: Idyllwild, CA

Transcendent FunKtions

Our mission is to Transcend both Heaven AND Hell. To achieve the Transcendent Funktion beyond good and evil, we pose to explore the light of divine union through the Transfusion sunrise yogic dance parties, and the darkness of Satan through the debaucherous slaytanic Burning Man Metal Meltdown party.

Hometown: East Rockaway, NY

Tribal Thunder

Tribal Thunder A gathering of like minded people to drum and thunder calling to the heavens. Unlike Dorthy and Toto we are somewhere between Kansas and beyond. In burning memory of Todd “The Tool” Sutterley.

Hometown: Martinez, CA


Trolltown – Need a friend? Trolltown will be making it’s third appearance at Black Rock City, with hundreds of the little buggers just looking for trouble, a shot of tequila, or a playa-buddy (not necessarily in that order). This year Trolltown will be featuring a drive-thru window, to speed the adoption process. Stay and get your photograph taken with your new troll, to add to our archives.

URL: http://s95033306.onlinehome.us/index2.htmlHometown: Sacramento, CA

Tropic Of DeNile

Camp DeNile, under the tropic of DeNile. LOOK UP! We’re in DeNile. Are you in DeNile about something? Oh yeh, you’re not ready to talk about it yet. Well fine. It’s not 4 o’clock yet. But when the clock strikes four, you’ll remember reading this and motate, rotate, and go straight towards the wettest and cheapest happy hour on the playa: Camp DeNile. The Green Room, the sous chef’s pantry, the back lot to AREA 47. Where the playa Rat Pack come to cool their heals in preparation for long nights of Promiscuity, Alien Love, and Revirginization. Well pre-function till sunset, then feign usefulness and help the rest of our village get their groove on. Music: World and beyond. Drink: Three signature cocktails: Traditional Embalming Elixir, Prescription Only Strangelove, and our seductively terrifying fizzy-shit, the Amber Alert.

We’re not shrinks, in fact we may enable your entire BS with the crowd we attract. Not to worry, what nature doesn’t draw out, our bartenders will. One way or another, youll get your fix when we fire up the Oasis of DeNile (our ever-expanding art car) for a drink-pouring, world music-pumpin, sunset tour of the playa. Hot showers provided en route for those in need. Bring a towel, bring a friend, bring some water to share, let’s see if group hydrotherapy isn’t in your future. Weekdays: 4p to 6p, peaking Thursday, when well re-shingle your shack(whatever that means) Well pump it up and give it away. All of it. Thursday night! Be there or don’t. One way or another, you’ll remain in DeNile. Aloha.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

True Mirror Palace

A palace of True Mirrors reflecting the real you in all your glory. Lose the flat and distorted backwards you in both a huge full length True Mirror as well as small private meditation booths where you can navel gaze to your hearts content.

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