2005 Theme Camps

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The Fandango Village welcomes you back to our playa. Come on by for a cocktail, or to ride our Ferris Wheel.

URL: http://www.fandango.netHometown: San Francisco, CA

...and then there's only LOVE.

Throughout our psyche, love is the one constant that bonds us together. Come see the oracle to answer your love and relationship questions; or feel free to express your already-found love in our “Orgy Dome”; and don’t forget-We’re always open for hugs.

URL: http://www.jennifersteele.com/burningman.htmHometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

1 Tribe...no Brides

Formally 2 Brides and a Tribe. Home of the Feely Box and the Cosmic Cab. Old friends and new come and join us for icy cold drinks, a turn in the Feely Box and a ride on the Cab.

Hometown: Portland, OR

12 Penguins Dreaming

12 penguin dream pods await. Allow your inner penguin to rise while you enter into a waking dream state.

URL: http://www.internet-web-online.com/12-penguinsHometown: Aptos, CA

451 Bookmobile

If the weather is absolutely perfect, or horribly wrong you’ll need reading material for the bad parts, that’s why I’m here

Hometown: San Jose, CA

7 Sins Lounge

Come embrace the heat at the 7 Sins Lounge as the Playa’s friendliest little spot returns for a 3rd straight year! Why take a chance on Eternal Damnation when our Church sanctioned "GET OUT OF HELL FREE" cards can save the day! Or take a spin on the 7 Sins Spanking Wheel and pay for you Sins in advance! Day time will be a shaded retreat, with misters, iced drinks, and mellow music to recover from the rigors of the night. BurningMan tattoos and even a refreshing shower may be offered to favored guests and neighbors for the right Sin! As night descends, 7 Sins Lounge hits full stride with an assortment of music and drinks, including the dreaded (and much anticipated) Flaming Blue Phucks! (this year, guaranteed poison free!!!) Remember to start your Sins at 7!

URL: http://www.7SinsLounge.orgHometown: Sacramento, CA