2006 MOOP Map

MOOP, noun – Matter Out Of Place; especially as it applies to Black Rock City and its Citizens. Can be anything: cigarette butts, bottle caps, glowsticks, fireworks, but is often disguised as debris, i.e., broken bits of wood, plastic, metal, glass and plants. Can also be a condition: burn scars, grey water, dunes, etc.

moop, verb – to pick up Matter Out Of Place.

moopmap06fin20%  RED: HIGH IMPACT TRACE

Also known as hot spots, the impact trace conditions embedded into the playa in your vicinity were heavily problematic and spread out over a vast area. Get your restoration team and tools together. Set your boundaries, do your line sweep, identify the issues, restore… go green!


While neither the best nor worst, your impact trace is the ever-changing average. On the bright side, with a good strategy your camp has strong potential to go green. However, slack could easily put your camp into the red.


Green as in GO! GO! GO! You get an A+ for awesome. Your camping area left no trace. Keep up the good work. You are the leaders of no trace and we need you to lead the way in 2007! BLACK ROCK CITY SALUTES YOU.


  • 20% of the city grid fell into the High Impact Trace Red Category.
  • 40% of the city grid fell into the Moderate Impact Trace Yellow Category.
  • 40% of the city grid fell into the Low to No Impact Green Trace Category.

Additional MOOP Map results for 2006:

  • The 2:00 to 6:00 side of the city had a greater tendency to leave a Moderate Yellow to High Red Impact trace.
  • The 6:00 to 10:00 side of the city had a greater tendency to leave a No Impact Green to Moderate Yellow Impact Trace.
  • The 2:00 side of Black Rock City left an overall higher impact than the 10:00 side.
  • Although the tendency has been for city blocks to leave less impact the farther they are from the center; There were an alarming number of very large High Impact Red Zones toward the middle and back blocks. This is an alarming trend for the suburban back blocks of Black Rock City. Perhaps it is in this region where we do not have enough leaders of Leave No Trace, so it is now that I speak to YOU. You in the back blocks! You in your RV! You and your family! You and your camp! Know your neighbor. Get to know their neighbors. Converse, conspire and team up! Own it! Lead a line sweep—you can do it. Good deeds are contagious. It only takes a spark!

There were 122 Total Theme Camps on Esplanade:

  • 12.30% left a Red Impact Trace
  • 85.25% left a Yellow Impact Trace
  • 2.45% left a Green Impact Trace

Due to sheer volume, Esplanade is consistently the hardest hit stretch of the Playa. Don’t be discouraged. It is possible to go Green on Esplanade! In fact, one of the rowdier camps ever, Camp Carp, has been leading this charge. (It helps that it’s populated by current and ex-DPW staff and their friends.) Get your Team and your tools together: magnet sweepers, landscape rakes, push brooms and flat shovels will make any impact issue disappear. Scout ahead, identify the issues, and restore.

Set your boundaries, spread out arms width, along your borders, and line up! Do your line sweeps, then line up and do it again. Do it until you find no trace. Look in your MOOP bucket and feel good about it.