2007 Theme Camps

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DADA motel

Dada motel, a camp of artist celebrating the Unlimited potential for absurdity

URL: http://www.dadamotelreno.comHometown: Reno, NV

Dance Dance Immolation

Dance Dance Revolution. With Flamethrowers. Pointed at you.

URL: http://www.interpretivearson.com/ddiHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dayzed & aMazed

The Dayzed & aMazed stage & convention center & performance camp will teach & beseech you 24 hrs a day. Be Dayzed w/ green issues & interactive discussions by day & be aMazed w/ music & stage performances by night incl. our special dawn concerto; not to mention our new twist on a maze across from our camp.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/dayzed_and_amazedHometown: San Francisco, CA

DeathGuild Thunderdome

*Bringing senseless violence to the playa since 1999* Dome fights | Fire Garden | Mayhem

URL: http://www.deathguildthunderdome.comHometown: Novato, CA

Deep Heaven: Green at Heart

Deep Heaven: Green at Heart is a sanctuary on the path to the future: embrace your authentic self, live fully, deepen your love at a playshop. Look for our rotating heart mirror by day and heart beacon by night, and seek the primal green man within, as projected by the Camerascope.

URL: http://www.DeepHeaven.orgHometown: San Rafael, CA


DeMaTerial will delve into the nether regions of your consciousness, ripping at the core of your ego. Come learn how to build a gasifier to run your car, convert to bio-diesel, or just a have a drink in the most beautiful trash eating butterfly ever created.

URL: http://www.dematerial.netHometown: Cambridge, MA

DeMentha Camp

DeMentha is a mint-themed camp offering lovingly prepared mojitos each afternoon in our well shaded structure. You will also be soothed with mint teas, minty massage, music from our minty DJ lineup, minty misting system, dancing and more.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Department of Tethered Aviation

Come fly with us! We will host our 9th annual kite fly on Thursday afternoon. Nightly activities will include live music and astral projections provided by our beloved "Barbie"

URL: http://www.dotarocks.netHometown: San Geronimo, CA

Destiny Lounge

(formerly Bubble Bar) Come relax in the shade of our cushy lounge where the latest in chill music spun by our DJ will let you unwind with a cool glass of fresh lemonade or ice tea…Bring Your Own Cup or ___! Ask our Magic Eight Ball the answers to your life’s mysteries, Play Doctor with a friend on our full sized Operation Game, or take a shot at saving the world on our newest wonder… The Fling of Destiny, a large arcade style game where you will launch a replica of our planet towards one of several various fates using our unique "Cataflinger"! Can you attain Utopia????

URL: http://destinylounge.outtatheway.com/DestinyLoungeHometown: Pasadena, CA

Deviant Playground

Our philosophy is to give everyone a chance to experience their childhoods all over again without the pesky consequences. It’s a place to play, explore, learn, and to be that evil deviant child you always wanted to be. Participation in our camp can include basic childhood related activities or extend to events of a more adult nature. Come visit our bar, our playground and our liberation dome.

URL: http://www.water-brother.comHometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Dhyan's Green Monkey

A steely-eyed Yoga camp. Check calendar for daily schedule.

URL: http://tribes.tribe.net/dhyansgreenmonkey?_click_path=Application%5Btribe%5D.Tribe%5B5fbdffcb-d436-48bf-9970-4db9c319730b%5DHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Dilly Dali Camp

This is a Dali inspired chill space to watch or learn about performing with flow and fire toys. Lessons and performances outside, hair cuts and massages inside! Also come join us for our Daliesque parade!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Disco Headhunters: A 10-year-old

After 10 years at this party, we know everything. We offer lessons in professional cross-training, hard-won advice on camp dynamics, constant cynical wisecracks, a wide-eyed naivete at what’s possible, and a 50 percent rate of follow-through: Ten years later, enlightenment has acquired quite a funk.

Hometown: Portland, OR


Welcome to Disorient! In 2007 Disorient adds a new member to its fleet. The Rex is a 60 ft. long articulated, blinking monster complete with Dj booth, Pornj lounge and new sound system. Some call it the D- Rex. The Disorient Express (Dex + Rex) has been running on biodiesel since 2006 and is now, for the first time, long enough to carry the entire Disorient Sign on amazing deep Playa adventures. Get ready for new levels of GlamTech disorientation!
Live green. Burn Pornj.

URL: http://wiki.disorient.info/index.phpHometown: New York, NY


come displace your senses, feed the soul, create some art, sit around or simply enjoy the music while your party is reached…. ring, ring…

Hometown: Reno, NV

Diva Boot Camp

Put your face ON! Take your pants OFF!! and get on out there!!! DIVA STYLE! A DIVALICIOUS camp that will knock you on your BOOTae! With live music, dance performance, trapeze artists and visual splendor in all forms… FUNKY and FABULOUS! This year check out our DIVA boot exchange! Donate a pair of ‘diva’ quality boots or take a pair that will surly ma!! If you’re lucky…you might catch a Yard Dogs show on our splendid stage!

Hometown: Portland, OR


Looking to release your inner Diva? Drop by DivaNation.Discover your rare talent. Act out your Divalicious desires!

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


This is you: happy, energized and awaiting opportunity. The sun is setting, the city is howling and it’s time for you to find your groove. Where do you start? DonutLove. It’s a nexus for the sexes, a concourse to your course of contentment, a weigh station on your way to a heavenly state. Get your fix, take your licks and onward you go.
This is you: haggard, weary, run-down and burned out. The sun is rising, the city is quiet and your booty shakes no more. What do you need? DonutLove. Serving you on the street while you rest your tuckered feet. Your morning constitutional, your roadside rest stop, your one-a-day vitamin.
What is DonutLove, you’ll ask yourself, but all you truly need to know is its magic.

URL: http://www.donutlove.comHometown: Elk Grove, CA

Dos Leches Camp

Dos Leches – (short for two servings of milk) will provide absolute ecstasy to our fellow burners this year. We are building two structures (one for chilling out, and the other for dancing) If you would like to join, we are crazy guys from Miami bringing in the latino flavor to the playah! We will provide a visually stimulating peep show that will get you hot and excited. Sexy people, explorers, and smiles welcome in our camp! visit: http://www.unfalse.com/burningman/ for more information.

URL: http://www.unfalse.com/burningman/Hometown: Coconut Grove, FL

Double D Bike DĪ¹cor & More

Mosey on over to Double D Bike Décor & More to Light up & Decorate your Bike! EL Wire or LED’s given you a problem, bring them on by!
Need glow stuff & other décor to pimp out your bike, we’ve got it all! Minor bike repair, tall, short & quad bikes you can ride & even bike jousting, we’ve got it! All you need is a bike and your imagination!
Open Mon. thru Sat. 12 to 5pm

URL: http://www.michaelkrolczyk.com/doubled/siteplan.jpgHometown: Burleson, TX

Dr Le Taudrie's Freak Show

Do you feel like an outsider, a wild card, a loose wheel, maybe even a freak, when anywhere but at Burning Man? Then come on down and star in our Freak Show! While you’re here you may have a chance meeting with the world famous Dr Le Taudrie and he or she may even let you have a taste of Snake Oil.

URL: http://www.049events.com/dr_le_tawdry/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections

Dr. Carl’s big board of stuff is imposing, daunting and a little bit sexy. Pick something from our big board, spin the Wheel of Adjectivication and find that thing! Bring it back to us and spin the Wheel of Prizedom to determine your reward!

URL: http://www.drcarlscamp.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA

Duck Pond

Our day party offers 100 feet of slip-n-slide, a bustling bar, roof-deck panoramas, a flogging post, DJs spinning, and even ninja classes. After dark the focus is on Zam Zam, a bar both lively and relaxing, where friends can sit, drink, and enjoy live music, cabaret, and each other.

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Breathe Deep and welcome the DUST. Anything happens at DUSTFISH and we have mastered the art of enjoying ourselves, while welcoming you. We offer Live Music, playa libations, booty check point #11, art from DUST or just relax in our prayer-flag chill space.

URL: http://www.dustfish.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dusty Palms

Carbon guilt got you down? Stop by the Dusty Palms and clear your concious while refreshing body on our misting Carbon Guilt Bike.

URL: http://www.dustypalms.net/MediaWiki/index.php?title=Main_PageHometown: San Francisco, CA

Dusty Wheel

We like custom rides and drinking with friends. Bring your custom bike creations by for one of our twilight group rides or hang out for our Black Rock Bike Contests, Open to all happening Daily & Nightly so you can show off your chrome or your light kits in all there glory!!!

URL: http://people.tribe.net/3db60ecb-658d-4363-999e-285a7e684e08Hometown: Canyon Country, CA