2007 Theme Camps

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K-Svert 106.5FM Community Radio

K-Svert 106.5 FM provides the good citizens of Black Rock City a voice, a venue, an outlet for creativity in the form of not only radio waves, but also a professional quality performance stage that is open to any and all who wish to share their talents with the masses. K-Svert is your spot on the radio dial to keep in touch with the happenings in our fair city. At night the stage comes alive with performance, shadow dancing, artistic visuals and spectacle. A feast for the eyes and ears! Located on the Esplanade, look for the 50 foot broadcast tower.

URL: http://www.k-svert.comHometown: San Jose, CA

Ka Pilina Camp

Aloha, this is the Hawaii Regional Embassy, the home for Kama’aina on the playa. All islands are representing and participating, help us to build our slice of the islands on the playa, and don’t forget to bring something to share to the Friday sunset luau.

URL: http://www.kapilina.orgHometown: Haleiwa, HI

Kamp Go Fuck Yourself

… incoming message …
Recent events in Black Rock City have been brought to the attention of the GFY council. The "Green" theme of the event this year has attracted an inordinate amount of hippies, flower-children, peaceniks and yoga instructors. This has disrupted the delicate balance of the cities population and could cause catastrophic failure of the Black Rock City egosystem in the years to come.
In an attempt to counteract this imbalance GFY will be recruiting like minded agents to be sent on vital missions throughout the event, restoring causing chaos, mischief and mayhem thereby restoring balance to the egosystem of Black Rock City.
Your city needs you…
Are you up to the the task?
… end of transmission …

URL: http://www.kampgfy.com/Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya

Kamp Kammaniwannalaya is an closely knit group of eclectic artists, perverts, musicians, drug abusers, self abusers, and recovering recoverers. During the week of Burning Man we build and maintain a safe refuge where tackiness is not only tolerated but applauded and praised. Political correctness, simple common human dignity and voting rights are mocked and discouraged. World class Mai Tai’s poured by Spanky and floral lai’s are offered on Friday nite to ask for forgiveness for our wickedness. Competitive Limbo competitions are rumored to be slated for ESPN. Smore Whore will be making a triumphant return to the Playa and supplying her hot fresh Smores. Free form Island drumming is a staple diet and public humiliation will be found at the Limbo Queen’ feet. Juicy Yum Yum is said to be returning if enough eye glitter can be found.

Hometown: Alturas, CA

Kamp Kaos

Join us to witness the beauty of kaos in our battle against entropy. Come to chill in the desert zone garden hookah lounge, see things you wouldn’t believe your mind could have generated in the fnorest, and become entranced in a mind blowing display of math on the center screen.

URL: http://www.selenoclasm.orgHometown: Charlestown, MA

Kanuckistan 2.0

From the north land, straight outta the Empty Quarter. Featuring a margarita bar, old-country-style Vodka Snorting, 3rd annual Xeni Cup street hockey tournament,
Purgatory 2.0 mutant vehicle dry dock, Carbonari-brand hell-money-style CO2 certificates, Mojito Mondays, Sangria & Salsa Sunsets.

URL: http://groups.google.ca/group/kanuckistan?hl=enHometown: Calgary, Alb


Be you an expert storyteller or a novice there is space, time and applause waiting for you here. Come for the storytelling, stay for the shade and booze.

URL: http://www.kathanika.comHometown: Los Angeles, CA


KidsVille is by, of and for kids and their familes. We welcome all to camp with us or stop by and play for a bit. We are NOT a babysitting service, but some amazing friendships have been created that have lasted over the years. We have something special, it’s worth checking out.

URL: http://www.blackrockkids.orgHometown: Bullhead City, AZ

Kinetic Sculpture Racing Camp

Kinetic Sculpture Racing is a human-powered Sport/Hobby/Art-Form where we build “mutant vehicles” that run on both land and water, and we race them for the fun of it. In our camp, we will have Kinetic Racing Sculptures for the citizens of BRC to ride during daylight, and in the evenings we’ll be cruising the Playa, again giving rides to as many as possible.

URL: http://www.kinetickingdom.comHometown: Clearlake, CA

King Of America

The King Of America, who rules with benevolence and wisdom, has made his way to Black Rock City and wants you to enjoy yourself. Stop by the Castle and show the King what Talents you have and he may give you a token of His appreciation. The King will explain his policies to ensure that the good People understand how Great things will be. HAIL THE KING OF AMERICA!!

URL: http://asylumvillage.com/kingofamericaHometown: New Orleans, LA


Kiosk™ is what it says. Whether in camp or on the playa, we dispense – with formality.

URL: http://www.myspace.com/kiosktmHometown: Brooklyn, NY

knarly carnival

The knarly carnival camp will keep you entertained day and night, providing fun carnival games such as flying chickens throw rings, and burst that baloon, win crazy prizes, it will take you back to the old carnival days, have fun and when you are tired, just relax at the carnival bar for a cold one!

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Konsortium Village

Konsortium Village is a place of vision, creation and magic. A place where minds meet, conspiracies are hatched and time stands still. Emanating from NY, London, California and beyond, the Konsortium is born. Into Konsortium, wanderers are invited to visit KOSTUME KULT for makeovers and theatrical diversions, stop by The FLYING MONKEY PUB for a drink and groovy DJ sets, check out the psychedelic projections of GLASS BEAD COLLECTIVE and enjoy hoop and other circus art lessons with GROOVEHOOPS. Themed “Dark Side of Oz”, venture down the green astroturf road past the glowing poppy fields to relax in the plushness of SHEIK DJIBOUTI’S SLUMBERGARDEN or stop by the ‘fair trade’ oriented LE KAFE for equitable caffeinated morning energy, pastis or a petanque extravaganza. Conspire, consort and commingle. You are welcome.

URL: http://www.Konsortium.orgHometown: New York, NY

Kostume Kult

As part of Konsortium Village, this year Kostume Kult returns to present the “Dark Side of Oz”. In our Emerald City, we twist inspiration from Oz with other fantastical films, Pink Floyd psychedelia and a dark aesthetic. Flirt with the munchkins, dance down the green astroturf road or nap amongst the glowing poppies. As always, Kostume Kult offers transformations through costuming, body paints and makeup (wednesday through saturday afternoons) but, in this green year, we encourage theatrical participation over consumption and recycling whenever possible. Consult the crystal balls, visit the Witchdoctor of Oz, cuddle in the Munchkinland Lounge, partake in a farcical fashion show or shadow dance at The Flying Monkey pub… As darkness falls, the camp glows green peaking at our annual Thursday Midnight party where we fuse the Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon and the random insanity that is Burning Man. There’s no place like home, indeed.
To recycle/donate costume supplies, please stop by on-playa or contact us online…

URL: http://www.KostumeKult.comHometown: New York, NY

Krishna Camp

The burners at Krishna Camp know how to party. It’s our life, our culture, our religion you might say.
Fill your stomach. Fill your ears. Fill your eyes. Fill your soul.
Green Food. Live Kirtan. Sacred Fire. Conscious Revolution.
Make your pilgrimage to Black Rock City complete by bringing your unique flavor of playa love to the primeval play house of Lord Jagannatha, the Master of the Universe.

URL: http://www.krishnacamp.comHometown: College Park, MD