2007 Theme Camps

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Radio Free Burning Man

99.5 FM Radio Free Burning Man is here for you. Tune your radio to our frequency, meet us on our vast veranda, walk through our front door and be on the air!

URL: http://www.rfbm.orgHometown: San Jose, CA

Radio Free Valhalla

Join the Viking Youth Power Hour as we shout a mighty bellow and shake the very foundations of Valhalla! Shows recorded daily around 3pm (past guests have included Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alex Grey, etc. Check WWW for this years guests), come help us filter our veggie oil for our return trip to Chicago by peddling our bicycle powered oil filtration system!

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Raggedy AnneX

As we are a Raggedy AnneX we make do as we will, we may flop over here and do something today, or toss about in the wind and do something entirely different and for no apparent reason whatsoever the very next moment, or it could take a day…or more.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Rainbow Unicorn Camp

Do you prance to a different drum? Do you like rainbows and grassy knolls? Transport yourself to Rainbow Unicorn Camp, where unicorns gather on the playa.

Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Rainforest Refugee Camp RRC

We cool you down, chill you out & dress you up! Rainforest Refugee Camp is a premiere rejuvenation haven: cool down in our overhead mist zone, melt into our Cuddle Puddle, “Dress for Dustress” in our boutique. Nail painting and body art with a smile!
We are a Mid day retreat zone from about 11am until the late afternoon, and Home of the Hammer Head Shark Cart.
Our members are from many countries, numerous backgrounds and ages. Come chill out with us away from the blaze of the mid day sun.This year we will be showcasing new shade idea’s, low energy high efficiently evaporation equipment that can be built for very little money.
RRC is a Playa Virgin friendly camp clothing optional because it gets to darn hot out there!
Come Check out RRC, mid day, experiance Theater of the Moment, Dress for Dustrus Boutique, face painting, We give nail & body art and the best HUGS on the playa. PLUS silly street performances! Our Theatre of the Moment needs you! Come join in on spontaneous fun.

URL: http://snursery.com/rrc/rrc07.htmHometown: Hoquiam, WA

Random Reality Camp

Random Reality Camp is a real life game where strangers become friends, boredom becomes adventure and chance becomes synchronicity. Experiences may include meeting people, artistic projects, exercise & sports, learning something new, or missions to find something or someone. Limitless possibilities!

URL: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p4O1URhzhzrZfzJmZbIYCRAHometown: Detroit, MI

Random; the anti theme

We celebrate that which is unexpected, non-sequitur, and spontaneous. So put your mind on shuffle mode and please join us for some random acts of hospitality and amusement. Music, improv, food, hoola loop lessons, meditation, and whatever stray talent, and energy that wanders into our midst. Sign the book of infinite improbability and release yourself into the great unknown.

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Ranger Camp Berlin

Home Sweet Playa for a few of the many Black Rock Rangers that serve our fair

URL: http://www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Camp Tokyo

Home Sweet Playa for a few of the many Black Rock Rangers that serve our fair city.

URL: http://www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger HQ

The Black Rock Rangers are the rebar of Burning Man, and can be found wherever they’re needed. But everyone has to have a place to call home, and for the Rangers, it’s Ranger HQ in Center Camp.

URL: http://www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Outpost Berlin

One of three major Ranger Outposts, Berlin brings Ranger Love to Black Rock City in the 3:00 neighborhood.

URL: http://www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Woodside, CA

Ranger Outpost Tokyo

One of three major Ranger Outposts, Tokyo brings Ranger Love to Black Rock City in the 9:00 neighborhood.

URL: http://www.rangers.burningman.comHometown: Woodside, CA

Red Flower

Red Flower, our peoples name for Fire. Centered by a large tree which burns nightly are numerous red flowers. Nightly drum circles, fire spinning/staffing and red flower worship.
Red Flower Camp is a "spread love" outpost.
The red flower camp is also host to Sylvester McMonkey McBeans infamous green star machine. Cum by and become one of those who have stars upon thars.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Red Nose District

Behold the Red Nose District, home to a mighty indie circus, performance and comfort collective comprised of Cirque Berzerk, Gooferman & Circus Metropolus, the EnHightened Beings of Leisure, Fringe, and TOTEM Massage and Chill. Shows Tuesday through Saturday, midway amusements, happy hour daily.

URL: http://www.rednosedistrict.orgHometown: San Francisco, CA


Refuge serves as the safe haven for Virgin Burners within Disorient. It provides community Camp Mash Unit and chill space services for burners within and affiliated with Disorient. Refuge will be open at certian times during the burn as a full on Rejuvenation Station, providing two inipis (indian saunas), aromatherapy and body work for stressed out burners in need of serious TLC.

URL: http://disorient.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY

Regional Info Center

The Regional Info Center is a place to learn about the vast Burning Man Regional Network and find out how to get involved in your local communities. Stop by to meet the Regional Contacts or ask questions about the Regional Network.

URL: http://regionals.burningman.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

REMSA Medical Tent

Hometown: Occidental, CA

Reno Housewives

The one, the only — helping dress BRC since 1998! Rest in our hammocks, enjoy our housewife hospitality. Need bridesmaids for your playa wedding? We dress in pink and we’re ready!

Hometown: Reno, NV


The RhythmWave [Dance] Theme Camp at Burning Man is dedicated to bringing Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms moving meditation practice to Black Rock City. We welcome anyone seeking the Divine through Dance, come Sweat your Prayers with us!

URL: http://www.rhythmwave.orgHometown: San

Right Foot Red

Hands and feet criss-cross dots and the playa! Join us for a co-mingling of body, mind and spirit as the giant twister mat is revealed. Twister happy hour and blues jam on Thursday and Friday at 5pm.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA


We’re back at Risa for a 7th year! Risa is themed after a resort planet, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, unihibited sexuality. Risa is also the home of The Dancing Peahen and Peacock Shuttle.

URL: http://www.brc-risa.com/Hometown: Atlanta, GA


Welcome to the Red Light District, a great place for good music, fun activities and a variety of other things. Activities include the Red Party, the Sumo Hooping Invitational Tournament, the RLD Garden, dancing, workshops, and fire shows. Everyone is welcome, just be respectful and don’t MOOP!

Hometown: Studio City, CA

Roar Shack

The Roar Shack is a product of postmodern medicine, filled with art connoisseurs and medical fetishists who just want to help you find your inner child and, if possible, surgically excise it. We’ve also got a great chill space.

URL: http://roarshack.org/Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Root Society

Root Society – Big Domes and Tipi’s – The delicious future meets the wonderful past. The root of all…all the people who know the people, that together – make it happen! The Society’s mystery draws you in…lights your imagination as you dream of its power…you want it! People and energy built around the flames of the fire. myspace.com/rootsociety

URL: http://www.rootsociety.orgHometown: CHARLESTOWN, MA

Rose/ Sake Watering Hole

Where are the Giraffes? I think they are hanging at the watering hole with the Zebras! I hear all animals are welcome to drink sake and rose in their lush oasis….

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Rounds of Ridiculum

Physical, mental, and just plan ridiculous adventure awaits your participation at the Rounds of Ridiculum camp. As part of the X-inhibition Games, we will be introducing the community to a new game called "Dodge-Podge"… a spin-off of dodgeball but with our own rules, weapons, and unusual twists. Bring your whole camp to compete or grab a random Burner and have them get pummeled with you. Nothing says week-long friendship like a good head-knocking.
Also, tell a joke or entertain us with your wit on our one-joke stage. Or spin yourself around in a fantastic frenzy on our pole dancing stage. All in a fully supportive environment, of course.
Tea and scones served Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 5pm. After all, we still have to be civilized even if creaming each other with obscure objects.

Running Man

Enjoy early morning runs before coming to relax in our day-time sanctuary. Plenty of lounge space, fresh water and downtempo beats await you in the grotto.

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA