2009 Theme Camps

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Coming soon.


Bees will once again be buzzing the Playa: come get Buzzed at the Hive: and meet us at the Man at 2 PM on Thursday to join the Swarm!!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Portal Patch, The

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Come frolic through the maze to our garden of highly evolved plants that glow at night. Enjoy a short rest in our cool & shaded Zoom Dome. Tuesday & Wednesday nights join us for the next evolution of baseball on fire. Wednesday poi & staff lessons midday.

URL: http://www.campzoom.orgHometown: Oakland, CA

Playfully Yours

A dungeonous experience, couples and singles experience the softer and more sensual side of BDSM play. Our camp is a play station well equipped, safe environment. An outside 8ft. chain web (Charlott’s Web)is available for play, provides a good photo opportunity, public and private play space.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

R&R" with Divas on the Playa

Come “Relax and Refresh” with Divas on the Playa. Spend some time in our R&R, and you’ll EVOLVE into a Diva too! RELAX under ceiling fans, sip organic sun tea, get a massage – REFRESH with facial wipes, moisturizer, natural lotions & body sprays, sunscreen, Playafoot repair, and More!

Hometown: North Las Vegas, NV