2009 Theme Camps

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N-Gon Fishin' 2009

The N-gon returns for 2009, evolving to breathe playa dust during the dry months of the year. The Playafish once more sets out to roam Black Rock City, while the camp continues to offer interactive games and activities suitable for all participants.

URL: http://www.n-gon.net/Hometown: Oakland, CA


Nipple Inspection and Placement Station. Coming tp BRC to further advancements in the science of nipple classification. How do your nipples stand up? Come by to have your nipples evaluated for type and class. Nipple coverings will be given as needed while supplies last.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Naked Ninjas

Our sneakniess is something to be seen! Come by on Monday or Thursday afternoon for an afternoon libation in the shade and check out the debut of the Purple People Eater mutant vehicle while it is in playa-dock.

URL: http://www.naked-ninjas.comHometown: San Diego, CA

Nectar Village

Nectar Village is about you. It is about what you need… to survive, refuel, and revitalize. Mind, body and spirit are all served, and you’ll find the nectar you seek for any of them, in the camps at our oasis. Offerings continuously from 8am to 10pm.

URL: http://www.nectarvillage.comHometown: San Francisco, CA

nevada barbarians

we are at best, we are a group of locals that love the desert and love to have fun, we welcom everone with open arms. so come party like a barbarian if can hang. so come have a beer, or a shot, or just listen to some cool tunes. come see what we are all about.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Neverwas Haul

See previous

Hometown: Vallejo, CA

New Jersey

New Jersey HEY go F%?& yourself! Jersey’s known for it’s unique style of hospitality, and we welcome all travelers. Stop by, hang out in our pyramids, tell us a story – just don’t ask us what exit we’re from. Fuggeddaboutit!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

New Warrior Camp

New Warrior Camp: Sacred magical space for new warriors and their friends.

Hometown: Glendora, CA


Nexus brings it home once again. Drink specials all day, with the best beats on the playa to match. Laughs, friends and a booty shaking good time. lots shade, 3 domes, and 30,000 watts of earth shattering bass!

URL: http://www.nexusorg.orgHometown: Lakeport, CA

Nice Nice

Come visit, party, get misted and take photos of your friends as they evolve as part of our evolution mural. Also take rides on our 4 person, 4 wheel peddle cart.

Hometown: Stanford, CA

Ninjas and Beer...

Ten years ago, a ninja commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit. These ninjas escaped from a maximum security prison and now survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…Ninjas and Beer!

Hometown: New Haven, CT

non-Prophets, Discorporated

The non-Prophets DJs will be performing IDM, electro, industrial, psytrance, and downtempo dance sets while VJ Mad Doktor projects psychedelic visuals. Join us at night as we spin staff, poi, and other LED toys in the comforting glow of the Pyramid of Light.

URL: http://non-prophets.netHometown: Portland, OR

Northwest Mist

Providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat, step through the Northwest Mist portal and transcend the heat of the day for a momentary refreshening. We are also the home of the ghost of The Lady Washington residing in the Redirection Connection Village.

URL: http://home.teleport.com/~northwestmist/index.htmlHometown: Lake Oswego, OR

Nose Fish

Camp Nose Fish returns in 2009 to present two new theme-related interactive projects: Tree of Life and Superhero Evolution. We’ll help you evolve into the superhero you are by helping you create your own costume, and at night you control a 15 foot tree of light with your fingers.

URL: http://www.timefold.com/nosefishHometown: Emeryville, CA

Nothing Works

New dome! Bar, lounge, hammocks! Non-stop aural refreshment–a soundscape of a variety of species–from jb to john phillip sousa. Marshmallows.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

NYC Container Camp

NYC Container Camp is the New York container filled with all the love, joy, art and creativity shipped from the other side of the country! Come get your goods and sit awhile for our evening drinks while putting together your bikes and art and maybe even play mailbox baseball!

URL: http://www.nyccontainer.comHometown: Jersey City, NJ

NYrvana Village

An urban oasis with NY based Kostume Kult and Squid Row with PRED from East Davis, CA. Daytime kostume dome transformations with interactive art, absurdity and activities on both the Esplanade and Avenue A. See camp listings for more…

URL: http://www.kostumekult.comHometown: Brooklyn, NY