2010 Audio Art Tour

Welcome to the 2010 Audio Art Tour. This format eliminates some of the need for paper guides; but while it covers some of the year’s art, there are still a tremendous number of art installations that are not included here. Thanks to all the artists who have brought art to Black Rock City this year. Please enjoy the tour!

Each of the following files below is an individual mini-tour for each project. You can make a playlist and these are a little more conducive to ad hoc roaming around. To listen to the files or to get the individual project tours, click any or all of the links and either open them in your browser or “save link as” to take to the playa with you.

Brought to you by Jim Tierney (Anarchist Jim) and Evonne Heyning and the whole Artery Team. If you would like to send us feedback and love, you can send us mail at arttours@burningman.com.

Again, we hope you enjoy the tour!