2011 Theme Camps

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64 Arts

64 Arts creates live music and performance at Black Rock City’s playa art installations, and offers events at our in-camp performance space. Visit us for details of our daily schedule, or for more information on bringing your performance to 64 Arts!

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

7 Sins Lounge

Embrace the Heat as the Playa’s friendliest little slice of Hell returns for an 11th year!

Daytime again offers what sinners need – respite from the night with shade & slushy drinks!

But night brings what sinners WANT – the Wheel of Sins where our skilled staff happily delivers absolution & encouragement with a FIRM hand! So come earn your “Get Out of HELL Free” card and don’t forget our “Flaming Blue Phucks” on Thursday night!

Remember: Start your Sins at 7!

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

7 Sirens Cove

A pirate bohemia where merrymaking, gypsy lounging, dancing rhythms and mischief run aground. Beware; it is futile to resist the 7 Siren’s call.

URL: http://7sirenscove.comHometown: San Francisco, CA


We bring light, levity, a bit of boom and a bunch of magic. Swing by for a wiggle, a giggle, a chat or a respite.

URL: http://www.eightyeightdc.comHometown: Silver Spring, MD