2012 Theme Camps

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2022 Archive

Jaguar Occult

The Jaguar Occult seeks truth about the beyond. We reach it by diving internally and aligning with the principles of the Jaguar! Silent, Deep, Curious.

Hometown: Salt Lake City


JankyAzzCats Village Features camps The Janky Barge, Catmandu, Camp Butter, Loca Colada, and The Black Rock Bandits.
Our village is focused on the theme of artistic expression of movement – not just through one’s own body, but with physical art. Attend our Art car symposiums, workshops, and village happy hours to learn more about building and designing moving art vehicles.
Come by for sunset tiki cocktails at our Oasis Bar, lounge and dance with us at the Catmandu projection dome, and have a drink or two at Loca Colada Lounge and the Butter Bar! Our art cars do community ice & recycling runs in the morning.

Hometown: San Francisco


Come visit us in the mornings for hot green tea, matcha and cold sake.
Sit in the Bijou Boutique, select a piece of jewelry, or join in and create your own.

Hometown: Las Vegas

JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me?

Coffee, Tea and hot cocoa every morning at dawn (7:00 am); nighttime lounge area with staffed firepit, sofas, pillows and more. . .

Hometown: Cazadero

Joey Glowy Bar

Just a small group of Burners, happy to help if you need help.

Hometown: Reno

Joie de Vivre

Our name and our ethos are one in the same: Joie de Vivre!

An international group of Joiers (as we affectionately like to call ourselves), we join you from all over the world: France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Norway, Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the good ole’ USA, and more!

This year, we invite you to join us for sustainability workshops each afternoon. At our camp, we’ll be offering a plastic waste upcycling solution that will turn waste into clean plastic flakes that can be upcycled to create useful products for campers. The interactive workshops will showcase how useful products can be created from plastic waste and take the notion of “Leave No Trace” to the next level!


URL: https://www.joiedevivrecamp.com Hometown: New York


Our camp is a multicultural, multi-sensory oasis that offers experiences and nourishments from around the world, centered around a public event program, gifting, and the camp design itself. The camp’s atmosphere and aesthetic are inspired by ancient intelligence, from Native American sacred geometry to Middle Easter Bedouin symbolism. JOUJOU is built around the ethos of inclusive and dedicated hospitality. We welcome all at our communal tent and lounge structures at any time of the day.

Hometown: New York


Joulery is the home base for Joule the art car. Come visit us at camp, and if we’re not there we hope you find us roaming the playa. Come dance with us or ride around to tour art. Joule is a brilliant crystal cluster with ever-changing colored gems bursting out in all directions.

URL: http://www.jouleartcar.com Hometown: Boise

Joya and its Mate

A group of artists, craft-men and friends working together, spreading the feeling of “Pasarla Joya” (having a great time). Gathered around our two art structures, “Joya” (Jewel) and its “Mate”!

URL: https://www.joyamate.org/ Hometown: Buenos Aires

Joyful Dragon Circus

The Joyful Dragon Circus is a space for you to explore methods of radical self-expression. We provide workshops on different forms of self-expression, including dance, acroyoga, pole, and singing, and provide a safe comfortable place to practice and participate. Come join us in our circus tent!

Hometown: New York


As part of our new religion, Joyism, we aim to spread the joy through offering coffee in the mornings, climbing closer to heaven on a climbing wall and escaping to a better reality in our Dream Drop time machine.

URL: http://www.Joyism.org Hometown: Saratoga

Joyism Artcar Support Camp

The home of the temple for the Joyism religion, the religion of the 30th century!

Hometown: Santa Cruz

Jub Jub's Plastic Circus

Jub Jub always here to fling those funny hard-to-get drinks, uneasy rest, strange music, weird plays, loud noises, oh-so-friendly grief, bruises, nausea, vertigo i.e. Monkey Business!!!   maybe poo too…

Hometown: Reno


“The Study” is a Portal for Artists, Designers, Engineers, Builders, Restoration Specialists, Storytellers, Performers that Celebrate with public discourse the revealing of the Forgotten Works. We encourage the incubation for the staging of art installation, live performance and music.
Part of this venture is The Serpent Queen, our Flagship. The SQ is a Victorian Steamboat Time Machine Exploration Vessel Designed by Langhorne Industries, under the auspices of the Nicola Tesla Propulsion Systems Corporation. The SQ is primarily Designed for River Travel on Earth and Beyond.

Hometown: San Francisco


Base camp for our Fruit Juice Serving Head on Wheels – JuiceHead.
We park and relax here when we need to recharge and get juicy.

Hometown: Ukiah

Juicy Rootz

Juicy Rootz is offering Juicy Frootz! Art you can wear! Come and meet us— the playful, welcoming and heart-centered Juicies. Throughout the week we’re leading workshops wherein you make a zesty dried citrus fruit necklace to commemorate your week on the playa forever. We’ll also be standing by each weekday with refreshing non-alcoholic electrolyte drinks at our “Juice Bar.” Jump rope, jokes, and dancing included. Come for the Frootz necklaces, stay for the boogie-ing, tunes, juice, connecting, jump roping, joking and joyful vibes!

Hometown: New York City

Jungle Oddity

From the dust emerges a jungle oasis lost in time and space. Come visit our sonic lounge and dancefloor to boogie down like wild jungle animals! Stop by and get a massage or sound healing treatment throughout the week.

Hometown: San Francisco

Jurassic Playark

A community of dinosaurs and humans coming together to provide an interactive experience for the residents of BRC, pulling from the best of the cretaceous, jurassic, mesozoic and modern eras to create a truly one of a kind camp experience.

Hometown: San Francisco

Jurassic Snark

Jurrasic Snark Minature Golf Course and Lizzard Lounge is a space for drinks, playing playa golf, and enjoying our daily Tea Time, suggest a popup event, and Join our roving tournaments that will end at the man on Friday.

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Just the Tip

Martini Village offering up cold refreshments, entertainment and laughs! Stop by daily from 3pm-6pm for our scheduled events, check out our activity board or just pop in to see what we have going on at the Tiki bar, play a game or get some advice. Participate in the fun and be prepared to be immersed in the 10 principles of the playa.

Hometown: Reno

Justice League of Weird Art

We’re the artists building Facing the Fearbeast. Come by to say hi or ask questions about our work!

URL: http://fearbeast.com Hometown: Santa Fe